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June 2021
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love her madly

THE PANDEMIC MAY have killed off live performances and slowed the release of major new albums to a trickle, but it’s been a blast exploring some of the greatest recordings of the past 50 years these last several months. The 1970s were a veritable feast of amazing music across the genres of rock, blues, soul and jazz, and we’ve had a good time revisiting classic albums and songs with the artists who created them, including Jimmy Page, Steve Howe, Carlos Santana, George Benson and Martin Barre. This issue brings us not one but two such treats, both from Guitar Player alumnus James Rotondi. First up, James speaks with Robby Krieger — as well as drummer John Densmore and producer Bruce Botnick — about the making of L.A. Woman, the Doors’ pioneering…

3 min.
opening notes

Progressive Movement Thanks for a wonderful issue on prog [April 2021]. Finally, some recognition for this often-frownedupon movement. I could never understand the resentment of a movement that gave us so many fantastic musicians (Yes, ELP, Genesis, Gentle Giant…). I’ve often found similar resentment toward the movement of jazz-rock, or fusion as it was later called. Utterly incomprehensible, as it gave us John McLaughlin, the late Chick Corea and a host of incredible musicians. So when will the fusion issue be available? Merci. —PIERRE CARRIER When I started out on guitar, all I wanted was to play some Beatles tunes, and when pop turned into rock, all I needed was to learn some pentatonic stuff in order to be considered a “serious” player in my neighborhood. And suddenly there came Steve Howe…

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how to contact us!

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tele mundo

ASK GUITAR BUILDER Ignacio “Nacho” Baños why he has such an enduring fascination with the guitars built by Leo Fender in the early 1950s and why his company creates such painstakingly detailed tributes to them and he’s quick to answer. “I’m just a freak,” he says. “I’m very passionate about the things that I love, and I’m just trying to re-create some of the amazing instruments that were made 70 years ago.” Born and raised in Valencia, Spain, Baños became enamored of the Telecaster in his mid teens. “Most of my heroes were playing Teles,” he says. “James Burton with Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters, Albert Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Spedding, Danny Gatton with Robert Gordon… It was the coolest guitar in the world!” Baños purchased his first ’50s Fender, a blackguard 1950…

6 min.
‘it’s not a guitar record’

ATTEND A LIVE show or seek out certain videos featuring Canadian guitarist Ariel Posen (especially the one with him playing Billy Preston’s “Nothing From Nothing”) and you will witness slide and single-note sleight-of-hand that leaves your jaw on the floor. You can get a taste of this on Posen’s version of John Martyn’s “Angeline,” from 2019’s live-in-the-studio Familiar Ground. You’ll find less evidence of that monster soloist on his official studio records, including Headway, his latest, self-released album. But these days, when shredders abound on YouTube, Headway, like Posen’s first album, offers something that is in shorter supply. On those outings you will find a player who crafts perfect guitar parts and tones that serve as both foundation and finishing touches to original tunes, rife with singable melodies, gorgeous vocal harmonies…

6 min.
cheap and cheerful

IT’S BEEN 4 3 YEARS since Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Cheap Trick released their self-titled debut, and on the eve of unveiling their 20th studio offering, In Another World, guitarist Rick Nielsen is all too happy to share the band’s enduring formula for success. “We’ve never progressed and never tried to be something we weren’t,” he says from his home in Rockford, Illinois. New tracks like the chugging, riff-driven “Light up the Fire” and overdriven power-pop number “Here’s Looking at You” indicate that Cheap Trick are wise to stay the musical course. It’s a point of view shared by their longtime collaborator, Nashville-based producer Julian Raymond. “Julian happens to be a big Cheap Trick fan, so he’s heard our records more than we have,” Nielsen says. “We might…