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June 2021
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Guitar World is the world’s leading guitar magazine. Professionals and beginners alike turn to Guitar World for top-flight coverage of their favorite artists, from rock titans like Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Metallica's Kirk Hammett to contemporary stars like the White Stripes' Jack White and Tool's Adam Jones. Every issue of Guitar World magazine offers broad-ranging interviews that cover technique, instruments and lifestyles as well as Guitar World’s famously thorough lessons and transcriptions.

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‘crossroads’ turns 35

I RECEIVE A lot of Sounding Board letters and Defenders of the Faith submissions from Guitar World readers of the Crossroads generation — people who, like me, probably saw Crossroads at least three times when it came out in 1986. Therefore, I’d bet decent money (the price of a used Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas, for instance) that a healthy percentage of you will get a kick out of Eric Kirkland’s truly engrossing feature, “Chasing a Devil’s Tale: A Quest to Solve the Mysteries Behind Steve Vai’s Enigmatic Crossroads Jackson Guitar — the Most Famous Guitar That Was Never Heard,” which starts on page 62. The story, which is timed for the 35th anniversary of the film, documents Kirkland’s two-decade-long odyssey to track down the guitar that Vai plays —…

5 min.
sounding board

Some Quality Page Pages After reading the first few pages of your latest Jimmy Page interview [March 2021], I thought, “Oh, wow — more of the same old thing!” But then I got to Brad Tolinski’s feature about Black Beauty, Page’s lost-and-found 1960 Les Paul Custom, and I was blown away. It had everything — mystery, drama, cool photos! I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me! Also, for anyone who hasn’t given it a shot yet, the Page lesson on page 58 is useful, even if you don’t care about Led Zeppelin. And now the bad news: In the Mr. Bungle feature, Mercyful Fate (my favorite band) is referenced several times, but you spell it “Merciful Fate” every time. Do you need a copy editor? Anyway, keep up…

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defenders of the faith

Michael Luna AGE: 53 HOMETOWN: Sacramento, CA GUITARS: Gibson Les Paul, Agile Les Paul, Harley Benton SG, Gibson SG SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: Tesla “Modern Day Cowboy,” Great White “Once Bitten Twice Shy,” Billy Idol “Rebel Yell,” Van Halen “Somebody Get Me a Doctor” GEAR I WANT MOST: Kemper amp head Linda Valley AGE: 60 HOMETOWN: Seabeck, WA GUITARS: Stratocastor, Custom Les Paul, FrankenSquier, Ibanez bass, Breedlove acoustic SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: Stray Cats “Gene and Eddie,” B.B. King “The Thrill Is Gone,” Alice Cooper “Is It My Body,” Green Day “Holiday” GEAR I WANT MOST: Grestch 2657 and a Rudolph Schenker-signed Flying V Dean Cramer AGE: 53 HOMETOWN: Music City, VA (Round Hill, VA, actually...) GUITARS: Gibson Les Pauls, Hamer Standard, Fender Telecaster, PRS SInglecut SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: My SO LOW band’s originals, plus “Jessie’s Girl,” “Africa” and Queen stuff GEAR I MOST WANT: An…

4 min.
damon johnson

FOR THE BETTER part of 30 years, Damon Johnson has cultivated the type of illustrious, star-studded career most professional guitarists only dream about. His resume speaks for itself: founding member of Brother Cane in the early Nineties, Alice Cooper band member in the late 2000s, Black Star Riders guitarist in the 2010s, touring guitarist for Thin Lizzy from 2011 to 2013 and songwriter/musician on albums by Stevie Nicks, Skid Row, Faith Hill, Ted Nugent, Carlos Santana and Sammy Hagar, among others. Since 2010, Johnson has also maintained a successful career as a solo artist — and that is where we find the versatile guitarist these days, putting the hired-gun life behind him and fully committed to going it alone. “I just felt like it was time for me to chart my…

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what's on my playlist

KIRK FLETCHER 1 The Dixie Hummingbirds, “Beside of a Neighbor” The guitarist, Howard Carroll, influenced so many players. The solo is so clear and articulate; it definitely changed things for me after I nailed it. 2 Prince, “Let’s Go Crazy” In the mid Eighties, you didn’t hear too much wah on Black radio — or even screaming guitars — but Prince brought a lot of things together. 3 B.B. King, “Night Life” (Blues Is King) It’s just heart and soul and everything that’s great in the world, because it’s just pure soul. Every note tells a story about his life and his struggles, joys, sadness and happiness. 4 Larry Carlton, “Bubble Shuffle” A lot of Larry’s background shows in the solo; you hear him swinging those phrases so hard, and his love for the blues is undeniably present.…

2 min.
tone tome

“EFFECTS PEDALS ARE to the guitarist what paint is to the artist. They are the colors that a guitarist mixes together and uses to paint the audio tapestries of their sonic expressions…” That’s Steve Vai — master sonic artist in his own right — setting the stage for Pedal Crush, a new 376-page hardcover coffee-table book by authors Kim Bjørn (Patch & Tweak with Moog, Push Turn Move) and Scott Harper (of YouTube demo channel Knobs) that explores the joyful mysteries of stompbox effects. Throughout Pedal Crush, Bjorn and Harper present “the story of pedals … part history, part science and part art” by examining more than 800 popular and notable pedals. Pedal Crush smartly starts the reader off with the basics (stompbox anatomy, amplification, effects chain, pedalboards) before graduating to more…