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Guitarist Presents: Blues

Guitarist Presents: Blues

Guitarist Presents: Blues
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A new quarterly from the makers of Guitarist, Total Guitar and Guitar Techniques. Every issue we’ll bring you the best new, established and classic artists, get up close with their gear, and show you how to play like them, too... 50th Anniversary Special: Jimi Hendrix and Blues '67, the History of Chess Records, Tweed Amp Buyer's Guide, BB King, The history of the ES-335 and more!

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For the first issue of Blues we wanted to start as we mean to go on, with a really special line-up for you, one that reflects the past, present and future. But as we were putting it together we came to appreciate how much the values of the blues keep echoing through history; they inspire each new generation to carry them forwards while adding their own voices to its rich and potent mix. As Ed Mitchell examines the truth and legacy of Robert Johnson and the delta blues (p44), it wasn’t until the 60s when a group of young British blues fanatics would finally begin to give his music and the incredible work of the delta blues musicians of the 1920s and 30s serious recognition. Which brings us to a young Eric Clapton…

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in the making

Over his long career, BB King played many prison shows for inmates in the US, and recorded a few of the performances for release including the classic 1971 Live In Cook County Jail album. It was clearly something that was important to him; “People quite often tease me about going to prisons to play my kind of music,” he told NBC in 1990. “They joke about a captive audience. I’ve never been in trouble myself but I think it could just as easily been BB King [in there] instead of BB King going out there to play.”…

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blues radar

The Great British Rock & Blues Festival 20-23 January Butlins Resort, Skegness, Lincolnshire Butlins’ live music weekends now cater for a range of tastes at three of its flagship resorts in Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness. And because everything is onsite and indoors, nobody has to rely on the great British sunshine with comfort guaranteed. Indeed, The Great British Rock & Blues Festival could be just the cure for your post-Christmas malaise with a line-up showcasing some superb blues talent performing. Nine Below Zero, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Paul Jones & Dave Kelly, Martin Harley (pictured), Popa Chubby, Eric Sardinas and Top Topham’s Early Yardbirds are just some of the potential highlights through the weekend. www.bigweekends.com Clutch 15-18 December London, Bimingham, Cardiff & Manchester The blues-infused Maryland rockers return to the UK ahead of Christmas with a…

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twelve-bar news

Atribute night for late Cream bassist Jack Bruce took place at Shepherds Bush Empire on 25 October with a host of players including former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor taking the stage, plus a rare appearance by Bruce’s Cream bandmate Ginger Baker. The drum legend played a short performance at An Evening For Jack and made a speech where he talked about his late friend and apologised for not being able to play longer due to ill health. Lulu even took the stage for a rendition of Sunshine Of Your Love. Alas, there was no surprise Eric Clapton appearance, Slowhand fans will have to wait until his May Albert Hall shows. John Mayer was reunited with his Trio rhythm section Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino on 25 October for their first show…

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the wishlist

Supro 1695T Black Magick £1,199 Jimmy Page, whose fascination with Aleister Crowley is the stuff of Zep folklore, is the inspiration for this fine combo from the resurgent vintage American amp brand Supro. Patterned on a ’59 Supro 1690T Coronado, which is thought to be the amp Page used on the first Led Zeppelin album, the Black Magick has a few latter-day mods that make it one of the most compelling, involving amps we’ve played this year. The original Coronado’s 10-inch speaker is here replaced by a Supro-branded ‘British voiced’ 12-inch speaker that gives this compact amp a little more low-end mojo. Under the vibey salt-and-pepper Tolex there’s an unusual pairing of 6973 valves in the power stage, providing 25 watts of Class A cathode-bias power – accessible, rich and usable watts…

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the spotlight

SIMO Elvis-obsessed journeyman packs up his signature Gibson ES-335 and heads this way… It may seem clichéd to say that JD Simo doesn’t just love the musician’s life, he lives it, but sometimes even the most tired of tired old tropes ring true. After all, by the age of 10 he was out gigging and by 15 had become familiar with the inside of many a recording studio. “I left home at 15 and I’ve never had a normal job, I’ve only ever played guitar,” says the Chicago-born bluesman. “That isn’t to say that there weren’t times that I was on the poverty line but somehow I’ve always made it through. Whenever I’ve been backed into a corner I’ve been able to make my way out.” His biggest challenge, however, came at 20 when the…