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Guns & Ammo February 2021

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Guns & Ammo spotlights the latest models, from combat pistols to magnum rifles...reviews shooting tactics, from stance to sighting...and explores issues from government policies to sportsmen's rights. It's the one magazine that brings you all aspects of the world of guns.

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reader blowback

ROMEO2 CORREX The article “SIG Sauer Romeo2” featured in the December 2020 issue suggested on page 42 that the Romeo2 shares the same footprint as the Romeo1. This is incorrect. The Romeo2 does not share the Romeo1 footprint. Also, on page 44, it should have been noted that the Romeo1 and Romeo1Pro have a glass aspheric lens. Only the Romeo Zero has a polymer lens. Lastly, the Romeo2’s integrated rear sight is low and co-witnesses with a suppressor-height front sight, not with standard-height sights. John Nichols, Product Mgr. SIG Sauer Electro-Optics Thank you for correcting those details surrounding the Romeo2. And congratulations to your team for developing an innovative pistol-mounted red dot! — E. Poole MODERN BALLISTICS After 25 years, I am getting back into shooting and handloading. I am finding that I have a lot…

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now hiring

Make your passion a career ! COMPUTERS WERE UNCOMMON when I started college at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), and the school’s administration was reluctant to allow freshmen to have personal laptops within barracks. Even still, a number of assignments called for web research or typed papers, so a computer lab was established in the basement of the campus’ engineering building. Some 1,300 cadets shared access to about 20 desktops, and there was always a line waiting to use them. One night during my senior year, on a weekend, I had the computer lab to myself. I visited gunsandammo.com while surfing and discovered a biographical section of the magazine’s editors and contributors. As I read the backgrounds of Col. Craig Boddington, Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper and Garry James, I came across then-Handgun…

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auction block

Cased Palm Pistol A scarce, cased French Le Merveilleux repeating palm pistol realized a comfortable $3,383, including premiums, at the May 28, 2020, Morphy Auctions sale. The circa-1890 6mm rimfire repeater with a 2 7/ 8 -inch barrel, though originally nickel-plated, is missing a good deal of its original finish, which has been replaced by a pleasing patina. The grip is decorated with thermoplastic panels depicting the gun’s name and foliate designs. It is fitted in a French-style display case, also containing an original tin for primers. Overall, it is a very nice presentation. For more information, visit Morphy Auctions at morphyauctions.com.…

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identification & values

“For being sealed up in a chimney, your pistol is in pretty good shape.” PARA-ORDNANCE M1911 IN .40 Q: Several years ago, when Para was still in business, I had purchased and registered several pistols. In fact, I had a relationship with the manufacturer and bought several of their products from private offers to me. One of those was a single-stack Model 1911 in .40 S&W. The Para Model number is SX940SK and the serial number is P222XXX with the “P” being smaller and shallower than the rest of the number. The name “PARA 40SS” is rolled onto the slide and the letters are silver. When the pistol arrived it was filthy. When I called them, they apologized and said it was a prototype that was sold from their excess inventory. (I…

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hollywood hardware

“Wanted Dead or Alive” (1958-1961), “Mare’s Leg” Actor Steve McQueen achieved early recognition and popularity in the 1958 to ’61 TV western series, “Wanted Dead or Alive.” Portraying bounty hunter “Josh Randall,” McQueen carried one of the most unusual firearms seen in a small-screen production of the period: the “Mare’s Leg.” This attenuated rifle was built on a Winchester Model 1892 action, had a cut-down stock, large loop lever and bobbed barrel. It was carried clipped in a special waist belt and, though the gun was originally chambered for .44-40 and fired five-in-one blanks, the rig’s cartridge loops were filled with larger .45-70 cartridges. (Courtesy of the National Firearms Museum, Fairfax, Virginia.)…

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micro lights

Purpose-built for popular subcompact carry guns. LET ME FIRST ACKNOWLEDGE the no-compromise carry audience. There is a shrill chorus chanting, “Carry a medium- or large-frame pistol with a Surefire X300!” I’m happy to know that untold tens of thousands of gun owners are carrying, regardless of what they carry. Armed citizens exist, and that is a very good thing. A subcompact gun on the belt beats a full-size pistol in the safe. For those who carry the new breed of subcompact semiautomatic pistols, Surefire has responded to demand for more lumens. Meet the XSC. Certain gun manufacturers are using proprietary rail specifications. (I’m looking at you Glock, SIG Sauer, and Springfield Armory.) So, Surefire has launched the new XSC to support three of the most popular platforms: Glock 43X/48 railed models, the SIG…