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Handguns February/March 2020

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Handguns Magazine specializes in the thorough testing and evaluation of a wide variety of handguns. Each issue is loaded with exciting features on self-defense, law enforcement, handgun hunting, handgun history, competitions, and hand-loading. Also showcased are in-depth evaluations of new guns, ammunition, handgun safety and much, much more!

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Just Plain Cool Like all Kel-Tec designs, the CP33 pistol is unconventional in a good way. I can see Hollywood movie property houses buying them by the dozens. I expect to see them used in sci-fi space movies as laser blasters and dressed up with a 9mm suppressor (to add bulk) and a red dot sight as the weapon of choice for movie assassins. I can also see the CP33 as a fun plinker and on every new teenage shooter’s wish list. What I cannot see it doing is working in the role of target gun. With accuracy results of two- to three-inch groups at 25 yards, it will win no prizes. Even the subcompact Springfield Hellcat, reviewed in the same issue, beats it when the Hellcat’s 15-yard accuracy results are extrapolated…

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For letters and comments on the magazine, contact us at HANDGUNS@OUTDOORSG.COM or write to us at Handguns, P.O. Box 271245, Fort Collins, CO 80527. Please include your town and state of residence. Letters may be edited for brevity and clarity. ADDRESS CHANGE OR SUBSCRIPTION QUESTION? The editorial office above can’t help you with subscriptions. Please email HGSCUSTSERV@CDSFULFILLMENT.COM or write to Handguns, P.O. Box 37539, Boone, IA 50037-0539. If changing address, please send both old and new addresses.…

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combat veteran

WHEN AMERICA ENTERED WORLD WAR I, we had perhaps 30,000 1911 semiautos. We needed to arm every soldier for what was shaping up as a pistol war. Colt simply could not fill the need for 1911 handguns and neither could Remington UMC or other contractors. Smith & Wesson had production capacity geared up and simply rechambered its big-frame 1917 revolver for the .45 ACP cartridge—as did Colt with its New Service. While the Smith & Wesson and Colt are each big burly revolvers, the Smith is slightly smaller and, in my opinion, better balanced. Since the .45 automatic cartridge does not have a case rim, the rounds simply fell into the cylinder. After early testing, a properly chambering cylinder design was implemented, although the ejector star would not eject a rimless cartridge. Smith…

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tipton power swabs

Ever use those cotton swabs you buy at the local drugstore to clean your guns? Not great, are they? The cotton unravels pretty quick, getting fuzz all over the parts you’re trying to clean. Tipton’s Power Swabs are tightly wound, and they don’t come apart. The ones I use all the time—the pointed tip version—come in a 300-count bag ($11) and are great for cleaning tiny, hard-to-get-at spots. The flexible bamboo handle is 3.5 inches long. They do break if you try to bend them too far, but for the most part they hold up really well. Recently, I tried the 9mm/.38 Power Swabs (175 count, $11). With a 7.5-inch bamboo handle, they’re great for a quick bore cleanup. Squirt a little bore cleaner on one, run it down the bore,…

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intel report

SIG SAUER scored another military contract as the U.S. Marine Corps recently decided to adopt the M18, a compact version of the M17 pistol that was recently adopted by the U.S. Army. The M18 is a 9mm striker-fired gun based on the SIG P320. It features a coyote tan PVD finish on its stainless steel slide. It comes with SIGlite front night sights, a removable night sight rear plate and a manual safety. Between the M17 and the M18, once the Marines begin their acquisition this year, the SIG platforms will be in service with all the Armed Forces branches. While VERMONT Gov. Phil Scott vetoed a bill that would have introduced a handgun purchase waiting period, Green Mountain State gun owners aren’t out of the woods yet. Senate Democrats are…

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simple moves

DEFENSIVE PISTOL EXPERTS CONSTANTly preach “getting off the X,” and what they mean is you don’t want to just stand in one spot when engaging a threat. This simple drill teaches you to get off that X, and the more you do it, the more instinctive and easy the actions become. GEAR Your daily carry gun and holster, typical concealment garment, shot timer (optional) DRILL Five yards is a good distance because it’s close enough that the perspective on the target changes noticeably when you move. Use an IPSC-type target or a target that approximates the size of a human chest. On the signal—or simply when you’re ready if not using a timer—move in a given direction, draw while moving and fire. GOALS Safety first. Start the drill by doing it dry in…