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Handguns April/May 2020

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Handguns Magazine specializes in the thorough testing and evaluation of a wide variety of handguns. Each issue is loaded with exciting features on self-defense, law enforcement, handgun hunting, handgun history, competitions, and hand-loading. Also showcased are in-depth evaluations of new guns, ammunition, handgun safety and much, much more!

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United States
KSE Sportsman Media, Inc.
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a real jewel

“RUBY” IS A GENERIC TERM FOR NEARLY a million .32 caliber pistols delivered to the French military during World War I. By most accounts, the French fielded nearly 10 million men during the war, and the standard service pistol of the French army at the time was the rather ineffective 8mm Lebel revolver. While the .32 ACP is no powerhouse, when compared to the 8mm Lebel the .32 is a stronger cartridge with greater penetration. Most .32 ACP loads make 900 to 1,000 fps, and while modern Fiocchi 8mm Lebel ammunition reaches 730 fps, original loads are as slow as 650 fps. The French also bought 40,000 Savage 1907 .32 ACP pistols, but that number pales in comparison to the nearly 1 million Ruby guns it purchased. The French awarded Gabilondo y…

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jerry b. lee, 1937-2019

The firearms community lost one of its greats and a true gentleman when Jerry Beauchamp Lee passed away in November 2019 at the age of 82. A native Texan, Jerry was a lifelong gun enthusiast, and in addition to editing Handguns magazine, he was also the founding editor of RifleShooter magazine and an editor at Gun Digest. Jerry was a lot more than just a gun-magazine editor and writer. He worked in radio as a deejay for many years, at stations around the country, and was a serious music fan and guitar aficionado. “If you’d have given him the choice between a vintage pre-1964 Fender Telecaster or a Winchester Model 42 .410 pump, you’d have put him in a heck of a fix,” said Payton Miller, who worked with Jerry back in…

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survival from smith

I WOULDN’T NECESSARILY CALL MYSELF a prepper or survivalist, but I do keep a grab-n-go bag filled with ammo, spare mags, flashlights, batteries and the like, so I can appreciate the utility of Smith & Wesson’s survival kit. At the heart of the kit is a Model 360 Airweight in .357 Magnum, a handy, dependable and fairly versatile revolver. But that’s just the start of what you’ll find inside the lockable, foam-lined hard-plastic case. Let’s go through them one by one. WATERTIGHT SURVIVAL KIT The water-resistant case holds a four-inch weatherproof light stick, providing soft area illumination for tents and vehicles. Also included are a synthetic survival towel (hello, fans of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and a compact, lightweight, waterproof survival blanket. There’s also a small liquid-filled compass. FIRST AID KIT The…

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keep it running

MOST GUNFIGHTS ARE OVER IN SECONDS, with few rounds being fired. However, depending on the ammunition capacity of your pistol and the type of threat you’re faced with, you may need to reload—either mid-fight or once there is a break in the action. Of course, this is only possible if you carry a spare magazine. Assuming you have a spare magazine, it should be worn opposite your holster. For instance, if you wear your holster in the three o’clock position, your magazine pouch should be worn in the nine o’clock position. This helps to balance the weight of your gear on your belt and allows you to use the same garment removal method to draw your magazine as you would to draw your pistol. Your spare magazine should be carried with the…

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rivalry game

AFTERMARKET PARTS FOR THE GLOCK, the most successful modern pistol design of the past 50 years, have been available since the early 1990s, but it wasn’t until the last few years that you started to see not just slides but also frames and then whole guns built in the Glock pattern—by companies other than Glock. One company I recently discovered is Rival Arms ( RIVAL-ARMS.COM ) out of Texas. Rival Arms doesn’t make frames or trigger groups, but it makes every other part found in 9mm Glock pistols. And I do mean every other part. You can buy individual frame pins one at a time or a 12-piece slide completion kit, in addition to slides and barrels. The Glock 19 has been the most popular model since it was introduced, and I’ve…

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guns & gear

WALTHER CCP M2 .380 Walther’s CCP M2 impressed me by how easy it was to work the slide and how softly it shot for such a small 9mm. Now Walther is offering the gun in .380, aiming squarely at the women’s market. The SoftCoil piston design should make this new .380 version a real puppy dog in the hand while providing plenty of power at the business end. With a 3.5-inch barrel and a 19.4-ounce weight, it’s great for both concealed carry and home defense, and Walther’s legendary ergonomics mean most anyone will be able to shoot it well. The CCP M2 .380 features a single-side thumb safety and an ambidextrous magazine release. Available in black, stainless and Angel Blue. {$469–$489, WALTHERARMS.COM} RUGER LITE RACK LCP II Ruger is now offering a new Lite…