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Handguns October/November 2020

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Handguns Magazine specializes in the thorough testing and evaluation of a wide variety of handguns. Each issue is loaded with exciting features on self-defense, law enforcement, handgun hunting, handgun history, competitions, and hand-loading. Also showcased are in-depth evaluations of new guns, ammunition, handgun safety and much, much more!

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KSE Sportsman Media, Inc.
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Covering All the Bases I thoroughly enjoyed Richard Nance’s article on “Carry Considerations” in the August/September issue. He really covered all the bases on every realistic aspect of carrying concealed and really delved into what impact various types of cover garments have on concealing different kinds of handguns in different carry positions. I would offer one point of contradiction. He states that in appendix carry, compared to on the hip, “the draw stroke is shortened.” I would contend that there are more individual muscle movements required to draw and orient the gun on to target from appendix than from the hip, hence, not really a shortened draw stroke. G. MARKS, WEST VIRGINIA Taking Up for the Tokarev In the August/September issue, a reader suggests the 9mm Makarov for defense. It’s a great round, but…

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handguns.com exclusive

HANDGUNS.COM | ARTICLES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED BFRs Donated to Pro Bull Riders Event Magnum Research is donating three BFR revolvers to to this year’s Lucas Oil Invitational Pro Bull Ride. Two of the three—including this custom-engraved .30-30 Winchester with 10-inch barrel—will be raffled off to benefit agriculture/outdoor group Protect the Harvest. This revolver was engraved by Outlaw Ordnance and valued at nearly $5,000. A 7.5-inch ornately engraved .44 Magnum valued at more than $6,000 goes to the winner of the competition. CONTACT US EMAIL Handguns@OutdoorSG.com INSTAGRAM, TWITTER @HandgunsMag FACEBOOK facebook.com/HandgunsMag SNAIL MAIL Handguns, P.O. Box 271245, Fort Collins, CO 80527 ADDRESS CHANGES/SUBSCRIPTION QUESTIONS EMAIL HGScuStServ@CDSfulfillment.com SNAIL MAIL Handguns, P.O. Box 37539, Boone, IA 50037-0539…

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AUGUST 20th 2020 Rich, Jim and Scott work together to figure out how to get better at the shots that give them them most trouble. Rich goes over the ins and outs of carrying behind the hip, and in “Skills Drills” Scott runs a shooting/moving exercise. SEPTEMBER 10th 2020 Rich, Jim and Scott illustrate how different sizes of guns work for various jobs and how people can use size to choose the best gun for them. Jim runs the fun and useful New Bill drill, and Rich discusses the importance of handgun grip. SEPTEMBER 17th 2020 Scott, Jim and Rich have a blast with an assortment of revolvers—from concealable snubbies to big boomers. Jim runs the famous El Presidente drill the way it was originally designed, and Rich covers essential reloading techniques.…

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FULL DISCLOSURE: I’M A WALTHER FAN-boy. It wasn’t James Bond’s PPK but rather the P99 that made me fall in love with the firm’s pistols. It was the first semiauto that really felt right in my hands. The P99 gave way to the PPQ, and when the M2 version (American-style mag release) came out, we shot one extensively on the set of “Handguns & Defensive Weapons.” I liked it so much I bought it. Next came a Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame. I was in attendance at the pistol’s launch event a couple years ago, shot it well, and today it is my Steel Challenge competition gun with a Trijicon SRO red dot on top. Why am I boring you with all this? To introduce the Q5 Match Upper Conversion Kit. If…

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trophy ear flexx pro

AS SOMEONE WITH A DEGREE OF HEARING loss, I long ago adopted electronic hearing protection because I want to hear what’s going on around me when I’m on the range. Primarily, I’ve worn muffs because I’d never found electronic plugs that suited me. Then I had the chance to try Flexx Pros from Trophy Ear ( TROPHYEAR.COM ). The company sent its DIY molding kit with everything you need to make your own impressions. I screwed up my first attempt, despite the detailed instructions that tell you to hurry once you’ve mixed the molding material or it will harden to the point it won’t flow through the syringe. A company rep told me where I’d gone wrong: I’d spent too much time mixing the material. Ten seconds will do it. My second attempt…

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xs sights ram

XS SIGHTS BECAME WELL-KNOWN FOR its Big Dot pistol sights, which pair a relatively huge round front sight, with a bright ring around a tritium insert, with a shallow V of a rear sight. This combination is as fast or faster than any other handgun sighting system at the extreme close ranges typical in defensive shooting. However, the main complaints about these sights is that they require two different sight pictures depending on the distance you’re shooting, and they’re harder to shoot accurately at distance due to the near-notchless design of the rear sight. XS Sights recently began making its RAM—RadioActive Material—night sights. While they’re departure from the original Big Dot concept, these day/night tritium powered sights are perfectly designed and address all the complaints about the original Big Dot design while still…