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Handguns June/July 2021

Handguns Magazine specializes in the thorough testing and evaluation of a wide variety of handguns. Each issue is loaded with exciting features on self-defense, law enforcement, handgun hunting, handgun history, competitions, and hand-loading. Also showcased are in-depth evaluations of new guns, ammunition, handgun safety and much, much more!

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front focus

Count ’Em Up In the February/March issue your article about the Ruger LCP II .22 LR is exactly what I needed to read, and I promptly (well, when the gun store finally got in a shipment) went out and bought one. However, your article stated that they ship with three 10-round magazines. They do not. They ship with only one 10-round magazine, a pocket holster and a loader, as you also said. Thanks. Love the little gun. AlAn SwAnn You are correct, Mr. Swann. Typically, the guns I get in for test are exactly as they ship from the factory. However, in the case of the LCP II, which was an early sample originally sent to me for use on our “Handguns & Defensive Weapons” TV show, they apparently threw in a couple…

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bargains under glass

MOST THINK “NEW” WHEN BUYING A defensive handgun, but used can be just as good—and in some cases better. A semiauto’s break-in period is usually over, for example, and some former owners may have upgraded sights or added accessories like custom grips. Plus, the price is generally 20 to 25 percent less than new. Here are some things to pay attention to when you’re looking at a used gun. If you’re not overly familiar with handguns, it can be helpful to bring along an experienced friend to help explain some of the finer points, and be sure to take your time and not be pushed into a decision. It’s best to stay with newer semi-autos built in the last 30 or 40 years and revolvers up to 50. Modern semi-autos are engineered for…

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going ‘off’

YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SHOOT WITH either hand in case your dominant hand is incapacitated. Here’s an easy drill for your “off” hand that will give you a solid base. Do it regularly to reinforce the skills. GEAR No special gear required DRILL From seven yards, shoot a USPSA target, an eight-inch paper plate or similar target. Off/weak hand only, dominant hand anchored against chest for safety. Stage 1: From Low Ready, engage the target with a single round, 10 times. Repeat from Compressed Ready, gun tight to the chest then punched out. Another 10 rounds. Stage 2: Repeat Stage 1, but this time engage the target with five double-taps from each Ready. GOALS In Stage 1, make your move to the target deliberate, training your eyes to pick up the front…

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korth speedloaders

The new speedloaders from Korth are just what you’d expect from such a high-end revolver manufacturer. Distributed by Nighthawk Custom, they’re of the twist type and are machined aluminum. The locking mechanism sports two arms that cross two ball bearings to lock or unlock the loader. The locking arms are recessed into machined cuts that are as wide as the arms, fully supporting them in the lock and unlock directions—which should ensure longevity. There’s a lot of engagement with cartridge rims and the case when in the locked position. There’s almost no play in the cartridges when the loader is locked, and that makes it really fast to use since you don’t have to worry about bullet noses wobbling and hanging up on the cylinder. It ain’t cheap at $50, but again, if…

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trijicon rmrcc

TRIJICON HAS BEEN A LEADER IN THE reflex red dot market for years, thanks to the gold-standard RMR or Rugged Miniaturized Reflex sight. The RMR is a great sight, but its footprint was a tad too large for today’s micro-compact pistols. Trijicon has responded with the RMRcc, the “cc” standing for concealed carry. Suggested retail price is $699. Really the only dimension different between the RMRcc and the full-size RMR is the width: 0.9 inch for the RMRcc versus 1.1 inches for the RMR. I put a digital caliper on the RMRcc and got 0.95 inch, and the slide on the test bed I chose for the RMRcc, a Springfield Hellcat, has a slide width of 0.88. So the sight and its adapter plate are just the tiniest bit wider than the…

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colt border patrol

RESURRECTING AND REISSUING A CLASsic handgun is not a new thing. But what Colt did with the Border Patrol double-action revolver was a bit different. Essentially, both the original and the reissue were based on two different models. The original, or First Issue, was a modified Colt Official Police made for the Border Patrol in 1952. It had a short production life of only 400 to 500 guns, and originals are extremely pricey. A minty 99 percent First Issue—accompanied by the Colt factory letter and original carton—went for $18,400 at a 2013 Rock Island Auction. Essentially, it was a heavy-barreled four-inch .38 Special featuring checkered brown plastic grip panels and stamped “Colt Border Patrol .38 Spec. Heavy Duty.” The Second Issue was produced from 1970 to 1975 and was slated for both…