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Healthy Food Guide UKHealthy Food Guide UK

Healthy Food Guide UK

July 2019

Healthy Food Guide is like having your own personal dietitian in your bag. Every issue brings together a mix of delicious and nutritious recipes, expert nutrition advice and informative health features in one glossy compact magazine.

United Kingdom
Eye to Eye Media
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Getting ready for your holiday or already there (lucky you)? That countdown to time off is exciting, but just like the work and family issues we live with day to day, it can make us more stressed. The outcome can be physical – for some people, stress can trigger the unpleasant symptoms of IBS. Diet is one way to deal with our volatile gut and bowels, but there’s a new treatment that focuses more on the mind – with positive results. A trial at the University of Southampton found that cognitive behavioural therapy can ease the condition in nine weeks. Former HFG writer Laura Day took part and explains how it worked for her, plus our expert Tracy Kelly shares relaxation and visualisation exercises that can help in stressful circumstances (p28). As…

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editor’s buys

GETTING SNACK HAPPY Step aside pretzels, I’m making olives my aperitif accompaniment of choice this summer. They’ve got fewer calories, and these actually taste buttery. Odysea Nocellara Olives, £2.70, Sainsbury’s MY FROZEN ASSETS For nights before a holiday or when I’ve got jetlag, I keep a supply of healthy, tasty meals in the freezer – this new Mindful Chef classic cooks in 8 min. Italian-style Beef & Squash ‘Lasagne’, £7, mindfulchef.com BEST FOR ZEST Since I got my Microplane 10 years ago, I’ve never looked at another zester or grater again. I love this new colour, out now to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Coral Red Premium Classic Zester, £19.95, hartsofstur.com…

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meet our experts

‘I swim in the pool rather than just sitting beside it, and encourage the family to see most of the sights by walking. If pedalos, kayaks or bikes are available, we’ll rent one.’ JULIETTE KELLOW is a registered dietitian who’s worked in the NHS, the food industry and within the media ‘This year, I plan to cycle from Lake Garda to Venice. I’ll only cover 30–40 miles a day, but exercising in the morning will let me enjoy some Italian cuisine in the evening without feeling guilty!’ DR DAWN HARPER is a GP and runs clinics on women’s health and weight management. She appears on TV shows such as This Morning ‘I’ll take a large refillable water bottle I can use while travelling to reduce plastic waste and stay hydrated. A few probiotic tablets…

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why you can trust us

We look at the science behind the headlines to clear up mixed messages about current health issues. Our experts examine the body of evidence, never just one isolated study, before presenting information as fact. You’ll find the references to our news and features on p96. We promote a balanced way of eating Our dietitians and nutritionists are fully qualified and can help you break free from yo-yo dieting. Our recipes come in satisfying portion sizes, use everyday ingredients and are well balanced. Our experts never recommend cutting out key food groups unless you have an intolerance or allergy. We fight the fads We keep up to date with new products (and share our top picks every month) but will never recommend an ingredient or food just because it’s ‘trending’. Guide to recipe symbols…

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healthy food guide uk

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MUCH NEEDED BASICS I was so pleased to see your comprehensive Men’s Health Special (June issue). My husband tends to bury his head in the sand about his health, putting off making an appointment to see his doctor or dentist. He’s now in his 50s and, while he has no health issues, he’s overweight and doesn’t see the point of an NHS health check. Instead of nagging him, I showed him your feature. It was a good round-up of the main health issues he could be facing. The case studies were particularly compelling. I’m constantly worrying that his belly fat could lead to type 2 diabetes – the piece by Julian Porter was a real wake-up call. We’re already discussing how we can improve my husband’s diet, and he’s earmarked some…