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COMEDY AND WEED No offense to Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee but there’s just something about comedians and cannabis. Comedy and weed just go together. From Cheech & Chong to George Carlin, it seems that comics have a great affinity for our favorite flower. In an effort to better understand the synergy between comedy and cannabis, we chat with some of our favorite comics about the subject, including Doug Benson, Jesus Trejo and Rachel Wolfson. Find out what these comedians think about pot and the creative process as well as why cannabis and comedy go hand in hand. Visit hightimes.com and check out our article, “The Longstanding Love Affair Between Comedians and Cannabis.” ON INSTAGRAM Here at High Times, we consider high-end concentrate makers artists. But when an extract artist transforms his masterful…

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@uhnanihmuss: @HIGH_TIMES_ Mag the most astounding thing since the inception of versions of legalization is the very people who persecuted the people of this nation standn with their fuckn hands out :/ @_Cloudy_Kitchen: @HIGH_ TIMES_Mag Holland defintely paved the way for a large scale cannabis culture! I was blown away when I went to Amsterdam as a teenager @iFlopSets: @HIGH_TIMES_Mag The last thing cops need is more power. That’s bad bad bad @Sneuf3: @HIGH_TIMES_Mag I have a confession to make….ive been smoking weed for 19 years and i have never learned to roll a joint. Can you believe that? @PercysGrowRoom: @HIGH_ TIMES_Mag I can’t wait for the next US elections! It’s going to be massive after the results of the last one. Lots of candidates, lots of voters, lots of INFORMED voters! @tschneiderrocks: @HIGH_ TIMES_Mag…

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EVERY SPRING, CANNABIS cultivators around the world prepare for another grow cycle. It’s a tradition that has been practiced for as long as humans have grown crops, and it’s still as important today as it ever has been. Remember, the work you put into your grow in the spring will determine the success you have come harvest time. That means germinating seeds or preparing clones and getting those sprouts started indoors before transplanting them to their nutrient-rich outdoor or green-house grow medium. Our annual “Spring Planting Guide” provides everything you need to know to get started growing so that you can reap the rewards come fall. We even include a handy spring-planting checklist! Also in this issue, senior cultivation editor Danny Danko visits a massive cannabis and concentrates production facility in…

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WHEN THE MISS Universe contestant from the Philippines, Catriona Gray, was asked what she thought of marijuana, she said she was against recreational use but was all in for medical. “Because I think if people were to argue, ‘What about alcohol and cigarettes?’ Well, everything is good but in moderation.” Even that tame endorsement echoed loudly in a country where the War on Drugs, egged on by maniac President Rodrigo Duterte, has claimed thousands of lives. Gray took the Miss Universe crown, so her brief comment could make a huge impact. “We are certain her statement during the pageant will convince Congress to expedite passage of [the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act] into law,” House deputy majority leader Ron Salo told ABS-CBN News. The Philippines is just one of many countries gearing up…

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CORPORATE CANNABIS The cannabis industry has undergone something of a revolution since the first state-sanctioned legalization programs took effect. Major players, including the likes of mainstream beverage giants and cigarette concerns, are backing massive production facilities in the United States and Canada. Retail distributors are becoming bigger and bolder with the support of large corporations like Seattle-based Diego Pellicer, which is acquiring real estate and securing deals with retailers to operate under its company name. CRAFT-POT PRODUCTION While big businesses position themselves to scoop up pot profits, the craft industry has the opportunity to enhance its niche as producers of quality cannabis, much like craft and micro brewers have done in the beer industry. According to research conducted by Ryan Stoa, associate professor of law at Concordia University, local artisanal businesses can thrive…