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High Times November 2019

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pot and the nfl

THIS SEPTEMBER, THE NFL kicked off its 100th season. That’s 100 years of elite athletes abusing their bodies for sport. And while the league has evolved into a massively powerful multibillion-dollar industry, it has largely done so at the expense of its workforce. As a consequence of playing an inherently violent sport, NFL players have suffered debilitating injuries throughout their playing careers, including everything from broken bones and torn ligaments to concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). But despite the risks of the sport, most players want to stay in the game. They simply ask for greater transparency from the league. And a growing number of players are now asking for the right to choose the pain-management and recovery regimen that’s best for their bodies. The vast majority of NFL games…

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Cannabis Cures I started using cannabis in Alaska over 40 years ago. At the time I was using it recreationally (which I still do) but soon discovered there were many different uses for the plant. I used cannabis for quitting cigarettes (which was monumental!) and drugs (which was monumental!), helping me sleep and managing my anxiety. Today, there are many people who use cannabis to treat their own medical problems; Autism, seizures, schizophrenia, Crohn’s disease, depression, cancer and cachexia (wasting syndrome) to name but a few. In the North, cannabis is used a lot to combat seasonal affective disorder, also called “cabin fever.” (I know I did!) In my case, on February 22, 2018, I had a major stroke and subsequently brain surgery. I know that cannabis helped me heal, and I’ve healed…

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contact high

AFTER THE HARVEST What you do with your bounty after your pot plants are dried and cured is as important as everything that came before it. The original grow guru Ed Rosenthal reveals his tips and tricks for short-term and long-term cannabis storage as well as how to process your biomass into dry-sifted or ice-extracted hash starting on page 62. Photo by Justin Cannabis CBD VS. HEMP Dinamed CBD from Dinafem Seeds tests at between 10 percent and 14 percent CBD, making it a far more efficient plant to cultivate for medicinal purposes than typically-grown hemp cultivars that test far lower. Learn about the discrepancies starting on page 79. Photo by Justin Cannabis FRENCH MACARON Some strains, such as this powerhouse indica-dominant French Macaron, exhibit fall colors as they ripen and produce dense, dark nuggets…

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armchair athletes

EVER SINCE THE first stoner dropped a quarter into Pong at a video arcade, weed and gaming have enjoyed a long and fully requited love affair. Pot is good, and games are fun. Together, they make a delightful pairing, maybe better even than the sum of their parts. It appears that the cannabis and gaming worlds are today on similar trajectories, as both find wider currency as cultural influencers and, relatedly, as both have bloomed into multibillion-dollar enterprises. Not only does cannabis make video games more fun, it also can make competitors better gamers—a performance-enhancing drug, if you will. The world’s first and largest e-sports-event organizer, Electronic Sports League Gaming (ESL), seems to think so anyway, because it banned the use of cannabis in tournament play in 2015. ESL partnered with the…

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legalization 2020

JOE BIDEN An outspoken proponent of the War on Drugs, Joe Biden’s position hasn’t moved much but appears to be more amenable to cannabis in recent years. He is the only 2020 Democratic candidate who remains explicitly opposed to federal legalization. However, he supports changing cannabis to a Schedule II drug, thereby facilitating scientific research. In 2010, Biden said, “There’s a difference between sending someone to jail for a few ounces and legalizing it… The punishment should fit the crime. But I think legalization is a mistake. I still believe [marijuana] is a gateway drug.” PETE BUTTIGIEG Mayor Pete has no track record pertaining to weed as the mayor of South Bend. However, Buttigieg has become a vocal proponent of ending cannabis prohibition, often discussing the issue in terms of racial disparities. He…

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messing with texas

Texas has accidentally decriminalized weed. When Governor Greg Abbott signed a law in June to allow the cultivation and sale of hemp, he had no intention of sending the Lone Star State down the slippery slope to legalization of the good stuff. But now, prosecutors around the state are dropping marijuana charges left and right because they don’t have the time or lab equipment to distinguish between newly legal hemp and that old demon weed. “This is not just Texas,” Peter Stout, president of the Houston Forensic Science Center, which runs tests for the Houston Police Department and other agencies, told the New York Times. “Everybody is struggling with this.” Apparently prosecutors in Florida, which legalized hemp in July, are seeing the same phenomenon. In Texas, they’re not just tossing…