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High Times March 2020

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◗ THE ULTIMATE COMEUPPANCE Last month, Chicago, Illinois law enforcement installed “cannabis amnesty boxes” at local airports where travelers can conveniently forfeit cannabis in the event that they forget to leave it at home. But on January 20, predictably, a thief broke into an amnesty box at the Chicago Midway International Airport and snatched up all the cannabis inside. Chicago Police Department Spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi told the Chicago Sun-Times that his team learned of an unknown object that was removed from the box. The boxes had just been installed at the Chicago Midway International Airport as well as the O’Hare International Airport nearby. Illinois’s new recreational cannabis law took effect on January 1 and led to over 100,000 pardons for low-level cannabis cases. It’s also attracted more tourists who toke. As…

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technology meets horticulture

LET’S FACE IT: Many people have a love-hate relationship with technology. We’re attached to the convenience of our smartphones, but we’re not as enthusiastic when they distract us from living in the now. (Prime example: Ever see someone recording video of a live concert?) It’s safe to say that cannabis also has this unique relationship with modern tech. While advancements like artificial intelligence and automation are propelling cannabis forward, some technology creates new challenges for the industry. From facing censorship on social media websites to the lack of access to various digital banking options, technology isn’t always in our favor. Luckily, in this Grow Tech 2020 issue of High Times, we’re focusing on some positive ways that technology enhances and improves our industry, from the growroom to the lab, and that…

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enlisting hope

Patrick Seifert is founder and president of Twenty22Many Foundation. THIS MONTH I VISIT Todd Larkin, a veteran activist who owns the Pure Wellness CBD medical dispensary and also serves as president of the Texoma Veteran Alliance. I had the great honor of meeting him early last year at the Americans for Safe Access Unity Conference in Washington, DC. Larkin and I were both recognized and honored for our dedication and hard work in activism in our respective states. Larkin was awarded the Activist of the Year Award, and I was awarded the Veteran Activist of the Year Award. At the conference, I realized just how valuable Larkin is to Oklahoma veterans and legalization as a whole. In October 2018, Oklahoma passed possibly the best medical-cannabis legislation in the United States. Now,…

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sowing tomorrow’s seeds

HEMP FARMERS HAVE a reason to rejoice: A flurry of industrial hemp plans have received approval—both on tribal soil and in a growing number of states. After being banished under federal law for more than 80 years, hemp production has finally made a comeback, despite justifiable concerns over rigid regulations. On January 27, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced approvals for hemp plans under the US Domestic Hemp Production Program in Delaware, Nebraska and Texas. Likewise, hemp plans on sovereign tribal lands were also approved for the Colorado River Indian Tribes, the Fort Belknap Indian Community, the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska and the Yurok Tribe. Existing hemp plans were approved beforehand in the states of Louisiana, New Jersey and Ohio, as well as for the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe,…

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governors of ganja

JB PRITZKER Perhaps one of the most obvious inclusions in this list, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker easily earned an A-plus grade from NORML due to his willingness to open up cannabis accessibility. Pritzker recently signed Illinois’s Regulation and Taxation Act, which legalized the production, use and retail sale of marijuana for adults ages 21 and older in the state. He’s the first governor to sign a recreational cannabis bill that wasn’t approved via a voter initiative. Over the past year, Pritzker also signed Senate Bill 2023, adding new qualifying conditions for medical cannabis recommendations, and Senate Bill 455, allowing qualified patients to bring medical marijuana on school grounds. JARED POLIS Colorado Governor Jared Polis, as promised, signed numerous bills to further establish his state’s cannabis regulatory system. But long before assuming the office…

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get up, stand up

Not all heroes wear capes. Proud citizen Spencer Alan Boston, 20, took performance art to the next level by smoking weed in a courtroom at his own hearing on a marijuana-possession charge. As a defendant in an ongoing court case, Boston gave absolutely no fucks when on January 27 he stood at the bench during his hearing, whipped out a joint and smoked it in front of the judge. The young Tennessean took it upon himself to seize the opportunity in court to make a statement about the injustice of marijuana prohibition and where he stands on it. Eyewitnesses in the courtroom laughed at the gesture and reported that the weed was extra loud with its telltale skunk aroma. Predictably, General Sessions Judge Haywood Barry was not amused, and Boston…