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High Times April 2020

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springtime highs

"SPRING IS NATURE’S WAY OF SAYING, 'LET’S PARTY!'"-ROBIN WILLIAMS WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! Utah’s first legal medical dispensary is open for business. Voters are deciding on their chosen candidates in a slew of state primary races—with the future of the nationwide cannabis industry at stake. A new study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that seniors 65 and older—predominantly boomers—are toking more than ever before! And for the first time ever, 4/20 is an entire month long! This issue, we’re taking a stroll down the 420 memory lane by delving into the history of the holiday—a history in which former High Times Editor-inchief Steven Hager and former HT Music Editor Steve Bloom are credited in uncovering. April also marks the time of year we pull up our sleeves…

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OK Boomer Hey High Times, So unfortunately, I’m a millennial. I get a lot of grief for being born in the millennial generation window, and as such I’ve got a lot of problems with boomers. Needless to say, for the first time in a while, I’m pretty happy to read about what boomers are up to in your online article about older people (both boomer age and beyond) who are smoking a ton of weed. More than ever before! All I have to say to this is thank fucking God. Maybe this will chill out the old “Karens” of the world? Maybe they’ll stop ragging on younger generations for “ruining” industries like beer, not shopping at physical malls and for not using fabric softener. Boomers just need to toss out their alcohol,…

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contact high

SPRING GARDEN Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko’s master planting tips will help you tend to all your garden’s needs on page 88. Photo courtesy of JC Coastal Star Farm. WORTH THE TRIP Michigan’s iconic Hash Bash event brings together more than 20,000 pot activists every April. Now with adult-use cannabis in full effect, the state is becoming a hotspot for vistors and locals on page 64. Photo by Susan Montgomery. BRAND SPOTLIGHT Giving back to the community is a main staple in brand identity and mission of multi-state cannabis operator, Curaleaf on page 38. Photo courtesy of Curaleaf.…

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marijuana in mass

Patrick Seifert is founder and president of Twenty22Many Foundation. THIS MONTH, the Twenty22Many Veteran Chronicles travels to the great state of Massachusetts—the Bay State and the very first state on the East Coast to have legal retail cannabis. It’s an honor for High Times to interview one of the busiest and most outspoken female cannabis activists in the United States, Ellen Taylor Brown, the founder of Sinsemilla Seminars and a United States Air Force veteran. In the past five years, Taylor Brown and I have shared the stage and many panels at numerous events—from Washington, DC, to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington—all with the same mission statement in mind—saving veterans from suicide through medical cannabis access, cannabis and hemp education, legalization and awareness. We have both spent many hours lobbying Congress on…

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discrimination ends here

KIMK’S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM COAST TO COAST, states are slowly paving the way for protections of employees who use marijuana for medical reasons. The dreaded drug test prevents countless job applicants from hopping on board—simply because they consume cannabis in their spare time. While 47 states plus the District of Columbia allow some forms of medical cannabis, ranging from CBD-only to mature markets, only the following 16 states offer some form of protection for patients when it comes to job-related drug testing: Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia. Advocates argue that urine tests are often inaccurate, which creates a conundrum for employers who want to vet the job pool for drug-free candidates. THC metabolites can remain in…

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no rolling papers, no problem

CORN HUSKS In addition to their use for rolling tamales, corn husks are also great for rolling joints. The outer layers of the husks can be used to make the perfect joint that won’t easily fall apart. Although the smoke from a corn husk joint is a little on the harsh side, it’s a perfect solution when there are no rolling papers around. First, find yourself some sweet corn husks. Soak them in water for added malleability, and then dry them. Cut the husks to the right size, then roll and seal the joint. One way to seal it is to tear off a string from the husk—which is easy to do given its fibrous grain—and tie it around the joint. Or you can seal it with sugar water or honey.…