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Homes & Antiques is the magazine for people who love great design and beautiful objects from every era, providing a unique mix of the very best of the old with the very best of the new. That's why, as well as being the official magazine of the BBC's Antiques Roadshow, every issue delivers an inspirational blend of heritage and lifestyle.

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lots to love!

Before Christmas, a small team of us hopped into a van and headed to Clevedon Salerooms, a short drive from our Bristol office. There were mince pies and mulled wine on offer, but we were on a mission – so just the one glass, then… We needed beautiful bargains to create a photoshoot around. For just over £500, we filled our van with lots, affirming my belief that regional salesrooms offer amazing value for money without sacrificing on quality. First-time bidder Sophie Hannam reveals more about the sale in ‘ Style for a Song’ from page 49. Elsewhere in this Auction Special, Caroline Wheater reports on the big trends affecting hammer prices, according to those on the podium. Take a look at what’s hot this year on page 86, and then…

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my five favourite antiques in this issue…

HAMMER HIGHLIGHTS This William De Morgan vase is a prime example of a type of pottery that is soaring at auction. FALLING FOR YOU Fall-front secretaires are so underrated at the moment – this intricate 19th-century example sold for just £550. GILDED THRONE This is my favourite of the golden treasures that sold at auction recently – I love the lion paw feet. KNOCK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN Sadly, this 19th-century sphinx would not tie in with my Thirties door, but I do love it! PAINTER’S PORTRAIT This mini portrayal of artist William Holman Hunt was painted after his death by Edward Robert Hughes.…

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this month’s contributors

Theodora Burrell wrote ‘Focus on Fall-front Secretaires’ Theodora is a specialist in glass, ceramics and works of art and has been at Lyon & Turnbull since 2011. She joined the Antiques Roadshow in 2018, where she values ceramics. ‘I've hardly bought anything! But my great-grandfather was a glassblower and he worked alongside Paul Ysart. My granny has a few signed paperweights, so I buy glass examples to continue the collection.’ Thomas Forrester offered his expertise in ‘Ask the Experts’ Thomas has been a director at Special Auction Services since 2006. His specialities are jewellery, silver, ceramics, works of art and modern design. He is also a familiar face on BBC One’s Bargain Hunt. ‘My best-ever buy is also my first – a woodblock print by Scottish artist Arabella Rankin. It’s a village scene in Skye…

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It’s a wrap! I received this month’s edition of Homes & Antiques and was very impressed that it arrived in a 100 per cent recyclable paper wrap. Packaging is so important to me, as we continue to move into the online realm. The need for responsible packaging is essential. On more than one occasion, I have tried to provide encouraging feedback on items I have received that have been grossly over-packaged, along with the irresponsible use of plastic, inside and out. Homes & Antiques however, has demonstrated a willingness to span the globe in what is clearly a responsible look to the future. I know we have the ability to enjoy your magazine online, but there is nothing like having the real thing in your hands. Keeping past practice going is so…

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if antiques could talk...

Gone full circle This longcase clock was presented to Robert and Sarah Studholme over 250 years ago in 1766, presumably to commemorate their wedding. Amazingly, it’s found its way back to their great-great-great-grandnephew – my husband, who is an antique and longcase clock restorer. Four years ago, a local dealer brought him a very neglected brass clock face. While cleaning it, he realised that Studholme was his grandmother’s maiden name. We dug into the family tree and, sure enough, Robert Studholme had married Sarah Charles and had six children. We don’t know where it’s been for the last 250 years, but now it stands happily ticking and chiming, ready to be passed, along with its history, down the family. Christine Nuttall, via email DO YOU HAVE AN ANTIQUE WITH A STORY? If you have…

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the month

1 the COLLABORATION LITTLE GREENE NATIONAL TRUST WALLPAPERS Drawing on classic wallpaper designs from heritage properties across Britain, the National Trust Papers collection is a contemporary twist on historical designs. Belton Scenic (pictured) is based on a c1785 pattern from the ornate Chinese bedroom at Belton House in Lincolnshire. 0845 880 5855; littlegreene.com 2 the FAIR SPODE SOCIETY AT AFE Pay a visit to the Art & Antiques for Everyone Fair at the Birmingham NEC from 2nd-5th April for your chance to see precious ceramic artefacts from the Spode Society, plus pick up delectable antiques from an array of prestigious dealers. The Spode exhibition will cover all periods of production, from 1770 through to the 20th century. There will be around 170 choice pieces on show, which each celebrate Spode’s innovation and passion for fine…