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Houses: Kitchens + Bathrooms

Houses: Kitchens + Bathrooms Issue 14 June 2019

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Be inspired by these cutting-edge examples of contemporary kitchen and bathroom design and the products that complete them. With generous pictorial coverage from leading photographers, floor plans and lists of products used, you share the delight of each kitchen and bathroom presented. Keep up to date with the latest design trends, colours and materials.

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In the home, no two spaces are as strongly inscribed with the patterns of daily life as the kitchen and bathroom. These are hubs in which regular chores take place, where we can unwind and ease the day’s stresses, or in the case of the kitchen, where we connect with friends and family over a shared meal. It makes sense for their design to reflect the personalities of the homeowners – with colours, special nooks and functionality crafted to nourish a sense of self and support what it means for the individual to feel “at home.” Created by Australia’s leading architects and designers, the projects in this issue of Houses: Kitchens & Bathrooms are infused with the character of the people who inhabit them. It’s been a pleasure putting this issue…

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savour the moment

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soak it up

Find more residential products: selector.com and productnews.com.au…

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a feast for the eyes

From Wowowa’s lively Mediterranean-themed worker’s cottage (page 54) to a minimalist guests’ house by Studio Esteta (page 110), the homes in this issue are as diverse as they are resplendent. Every one of the selected projects goes to show just how important it is to personalize a home, and all of the profiled architects and designers well and truly left their egos at the door in order to do so. There’s no denying that the elegant approach to spatiality seen in the design of Leichhardt Oaks is the work of Benn and Penna (page 34), or that Kennon Studio is responsible for the coolly sophisticated charms of Spanish Mission House (page 90). Customization is evident across the board, and the kitchens are a true extension of the clients’ personalities and very…

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stress-free sanctuaries

As daily life becomes increasingly fast-paced and some days can seem too much to handle, the bathroom offers a private place where we can wash away our stresses. There are some notable trends and the projects in this issue show how it’s done – a continued movement toward spaces that are part spa, a little bit retreat and total sanctuary, all the while prioritizing the clients’ wellbeing. Today’s bathrooms are designed with comfort in mind and so their spatial awareness and sense of efficiency are strong. Functionality is certainly emphasized, but so too is aesthetics, and nothing is compromised. ZGA Studio’s Courtyard Deck House (page 140) makes the most of a tight space, 1906 by Amber Road (page 76) is exemplary in turning the lack of natural light into a positive…

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spirited simplicity

A 1950s bungalow is thoughtfully replanned with a utilitarian yet welcoming design that follows the philosophy of “less but better.” 1 Entry 2 Dining 3 Living 4 Kitchen 5 Pantry 6 Bedroom 7 Bathroom 8 Study 9 Laundry 10 Main bedroom 11 Ensuite 12 Deck Architects Catherine Downie and Daniel North have long subscribed to German industrial designer Dieter Rams’ well-known “less but better” design philosophy. They’ve been using it to great effect in a portfolio of work characterized by elegantly pared-back residential interiors, and their recent renovation for clients Isaac and Mee and their three children is no exception. “When you’re trying to accommodate multiple functions in a predetermined footprint, your focus is on how to streamline those functions and maximize efficiency of space,” explains Catherine. “And the way we do that is by reducing, rather than adding.” The original 1950s bungalow offered…