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Houses: Kitchens + Bathrooms

Houses: Kitchens + Bathrooms Issue 13 June 2018

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Be inspired by these cutting-edge examples of contemporary kitchen and bathroom design and the products that complete them. With generous pictorial coverage from leading photographers, floor plans and lists of products used, you share the delight of each kitchen and bathroom presented. Keep up to date with the latest design trends, colours and materials.

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The kitchen and bathroom need to be designed with a little more attention to detail than other rooms in the home, so that they can be functional and efficient as well as beautiful. The new kitchen in Multiplicity’s Too Many Tims Are Never Enough (page 58) uses a sense of conviviality to shape its layout and vibrant colour scheme – with the emphasis on encouraging the whole family to participate in the preparation and enjoyment of food. Similarly, the bathroom is planned so that it permits different family members to be in the space concurrently, and the colours and patterns in this space are certainly memorable. At SJB’s Cleveland Rooftop (page 38), the architect has experimented with the standard apartment layout to create an urban garden sanctuary on top of an apartment…

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cook up a storm

01 Drawer system Blum’s Legrabox drawer system is linear, sleek and slim. The box system is defined by clear contours, parallel drawer design and accent lines. Subject to intensive tests, Legrabox surpasses national and international standards. blum.com 02 Portofino oven Portofino, inspired by its namesake village on the Italian Riviera, is available in eight distinctive colours, including ‘Sunshine Yellow,’ ‘Olive Green’ and ‘Burnt Orange.’ It harnesses the latest technology to enable easy “set-and-forget” cooking. smeg.com.au 03 TwoInOne cooktop Miele’s TwoInOne cooktop presents a new approach to kitchen design, combining induction cooking technology with an integrated downdraught extractor. It is ideal for open-plan kitchens where conventional rangehoods may detract from the design. miele.com.au 04 Audrey Island Rangehood Elica’s Audrey Island rangehood can be suspended from the ceiling, wall mounted or island mounted. With a high-efficiency motor and LED light, the rangehood…

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do not disturb

01 Michelle mirror collection A family of mirrors with common features of steel, smoked mirror and marble, the Michelle collection designed by Tim Rundle for SP01 is gracefully drawn from a tubular frame in brass, pewter or blackened steel. The mirrors are embellished with a series of marble trays. spacefurniture.com.au 02 Laminam XL slabs Laminam XL slabs can be used for tables, as well as for kitchen and bathroom benchtops. Measuring 1600 mm × 3000 mm × 12 mm, the slabs provide material continuity and create a seamless aesthetic. livingtiles.com.au 03 Zen bath and basins Pictured at Melbourne’s Huntingtower Road project designed by Jolson Architects, Apaiser’s Zen bath and basins contribute to a tranquil atmosphere in the bathroom. The Zen collection juxtaposes hard and soft lines to achieve a structural and aesthetic balance. apaiser.com 04 Essastone Unique Calacatta Laminex’s Essastone…

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finishing touches

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the manner in which it is planned is a window into the domestic patterns of a house’s inhabitants. And though every kitchen is fundamentally a working zone made up of similar components – fridge, oven, sink and so on – the fourteen featured in this issue reveal a pleasing variety in the way those components come together and in how the room as a whole might engage with, or separate itself from, the rest of the house. For Owen Architecture, the kitchen of Camp Hill Cottage (page 32) is generous and open to allow food preparation to become a communal activity among extended family. For Doherty Design Studio, however, a butler’s pantry sequestered behind the “public” kitchen of Kew Residence…

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liberating sanctuaries

There is pleasing variety among the bathrooms in this issue, and the disparate aesthetics and plans can be ascribed to the different demands of the families who use them. From luxurious retreats for couples to family bathrooms built to withstand the often unruly bathtime games of young children, each one has been designed to go beyond mere functional requirements and provide welcoming, personal spaces. In two Queensland houses, the architects have flipped convention on its head by understanding that enclosing every component of the bathroom – the sink, in particular – within one room leads to daily queues and discord in many households. Owen Architecture’s solution (page 32) was to contain the shower and toilet in cubicles and the bath and sink in open niches off a shared corridor that allows…

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living large

• OWEN ARCHITECTURE • Kitchen elevation 1:100 Kitchen plan 1:100 First floor 1:400 Ground floor 1:400 1 Courtyard 2 Kitchen 3 Backyard 4 Garden room 5 Carport 6 Living 7 Laundry 8 Undercroft 9 Bedroom 10 Sitting room 11 Storage 12 Robe 13 Bathroom wing 14 Void Bathroom wing plan 1:100 Bathroom wing elevation 1:100 For the owners of this postwar cottage in the Brisbane suburb of Camp Hill, the limitations of the house in its former condition were adequately represented in the most mundane of observations: it had just four power points. This paucity formed part of the more general, but no less pragmatic, brief put to Paul Owen and Steve Hunt of Owen Architecture – the brief asked for more space, a big kitchen to accommodate extended family and a better connection to the landscape. Paul and Steve’s response was to preserve the original cottage for sleeping quarters and insert…