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Houses: Kitchens + Bathrooms

Houses: Kitchens + Bathrooms Issue 9

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Be inspired by these cutting-edge examples of contemporary kitchen and bathroom design and the products that complete them. With generous pictorial coverage from leading photographers, floor plans and lists of products used, you share the delight of each kitchen and bathroom presented. Keep up to date with the latest design trends, colours and materials.

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Nowadays, home owners have access to a much broader range of research tools to plan renovations of their kitchens and bathrooms. In particular, digital magazines, applications and image-based social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are changing the way we engage with design. This sharing of information has greatly influenced home decoration style in terms of material and colour palettes and what objects are chosen for display. Open shelves in the kitchen, such as those in Owen and Vokes and Peters’ project (see page 38), reveal something about the owner, but can also be curated to create a desired effect. Restaurant design is now influencing residential kitchens and with more cooking appliances being used, more storage cupboards are needed. Full-height kitchen joinery is being used as a partition device, for…

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flair & function

01 Miele Mink series Warm, sensual and earthy, “Mink” is one of four new colour choices that Miele is offering in 2014. Miele developed this luscious, chocolate colour in response to the growing trend in soft furnishings toward warm and inviting natural tones. www.miele.com.au 02 Cobar rangehood Qasair has designed its Cobar rangehood with commercial-style cookers in mind. Deeper than the standard concealed rangehood, it has the greater coverage required for the heat, smoke, odours and steam generated by these powerful cookers, while the triple-motor rangehood moves up to 2430 cubic metres of air per hour. qasair.com.au 03 Libera kitchen mixer The sophisticated Libera kitchen mixer from Italian manufacturer Newform is a single-lever sink mixer with swivel and adjustable spring. It includes a stylish, versatile hand spray with colour options available for both the hose and tap. parisi.com.au 04…

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the daily unwind

01 Ribbon drain Aquabocci’s Ribbon drain doesn’t sacrifice function for aesthetics, managing to look good while draining a massive flow of seventy litres per minute. The use of EPDM rubber seals eliminates the need for glue and reduces the risk of leaking. It is available in a choice of 200 colours. aquabocci.com 02 Heated towel rails Little C and Big C are heated towel rails that can be installed in a number of geometric patterns. Made of stainless steel, the rails are low voltage and can be installed in almost any area of a bathroom, regardless of proximity to water. Little C measures 280 mm × 650 mm × 80 mm, while Big C measures 280 mm × 850 mm × 80 mm. dcshort.com 03 Amélie bath This contemporary interpretation of the traditional claw-foot bath was inspired…

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the community kitchen

Photo-sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are changing the shape of kitchens to come. Visual reference points are flooding online platforms and if designers are to capture their clients’ over-stimulated imaginations, they must deliver exuberant personality, high levels of sophistication and fresh configurations. “For us, this is exciting as we can discuss design at a higher level,” architect Shaun Carter says. “It also means clients come to us with a more educated idea of what our architecture is, which makes it easier to discuss design.” Architect Stuart Vokes says clients, too, are drawing inspiration from a wider field. “Our clients are now coming to us with images of top restaurants and cafes, instead of just other people’s suburban kitchens.” To this end, the conversation has changed from what’s “on trend” to what’s…

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the breathing room

Trends hold a mirror to the times. Most evolve from the way we live, others in protest. In that spirit, the bathroom directions of 2014 have risen in backlash to the hyper-connected, twenty-four-hour cycle of life in the glow of digital devices. Luxury in this era of humming conversation is time apart from our screens, even if we have to pry ourselves away from them. And that’s where the bathroom as breathing space comes in. In the contemplative bathroom, function is fused with quietness and consideration. Bold gestures give way to the elements of water, light, air and timber. It’s about switching off and just being in the moment. Architect Stuart Vokes likens the aesthetic to the naive art movement. “It’s about reducing the palette to something silent; like a raw mark on…

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natural character: kieron gait architects

01 The breakfast bar is the new hearth of the house, positioned to view the rear garden. Artwork: Caroline Magerl. 1 Entry 2 Reception 3 Bathroom 4 Bedroom 5 Craft 6 Dining 7 Living 8 Kitchen 9 Terrace 10 Store 11 Laundry 12 Garage 13 Workshop 14 Walk-in robe 15 Ensuite 16 Void The decorative gables of this 1880s Brisbane home provide few clues as to what lies behind them. Architect Kieron Gait was commissioned to redevelop a 1970s extension to the rear of the original house, incorporating a new kitchen, dining area, lounge and bathrooms. The driving force behind the renewal was a desire to increase light and space and to improve the relationship with the garden. Kieron’s design retained the 1970s slab on ground, but otherwise started from scratch to create a refined and crafted box-on-box layering of spaces that reintroduces the owners to their backyard.…