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In The Moment February 2018

In the Moment is a beautiful, practical lifestyle magazine for the modern-thinking creative woman. You can expect practical creative projects to do today, positive features and stories to inspire, adventures near and far for a healthy body and mind, and ideas that embrace every aspect of women's lives: friends, family, self, work, rest and play! It has a sense of community and fun, and you will be informed and entertained by knowledgeable experts and humourous columnists. With content covering wellbeing, creating, living and escaping, its monthly publication will reflect latest trends and encourage you to make the most of every day by living 'In the Moment'.

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This month we’ve been thinking about self-acceptance and authenticity, and how having the courage to be our authentic self is so integral to our emotional wellbeing. “We can always improve ourselves through self-development,” writes confidence coach Lisa Phillips on page 20, “but forcing ourselves to be something we’re not because we feel society expects this of us can have a detrimental effect.” Of course, escaping those expectations isn’t always easy, but it is only when we align ourselves with our personal preferences and core values that we give ourselves the freedom to become our true, authentic self. Whether we are social butterflies or homebodies, softly spoken or centre stage, by accepting what makes us feel comfortable we are giving ourselves permission to be happy with the person we truly are. On page…

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your thoughts

Photo comp winner! Last month our Insta photo competition theme was ‘gratitude’. Our winning image is this photo of Liz Clayton (@lizc_illustration) finding gratitude for nature on a hike. “Mother nature at her finest!” writes Liz. “Leaning into the strong winds at the top of Sugar Loaf, feeling exhilarated and truly grateful for this beautiful planet.” Liz wins a copy of Wild Mocktails and Healthy Cocktails by Lottie Muir (Cico Books, £16.99). Find our latest photo competition on Insta @inthemomentmag. Mindful moment Thank you for this wonderful magazine – I think it’s the only magazine that I ever read every single article from first page to last! I take the magazine to work, to read on my lunch break, to my daughter’s dance class…everywhere! But my favourite place to read it is in my living…

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meet our talented contributors

SHEL PINK Shel is the founder of SpaRitual and pioneer of the Slow Beauty movement, which encourages us to carve a few small moments out of each day to practice mindful self-care that makes us glow. Find out more at www.slowbeauty.com Read all about slow beauty and discover some natural beauty recipes on page 36 ANNIKA ROSE Annika writes about, researches and designs new ways to achieve wellbeing. She empowers her clients to create joy in their lives and teaches them how to live more mindfully. You can find Annika at www.thewellbeingcollective.com Annika writes about empathy on page 24 and explores the bullet journal trend on page 60 CHRISTINE BAILEY Christine is an award-winning nutritionist, chef and author. She combines her passion for creating delicious and nourishing recipes with evidence-based scientific research to create dishes that both…

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Sleeping lions What time should you have your first caffeine hit? When’s your most productive time of day? What’s the best way for you to wind down at night? Well, that all depends if you’re a bear, lion, wolf or dolphin! Bear with us (pun intended) – according to sleep specialist and author of The Power of When, Michael Breus, each of us is one of four animals, or ‘chronotypes’, when it comes to our shut-eye. Bears, lions, wolves and dolphins all have different sleep patterns and energy levels. And according to Michael, if you act like a bear when you’re really a dolphin, it can lead to tiredness and energy slumps. Apparently 50% of us are bears (enjoy the snooze button, most productive at noon) while wolves (late risers) are at their…

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breaking bad

Us Brits do like to default to rainy days for a conversation starter. “What bad weather we’re having,” we say, as we sweep into work, showering our desks with raindrops from our coats, or wrestle with a wet brollie on our way into a café to meet friends. Of course, in reality, all weather is tolerable with the right gear – weather cannot truly be ‘bad’. But our obsession with talking about it and labelling it as such could be. Our tendency to label things isn’t always about an inclement climate. We do it all the time. “Having a bad day,” “the traffic’s bad,” or “bad hair day,” often pop up in our daily conversations. A quick dip in the dictionary reveals that the word ‘bad’ has many negative connotations, unsurprisingly.…

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have courage to be yourself

Society often leads us to believe that if you want to be seen as a person with confidence, you need to ‘push yourself out of your comfort zone’ or even ‘ fake it till you make it’. However, if you are endlessly trying to force yourself to be more outspoken and assertive, pushing yourself to mingle at large social gatherings or aiming to be that person in the office meeting that always speaks up first, it can really feel like hard work and may even have a detrimental effect on our emotional wellbeing. We can always improve ourselves through self-development – but at what point are we just forcing ourselves to be something that we’re not? In fact, there is an easier way to gain confidence; a way that is…