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In the Moment is a beautiful, practical lifestyle magazine for the modern-thinking creative woman. You can expect practical creative projects to do today, positive features and stories to inspire, adventures near and far for a healthy body and mind, and ideas that embrace every aspect of women's lives: friends, family, self, work, rest and play! It has a sense of community and fun, and you will be informed and entertained by knowledgeable experts and humourous columnists. With content covering wellbeing, creating, living and escaping, its monthly publication will reflect latest trends and encourage you to make the most of every day by living 'In the Moment'.

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Download your bonus papers New year is a time when I like to declutter. In my household this is met with mild enthusiasm on the part of my daughter, who likes a tidy room but isn’t always keen on the tidying part; mild resistance on the part of my son, who develops a deep and sentimental attachment to any object that finds its way into his possession; and strenuous resistance from my partner, who takes the view that all manner of ‘useful things’ should be stored for an indefinite period of time until the day that they are needed (which, to be fair, they sometimes are). In this context, I have always thought of myself as a bit of a champion declutterer, so reading our feature A Life Less Cluttered (page 30)…

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your thoughts

Photo comp winner! Our latest Instagram photography challenge theme was ‘morning’ and we loved this entry from Tammy (@tammymarshmallow_mylife) “One consistent factor of my mornings for many decades now (since reading an article in my mum’s magazine aged 14) has been to have a slice of lemon in hot water before anything else. If I’m away from home, the first thing into my bag is a lemon so I can start my day right. My family know that in the (extremely rare) event they decide to bring me breakfast/coffee in bed, I’ll still need my lemon tea first. So, no matter where I am in my life or where in the world, this picture pretty much starts my day.” Tammy wins this tea set by T2 worth £35 (t2tea.com). See last month’s shortlist…

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meet our talented contributors

JULIA WILLS Julia is a freelance journalist and children’s author. She’s also a mindful gardener and loves reading, running and watching seagulls. She lives in Warwickshire with her partner and barmy Cockapoo. Find her at julia-wills.com. Be enlightened by Kintsugi – little fixes to enhance life in winter – on page 18 RAE RITCHIE Rae is a freelance writer specialising in mindful living, fashion and beauty, especially ethical and sustainability issues. She loves to try out the current eco trends – keep track of her latest finds on Instagram @rae_ritchie_. Discover the secrets of Lush HQ with Rae as she investigates ethical beauty, page 87 SARAH BAXTER Travel writer and author Sarah has painted elephants, learnt bushcraft and snorkelled with killer whales. She’s both a rambler and a runner and you can see more of her travels…

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Where there’s a will… Single use plastic packaging can be hard to avoid, but we’ve discovered a fantastic new initiative that pioneers a clever alternative to landfill – ecobricks. The premise is simple: take a plastic bottle and fill it with all of those bits of plastic packaging that can’t otherwise be recycled, turning it into a durable brick that can be used to build community projects, outdoor furniture and even walls. Find helpful guidelines for creating ecobricks over at www.ecobricks.org (getting the right density is vital) and once you’ve set up an account you can keep track of your personal ‘Plastic Transition Ratio’ – a great idea if you’re getting kids involved as they can measure their contribution. Not only do ecobricks reduce the amount of plastic being spread around the world,…

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lovely things to do for yourself this year…

Make this your year to slow down – often easier said than done. Wellness authors Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips suggest simple daily rituals can help to make this a priority and bring more “moments of stillness and harmony into our lives”. Find their New Year intention ritual on calmmoment.com and learn more in their book Rituals for Every Day (Hutchinson, £14.99). Find a pair of jeans that actually t! ZOZO is a new company that’s passionate about making clothes specifically for each person’s unique shape. Sign up and you’ll get a free ZOZO suit, which you use with the app to take all your measurements. Then, head online to shop their range of clothes and get them custom made for you. www.zozo.com Rethink your relationship with your phone by switching…

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the climate researcher

Lisa Orme, 30, is a climate change researcher. For the past two years she has been working at the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø, Norway and has recently moved to Dublin. I feel lucky. Researchers who are early in their careers are often in temporary contracts and without job security. I’ve just finished a two-year contract in Norway and will soon start a three-year position in Ireland. It can feel unsettling starting again somewhere completely new, but my work has given me amazing opportunities, like doing fieldwork in the Arctic. When I’m feeling unsure of what lies ahead, I remind myself of what I love about my job. It’s very levelling. I find true peace in nature. I relax by getting away from modern day life. I walk in the mountains a lot. The…