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In The Moment December 2017

In the Moment is a beautiful, practical lifestyle magazine for the modern-thinking creative woman. You can expect practical creative projects to do today, positive features and stories to inspire, adventures near and far for a healthy body and mind, and ideas that embrace every aspect of women's lives: friends, family, self, work, rest and play! It has a sense of community and fun, and you will be informed and entertained by knowledgeable experts and humourous columnists. With content covering wellbeing, creating, living and escaping, its monthly publication will reflect latest trends and encourage you to make the most of every day by living 'In the Moment'.

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With the festive season upon us, we’ve been focusing on staying calm and centred amidst the planning and preparations, both in our homes and our busy office. “I feel I am ready for a gentler, quieter approach, where the decorating and gift giving has more sentiment and less excess,” writes our columnist Caroline Rowland. We too are making the choice to slow down and take a more pared-back approach, embracing the trend for natural decorations, such as our beautiful Christmas wreath, and preparing and enjoying food that’s full of flavourand goodness (find our recipes on page 73). Two themes that have naturally emerged this month are kindness and forgiveness. At a time when we give gifts to express our love and affection, we are drawn to showing our kind side…

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Photo comp winner! Last month on Instagram we ran a photo competition with the theme of ‘your calm moment’ – thank you for all of your inspiring entries. Our winning image is this photo of Nikki Stoop (@onceupontoday) enjoying a calm moment on her travels. “As we travel through Europe with our campervan, we get to park our humble home in lots of di!erent places,” explained Nikki. “Sometimes we discover a true gem, like this day. We spent two hours just Get in touch watching the sunset in the beautiful landscape and being truly thankful.” Nikki wins a month’s supply of Ombar chocolate (ombar.co.uk)!See our shortlist of last month’s entries at www.calmmoment.com and find our latest photo competition on Insta @inthemomentmag www.facebook.com/ InTheMomentMag www.instagram.com/ inthemomentmag www.uk.pinterest.com/ inthemomentmag www.twitter.com/ inthemomentmag inthemoment@immediate.co.uk www.calmmoment.com Sharing is caring As a high school teacher, I…

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meet four of our talented writers

ROSHINA JOWAHEER Roshina is a travel journalist. She loves waking up to sunrise yoga by the sea in exotic locations, spending lazy afternoons watching the world go by at al-fresco cafés and hiking to stunning views. Follow her on Twitter @RoshinaJ. Tum to page 100 for Roshinas feature on how to find secret city havens. RACHEL AVERY Rachel is a journalist with an interest in all things beauty and wellbeing. This issue she explores the secret to healthy, glowing skin – even in winter. When she’s not writing, you’ll! nd her out running or in a totally zen yoga class. Find her on Instagram @rachel_avery91 Read Reachels glowing report on page 28. JEN SHAW Jen is a freelance journalist based in the Forest of Dean, where she lives with her husband, two girls and Persian cat. She’s…

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Receiving gifts gracefully We’ve all done it – waxed lyrical about a gift that we secretly know we’ll be donating to a charity shop, or confining to the back of the wardrobe. It’s understandable, our actions are motivated by compassion – our instinct telling us not to hurt someone’s feelings. But maybe it’s time we took a different approach. Researchers from the University of Notre Dame found that this attempt to prevent harm can actually hinder happiness; being honest, instead of telling white (or ‘prosocial’) lies to avoid hurting the feelings of others, is better for both our mental and physical health. That’s not to say that upsetting Aunt Edith by telling her you dislike her gift will make you feel good. But receiving a gift gracefully, responding with politeness and…

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good news things to do to live your life well in december...

1 DECEMBER Swap traditional Christmas lights for something a little more artistic. The annual Amsterdam Light Festival opens today, featuring some incredible light installations by artists, designers and architects from all over the world. Explore them on foot, or hop onto a boat and experience them reflecting in the city’s canals. *www.amsterdamlightfestival.com ALL MONTH Take some time this month to reflect on the year that’s passed. Think about all of the things you have achieved, whether small or large. Write down your highlights, then look at them when things get tough. Not only will it give you a warm glow, but you’ll be ready to get started on all your plans for the next year when January arrives. ALL MONTH Break down those stereotypes – it’s No Gender December. This international movement is encouraging companies to…

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how i stay calm under pressure

Naomi Steward, 40, is Executive Assistant to the CEO of a global advertising agency in London. She is married to Rob and they live in West London with their pet rescue rabbit Olive. I don’t overload my mental rucksack When I first started my job it was overwhelming. I had never worked anywhere so busy. After two weeks, my husband Rob said to me: “You are carrying around a rucksack of stress. Pick out the bits that are weighing you down and that you can’t do anything about and get rid of them.” I mentally envisaged all the worries and thought: ‘Can I change it? Will it have an impact if I don’t do anything about it?’ If the answer was no, I imagined picking each one out of my rucksack…