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In The Moment October 2017

In the Moment is a beautiful, practical lifestyle magazine for the modern-thinking creative woman. You can expect practical creative projects to do today, positive features and stories to inspire, adventures near and far for a healthy body and mind, and ideas that embrace every aspect of women's lives: friends, family, self, work, rest and play! It has a sense of community and fun, and you will be informed and entertained by knowledgeable experts and humourous columnists. With content covering wellbeing, creating, living and escaping, its monthly publication will reflect latest trends and encourage you to make the most of every day by living 'In the Moment'.

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What a pleasure it is to be writing this column, my first as editor. There are lots of new faces this issue; we have a new editorial team (meet us on page 7); we introduce Natalie Lue, our relationships columnist – who this issue tackles unresolved emotions through the practice of unsent letters; and we launch our new column: ‘How I stay calm’ – something we practice regularly in our busy editorial office! As we settle into our new roles this month, we’ve been thinking a lot about self belief – and why self-doubt affects so many outwardly confident women. Cath Dean writes about the concept of ‘imposter syndrome’ and concludes that it’s high time we “owned our creativity with confidence”. To which we say ‘hear, hear’. We also discover that podcasts…

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The little things Thoroughly enjoying my copy of In The Moment this evening. It’s full to the brim with positivity! It’s perfect for taking a little time out from a busy schedule to remember to look after yourself and appreciate the little things. Thank you @inthemomentmag – I can’t wait for the next issue! @happy_hamlet_home A mindful moment Had a wonderful afternoon to myself today. Practiced some tap dance, painted my nails and read the first issue of In The Moment – I would highly recommend it! I read “There’s more than one way to become more mindful” in my conservatory where I feel close to nature, with some incense and music in the background. It was a really nice way to find some mindfulness and practice self-care. @ibsanxiety New beginnings I just wanted to write to thank…

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meet this issue’s talented writers

NATALIE LUE Natalie is our new relationship columnist. She’s been writing her blog www.baggagereclaim.com for 12 years and published five self-help books. She’s big fan of journalling, Judy Blume, margaritas and vintage buys and lives in Surrey with her family. Follow her on Insta @natlue Turn to page 44 to read Natalie’s column. PAULINE WESTON Pauline studied naturopathy and iridology in France before moving to England with her husband. She is fascinated by nature, especially herbal medicine, which she uses in her naturopathy practice. Follow her at www.soakupthewild.com Turn to page 18 for Pauline’s piece on embracing the transition into Autumn. RACHAEL SMITH Rachael is a photographer who blogs about her minimalist family life by the sea over at www.ourbeautifuladventure.co.uk. She can usually be found on a beach in south Wales with wellies on her feet and a…

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Bathe in colour The arrival of Autumn makes us even more keen to get home and relax in a nice long bath. As well as the calming benefits we already know that a soak in the tub affords, we’ve heard of a way to make bathing nourishing for your mental wellbeing. How? By adding colour to your tub! Colour therapy has long been used as a way of balancing our brains and our bodies: each colour is thought to have a different effect on us, promoting a host of benefits depending on which shades you select. “A colour aura bath uses all the senses to balance your mind,” says Walaa of blog The Color Recipe. Her tutorial includes the addition of pink rose petals, along with a coloured light app (you can also…

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what i do...

Student, Geertje van Rees volunteers for the Cambridge branch of FoodCycle, which cooks and serves meals to people in need using surplus food from supermarkets. Originally from the Netherlands, Geertje started volunteering in January 2014 and is now a hub leader, coming up with three-course dinners for 40 people. “Cooking is something that is always close to me,” says Geertje. “I’ve grown up with a mother who prides herself on putting home cooked healthy family meals on the table. And I’m a massive Masterchef fan, so this just looked like a combination of a mystery box and serving challenge to me! “FoodCycle means a lot to me: I began by just loving the challenge of getting a 3-course menu prepared for so many people. Then I soon realised this shifted in me…

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“enjoying a moment’s peace”

“Family life is busy, but that’s the way I like it. Being able to grab a moment to myself feels like a treat, but just sitting still for 10 minutes with a cup of tea and enjoying a moment’s peace is a enough. It’s also important for me to get time with my friends who don’t have kids, so we can chat about topics other than school and homework. Much as I love being a mum, it’s easy to lose sight of who I used to be when day-to-day life was more carefree. I’ve been trying to make more time for mindfulness over the past few months – I’ve got an app on my phone with quick meditation sessions, and being more aware has made me realise the importance of taking time…