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October 2019

Exclusive galleries packs of sexy models, topless, and nudes. Also some hot narrations, and themes for men like sexual medicine, cars and liquors.

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the blue lightning muscle cars

This activity was developed for 18 months, detailing each centimeter, and giving a new perspective to the Gran Camaro. But Mr. Leyton wanted something more, so he generated a conversion technology, with cutting-edge injectors that would give some valuable 700HP to this classic. And he added a suspension, which would adapt to the new mechanical power. For -70% of what it would cost to restore this legend in the United States or in Europe, Mr. Layton did a work of restoration, with a great touch of technology. Then you can admire his final work:…

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The mentality of the modern man is the estimation of the time that must sustain an erection so that a sexual relationship is pleasant.Much has been said about this, and it is universally considered appropriate that the measure is between 7 and 8 minutes; however, this measure remains empty. There are external factors that impact the time in which a woman can achieve orgasm, as simple as climate, mood, hormones, stress, can mitigate a sexual relationship, the term time is not only linked to how long a man can sustain his erection.It must be taken into account that due to physical or psychological factors, there are women who cannot obtain an orgasm in standard time and that this is already a problem that she must treat, hopefully without interfering with the…

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losing her second virginity.

Today I want to tell a story that I call "Losing my Second Virginity", by the title you will understand that I lasted a great stage without sex. I lasted almost 10 years in a bad marriage, I don't even want to talk about it, I was in it for approximately the last 2 years without sex, as I was a housewife, I lived taking care of my children, husband, and having my house beautiful. I assume I got married very young, I didn't even know that the world had pornography, I didn't even know about masturbation, just when I got excited I was going to take a hot shower. The moment of the divorce arrived, and without a doubt, I was lost, reason I went to religion, where I was in more…