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India Today April 20, 2020

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As India enters the third week of the unprecedented lockdown to arrest the spread of the coronavirus, the big question weighing on everyone’s mind is whether it will be extended or lifted or strategically eased. This is the most difficult decision for the government to make in view of the mounting evidence of the economic suffering the lockdown is causing to the most vulnerable in our society. According to a recent report by the International Labour Office (ILO), 400 million people working in the informal economy are at the risk of falling deeper into poverty during the crisis. The weekly tracker survey of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) shows that the unemployment rate shot up from 6.7 per cent mid-March to 23 per cent in the week ending…

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the bhilwara model

The textile town of Bhilwara in southcentral Rajasthan has come a long way in just under a week. It took some doing to go from being India’s scariest corona hotbed in the early days, when news broke of a doctor in Bangad Hospital contracting the disease, to now being cited as a containment model the Centre wants to replicate everywhere in its evolving strategy to battle the spread of COVID-19 in India. Before the imposition of a 10-day, no-exceptions ‘maha curfew’ on April 3, Bhilwara district had 27 cases; since April 2, it has reported no new cases. ZEROING IN ON EMERGING COVID-19 CENTRES IN INDIA AND ISOLATING PATIENTS WILL BE A DAUNTING TASK COVID-19 cases have been reported in 284* (or 39 per cent) of India’s 736 districts. As of April…

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a silent prayer

Worship, like everything else, moved indoors as the government imposed a 21-day national lockdown to contain the spread of the novel corona-virus, leaving religious places eerily quiet and empty. The air seemed to breathe easy too, clean and clear, uncontaminated by human presence, even as humans themselves battled a viral infection. The more desperate found themselves caught in a strange purgatory—neither able to return home nor able to stay, the kindness of strangers their only hope. It’s a strange moment in history, the accompanying images providing but a brief glimpse of its zeitgeist.…

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a look at tomorrow

What characterises the changes in the current global order? What are their impacts on nations and peoples? What can India offer the world in this time of turbulence? These questions are taken up by two distinguished commentators who need little introduction—Shashi Tharoor and Samir Saran—in their jointly authored book. Tharoor’s experience at the United Nations and as an analyst in foreign affairs and Saran’s long association leading a prominent Indian think-tank stands them in good stead in tackling this weighty subject matter. The authors begin with a survey of the state of global governance, taking issue with the view that we are witnessing the decline of the international liberal order. They argue that five crises stand out: first, the crisis of legitimacy, arising from the non-democratic behaviour of the US and…

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KHAN IS KING Shah Rukh Khan hasn’t had a hit in years, but his COVID-19 relief work has been a superhit in three states—Delhi, where he hails from; Maharashtra, where he lives; and West Bengal, whose brand ambassador he is. Khan made a donation to the Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and his Meer Foundation provided 50,000 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits to healthcare workers in Bengal. Khan is feeding 5,500 families for a month in Mumbai and providing basic essentials to 2,500 daily wagers in Delhi. Wife Gauri has opened the doors of her four-storey office for the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation to set up a quarantine centre for children, women and the elderly. The chief ministers of all three states tweeted their thanks for the relief efforts. King Khan rules…

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the nostradamus of the indian stock market

It was the period between 2008 and early 2019. The Indian stock market was steadily recovering after the recession in 2008. In fact industry insiders firmly believed that investor wealth was witnessing organic growth; the same was showcased by stock market indexes at NIFTY and SENSEX. The overall mood was quite bullish considering the sustained recovery over a 11 year period. Yet there was one forecast which was not only bearish in nature but also bold and bordered on the preposterous at that point of time. The seemingly audacious forecast was made by Lakshmi Narayanan Sundaram, a renowned Indian Stock Market Research analyst and Managing Director of International Financial Services, a fiscal advisory and solutions firm with a formidable market presence. He forecasted that the stock market will witness a…