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Inked October/November 2018

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

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This is the second annual Inked for a Cause issue of INKED magazine and before you dive in, we would like to introduce you to just a few of the people who you are about to meet. We first hit the West Coast where Aaron Valencia, a man who was able to take the shattered bits of his troubled and painful childhood and put them back together again, all in an effort to give back. His mission in life has become to help the children, not only in his hometown, but across the globe. Hot rods and helping hands. Then we make our way to British Columbia, where Eileen Davidson has to show great physical and emotional strength just to make it through each day. Ravaged by rheumatoid arthritis and…

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THE LIFESTYLE ISSUE I just have to say that I couldn’t have been happier than to walk into my local bookstore and see the love of my life, the apple of my eye, the doodle of my canoodle — on the cover of your latest issue. Post has got to be the hottest thing out right now, and for him to be on the cover of my favorite magazine — I thought I died and went to tattoo heaven. I just want to thank you for not only a great cover, but also those pictures inside were awesome! I always knew Post was a “player.”— Lorna Duft — Goshen, New York facebook POST MALONE Alexandria Paulson— So happy for Post that he finally got a cover! I loved learning what he’s really like in…

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money talks!

The art coming out of Daly’s studio is a combination of ancient origami, currency engraving and modern, high tech engineering. Here the three come together to create works of art that have part of their social message literally embedded into the work’s medium. Daly, who has a collector’s interest in currency from an early age, uses paper money found in circulation from across the globe from the last 75 years — sometimes the currency inspires his piece and sometimes the piece is inspired by the currency. Either way Daly’s work is right on the money. How did you come to live and work in Southern California by way of South Africa? I immigrated with my parents at an early age to Southern California with hopes of a brighter future. How did the…

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a father’s final goodbye

In loving memory of Isaiah “Boo Boo” Negrete, a kind and generous soul who brought joy and laughter to all who encountered him. His radiant smile and commanding presence was a testament to his love of life and his faith in God. Isaiah cherished his relationship with others and loved people. Upon meeting him one could not resist his magnetism, hence why so many people loved him. Non-confrontational, respectful and always happy — a friendship with Isaiah was a lasting and meaningful experience Boo Boo was raised in the tattoo world. A true child of the industry, surrounded by great and legendary artists. Born with God given talent, he began his career at an early age, doing his first professional tattoo at the age of 14. Unwilling to work in the…

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craig dershowitz

Having grown up in crack-era Brooklyn, in between a housing project and a Russian ghetto, life was beautifully chaotic. I had the opportunity to experience multiple cultures. Not to mention, different tattoos – from praying hands and teardrops to black cats and ringed out fingers. I also had the choice to live two very different lifestyles. Neither was a perfect match, but both presented a very strong sense of three of the most motivating forces in my work today: community, history and our obligations to the other I chose to be actively involved in black rights and pan-Africanism movements. At a rally, a chant started. Based on the old Negro spiritual they sang, ‘Go Down Moses…’ Moses, it struck me, was my family. The liberation struggle was a historic, Jewish venture.…

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josh luber

Favorite location to have a meeting? In order: via text, via email, on my couch. Favorite restaurant in the world? 69 Bayard (Chinatown, NYC, now closed). One celebrity you would let tattoo you? Jonah Hill. One exotic animal you want to own in your lifetime? Not really down with owning animals, but it’d be cool to have a shark with a laser on it’s head. Something you want to be known for? My daughter Fiona. My son Javi. StockX, i.e., changing the future of all e-commerce and all investing. Fifty-one points in the 2003 B-league championship basketball game, Atlanta Rec League. Biggie or 2Pac and why? 2Pac. West Coast all day. C’mon. Favorite musician of all time? I don’t have a favorite musician, but my iPod is 1/3 Eminem, 1/3 Billy Joel and 1/3 everything else.…