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“It raises questions for the serious soap nerd” Well, I am shook by the news (see p13) that our soap faves will soon be giddily skipping between Walford and Weatherfield, Hollyoaks and Holby, in a wholly unexpected bid to drive the national conversation about global warming. But this worthy endeavour raises questions for the serious soap nerd. If Mick Carter and Kevin Webster exist in the same ‘universe’, then what of the time Dot Cotton said she never missed an episode of Corrie? (Kat replied she’d “rather watch me dirty laundry spinning about” – which is a bit pot-calling-the-kettle-black.) Or those occasions you’d spot the end credits of Emmerdale on the telly in the Beale house? Surely, now we have our first link-up, it won’t be long before the ITV soaps unite for…

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stacey’s bombshell return!

This is the moment that Stacey bursts back on to the scene in Walford – coming face to face with her arch-nemesis Janine, and bringing home a huge shock for ex-husband Martin! Stace is released from prison in the wake of scheming Ruby’s downfall, and the Slaters are thrilled to see her as they throw a welcome home bash. However, while Martin prepares to tell Stacey that he never stopped loving her, Stacey has some news of her own – as the arrival of her prison cellmate Eve throws a major spanner in the works… “Martin’s on the verge of revealing his feelings for Stacey when she interrupts him and drops a huge bombshell,” explains our Albert Square insider. “And the look on his face says it all!” Stacey’s barely home five minutes before…

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“i never watched eastenders until i met my wife!”

Newcomer Eve makes an instant impression on Walford this week. We caught up with star Heather Pearce to learn more about Stacey’s prison bestie… Welcome, Heather! Tell us about Eve – what is she like? Eve’s loveable, super-bright and quick-witted – but she just can’t avoid getting into trouble! She has a temper and is a little erratic, yet she’s fair and just – so when Eve does something that is highly illegal or morally on the border, you’ll quite often understand why she’s doing it. But it’s probably something I wouldn’t do! Could you be friends with Eve? I would, but I don’t think my mother would have approved! [Laughs] Eve flirts with Shirley – was that fun to film with Linda Henry? Linda was lovely, she definitely put me at ease. I was expecting…

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sinkhole tragedy who’s to blame?

All eyes are on David and Shona this week – as the horrified Platt family are forced to admit that they might be killers! The Street and its residents are in pieces after the longunrepaired sinkhole in the Platts’ garden caused the earth to give way and plunge various residents into the old Victorian sewers – claiming the life of a much-loved local. And while the survivors come to terms with events, further tragedy strikes, just as David’s hit with the news that he is ultimately responsible for the disaster… “The cruel fact of the matter is that David has blood on his hands,” gulps our Corrie insider. “If he’d fixed the sinkhole sooner, the whole catastrophe would never have happened.” As far as the Platts were concerned, the danger was confined to their…

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the real killers!

With all the drama, it’s easy to forget that the sinkhole in David’s garden was orchestrated by wicked property tycoon, Ray Crosby, as part of his plan with Debbie to force the locals to sell their homes to make way for a new development. Ray’s handsome henchman turned up on David’s doorstep wearing a fetching orange onesie, posing as an inspector. Yet in actual fact, the man was sent to deliberately sabotage No 8 so that a sinkhole would appear! And while Debbie remained blissfully ignorant to some of Ray’s dirty tactics in the beginning, she was far from innocent. David ended up selling to Ray dirt cheap, but after the sleazy Bistro boss was arrested for locking Kevin and Debbie in a freezer, she sold the house back to Gail. To this…

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alone and scared… gabby’s in labour!

Disaster strikes for Gabby this week, when she goes into labour just as she’s rushing out of Home Farm. Now convinced that twisted Kim intends to take her baby, Gabby is secretly plotting her escape to Portugal with Diane when things go wrong. She’s desperately trying to keep her plans hidden, so nobody’s there as Gabby lugs a suitcase out of Kim’s house. But when she falls in pain, Gabby can’t get the help she needs. “This is a dangerous and terrifying moment for Gabby, she’s in agony,” shares our Emmerdale insider. “The baby shouldn’t be coming yet, but it looks as if Tate Jnr will wait for nobody. The trouble is that Gabby doesn’t have power on her phone, so she can’t call for help. She’s completely alone.” Diane and Bernice are…