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39 - 2020

Inside Soap is your essential weekly guide to all the big soap dramas. We give you every story, every secret, every week!

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There’s a real feeling of the soaps revving their engines back to full-throttle again. Firstly, they’ve returned to their proper complement of episodes (almost – we’re still missing one Hollyoaks per week, and having slightly shorter visits to Albert Square, but they’ll get there). Secondly, it feels as if fresh stories are starting to sprout, the path is being laid for new characters to arrive, and the scene is set for big drama through the autumn. “The scene is set for big drama this autumn!” This week, we see Chas finding a new pal in Emmerdale village, which our soapie senses tell us isn’t a wise move. Corrie sees the machinations of Ray move on to Nick (surely Ray is soap’s most-watchable new villain in a long time? Part of me hopes…

3 min.
nick meets his secret son!

This is the moment that Nick comes face to face with his long-lost son Sam this week, after deciding that he would like to get to know him. However, Nick’s leap of faith couldn’t have more tragic timing, as his partner Leanne learns that her young son Oliver’s condition is so severe, not even specialists abroad can save him. How on earth will Nick balance such devastating news with the chance to be a father to Sam? “I don’t know whether it would have been better for Nick to say, ‘Do you know what? Not now, but in six months, or even a year, can we meet then?’” poses actor Ben Price, who plays Nick, as he joins Inside Soap over Zoom to discuss his character’s impossible dilemma. “But, of course, Corrie…

1 min.
ray to the rescue!

Prior to the latest tragic development in Oliver’s story this week, his loved ones have been desperately trying to raise enough money to pay for him to have alternative therapy in Germany. Determined to do whatever it takes, Nick approaches businessman Ray with an offer to buy his share of Underworld. Curiously, Ray – who is secretly plotting to buy up all of the Street’s neighbouring properties – turns down Nick’s offer, and instead insists on donating £10k to Oliver’s medical fund. Meanwhile, Steve arranges the sales of both Streetcars and Preston’s Petals with an estate agent, who confirms that a cash buyer is prepared to snap up both businesses. Is Ray the mystery investor poised to seize both? And if that’s the case, why doesn’t he want to add the factory to…

1 min.
“i go home and cry”

Ben shares the reality of telling a tragic tale… As little Oliver’s loved ones experience every family’s worst nightmare, actor Ben can only imagine how those with terminally ill children in real life must be feeling… “Of course, you feel a responsibility with a storyline as powerful as this,” shares the 48-year-old star. “It’s important that we’re telling it, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go home at night, read the next bunch of scripts and have a little cry. Jane [Danson, who plays Leanne] is amazing and carries it, and sometimes she’ll deliver a scene that just cuts you. Jane’s a mum, and I have kids myself, so it’s hard.”…

2 min.
stuart & rainie’s wedding disaster!

They both have chequered pasts and are no strangers to drama, so when Stuart and Rainie’s wedding day arrives this week, it’s not surprising the locals are expecting fireworks! However, as the big day dawns, the worst that occurs is a mix-up with the nervous bride’s dress – and Stuart’s characteristic overexcitement about the whole day… With the frock trouble sorted, it seems they’re all set to become man and wife. But there’s one tiny problem that looks as if it will derail Stuart and Rainie’s happy day – when Stuart finds himself locked in their wedding car and unable to escape. Are they going to make it down the aisle? “Rainie is hugely excited about the wedding,” reveals Tanya Franks, who plays her. “But she’s nervous, and wants it all to go…

3 min.
sparks fly between al & chas!

Fed-up Chas finds a release for her frustrations regarding Paddy this week – by flirting up a storm with bad-boy businessman Al. As tensions continue to escalate at the Woolpack, Chas storms out to clear her head and bumps into Al. He’s also trying to escape family strife, prompting the pair to bond over their shared struggles. But is this just a moment of fun and new friendship, or is the spark between Chas and Al the start of something bigger? “Chas has never been able to resist a bad boy…” “Chas has never been able to resist a bad boy – she left Paddy before for wicked Carl King!” whispers our Dales insider. “She surprised everyone by committing to Paddy and finally putting her bad choices behind her. But Chas is a…