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Inside Soap UK

Inside Soap UK

03 - 2021

Inside Soap is your essential weekly guide to all the big soap dramas. We give you every story, every secret, every week!

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“I’m more grateful than ever for my soap fix!” Well, here we go again! Another tough few weeks as we stay at home and keep each other safe. Many of you have been asking us what this means for the soaps. Well, they can continue filming, which is all down to the amazing safety procedures that have been put in place at the studios. As one actor put it to me recently, “I feel safer at work then I do in my local supermarket”. The effort being put in to keep the shows on our screens is phenomenal, and with this lockdown coming in the dead of winter, I’m more grateful than ever for my nightly soap fix. Inside Soap will keep coming to you, too. With people staying closer to home,…

3 min.
sharon serves up ian’s last supper!

Sharon vows to see through her mission this week, after securing a deadly poison from Phil that is guaranteed to finish off Ian for good! Shazza has been slowly dosing up Ian since Christmas, after vowing to avenge her son Dennis’ death. However, time is no longer on Sharon’s side once suspicious Max starts taking an interest in Ian’s poor health – forcing her to accelerate her plan and go for broke with one lethal last supper. Will Ian wise up to his wife’s plan before it’s too late? “Sharon has pulled the ultimate Trojan horse on Ian, and tragically, he doesn’t suspect a thing,” explains our Albert Square informer. “We’re talking about the woman who was his oldest, most loyal friend, long before she became his wife. There is absolutely no…

1 min.
“playing this side of sharon has been fun!”

Weeks before the culprit behind Ian’s torment was revealed, speculation was rife that his old friend Sharon was to blame. Yet it wasn’t until we saw her sabotaging his Christmas pudding that we believed it! Seeing Sharon this unhinged is quite a departure from the sweet girl in the fluffy pink jumper we first met 35 years ago – although for Letitia Dean, who plays her, the story is a thrilling change of pace… “It’s been fun bringing out that side of Sharon!” she giggles. “Of course, she is behaving abhorrently, but at this point viewers can see why. Sharon is suffering from loss. The pain and hurt of losing her son, and her best friend lying about the circumstances for so long by far outweighs any rationality. “Everyone knows I adore Adam…

4 min.
desperate ray’s killer move!

Slippery cobbles businessman Ray could add ‘killer’ to his list of crimes this week, after a furious confrontation between him and Abi ends with her unconscious on the Bistro floor! “It seems that Ray has spent too much cash on bribes!” It’s clear that Ray has hit rock bottom – his debts lead to terrifying threats from those he owes, and he’s arrested on suspicion of raping Faye (see p20). So with the net closing in, and Abi vowing to do everything she can to bring down her scumbag ex, just how far will Ray go in order to silence her? “Ray’s crimes are finally catching up with him, and he’s desperate to find a way out,” reveals our cobbles insider. “His development plans are rapidly going south, he doesn’t have the money…

1 min.
who’ll love granny gail?

It’s a sad week for the Platt clan, as they prepare to move out of the house that’s been their home for almost 30 years. However, there’s a big question to be answered as the family packs up their stuff – where exactly is Gail going to live? David, Shona and the children have been offered a house on a grotty estate, which is not an ideal place for any of them to be moving to. And worried Gail is particularly horrified at the thought of slumming it! But as she confides in Nick that she’s far too old to be living in such a rough area, will he take pity on his mum and invite her to live in his plush flat? Or will poor Gail end up being left out…

2 min.
mandy’s proposal heartbreak!

Mandy’s world falls apart this week, as the truth about Paul’s gambling addiction comes out just after she pops the question! The loved-up salon owner goes all-out by surprising her man with a Grease-themed proposal, and delighted Paul says yes straight away. But their happiness is short-lived when Paul is forced to confess that he’s been gambling again – and that her precious salon was bought with dirty money. “How could you do that to the woman you love?” asks Lisa Riley, who plays broken Mandy. “Mandy feels totally manipulated by Paul and can’t believe the lengths he’s gone to after the penny drops, and she realises that her little empire has been bought with dodgy money. Mandy goes home, packs Paul’s stuff in bin liners, and that’s it!” It’s a huge turnaround…