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24 - 2021
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Inside Soap is your essential weekly guide to all the big soap dramas. We give you every story, every secret, every week!

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“We’re going to miss Holby City terribly…” It’s been quite a week in soapland. Some very sad news, which I’ll come to. But first, something which piqued our interest – the three big soaps releasing episodes as weekly ‘box-sets’. It’ll only be for a few weeks while the Euros are on, but it’s an interesting idea – one that Hollyoaks has already adopted over Christmas, for the same reason of episodes being shoved from pillar to post in the TV schedule. But will it take away from their ‘soapiness’ – that waiting-for-the-next-episode anticipation? Our own research recently (many of you might have filled out our survey online) told us that, even with catchup services, two-thirds of you still prefer to watch your soaps ‘live’. So, do write in and tell us…

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liam’s double wedding!

When it comes to soap weddings, we thought we’d seen it all – but the groom’s ex-fiancée turning up to the ceremony in the actual dress she was meant to marry him in is definitely a first! It’s as lovebirds Leyla and Liam prepare to say “I do” that his former flame Bernice rocks up at the venue in her own bridal gown, and attempts to persuade the good doctor to ditch his current squeeze and marry her instead! And unsurprisingly, bride Leyla is incandescent with rage… “Leyla would like to murder Bernice with her bare hands!” splutters Roxy Shahidi, who plays bride Leyla. “She quite literally could kill her in that moment. Talk about trying to upstage someone on their big day – who does that? “Plus it’s the dress Bernice was…

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mick plays midwife!

Mick finds himself embroiled in a dramatic situation this week, when he hails a cab to Linda’s baby scan – and his pregnant taxi driver goes into labour! As Mick jumps behind the wheel to take Jeanette to the hospital, he faces a race against time to get her there before the baby arrives. “Acting alongside my dad was really fun – it made it easier for me” Jeanette is played by none other than Mick star Danny Dyer’s real-life daughter, Dani! Here, the younger screen talent of the family tells us what it was like to act in an episode of the soap alongside her dad… Hi, Dani! How did you react when you found out you were going to be in EastEnders? I was really excited! I’ve always been such a massive…

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linda’s big decision

Mick’s misadventure leaves Linda waiting anxiously alone at the hospital – and gives her time to make a serious decision about the future. Although Mick has assured Linda that he’s completely behind her as she goes through her pregnancy, she knows that she’s asking a lot by expecting him to take on another man’s baby. She’s also been left with serious concerns about letting Max know that he’s set to be a dad again, especially given the news he’s taken off with his young granddaughter Abi, leaving Rainie heartbroken. So, when Mick and Linda do eventually catch up with each other, she reveals to her husband that she’s made a huge decision about the baby! What she says leaves Mick totally surprised, and he reiterates to his wife that he will love…

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nina takes her revenge!

Nina heads further off the rails this week, and vows to avenge Seb’s death. But can anyone stop her before she dishes out a violent revenge on the man she blames for killing her boyfriend? The week begins with grieving teen Nina continuing on her downward spiral, as she angrily rips up the graphic novel she’s been working on. But when Roy and Asha try to help by sticking it together again and posting it on Instagram, Nina is livid about them interfering. “Nina’s artwork is her way of coping and taking her mind off things, so it’s all very personal,” shares Mollie Gallagher, who plays Nina. “Roy and Asha showing her art to the world on social media is not what Nina wants – she feels betrayed by them. Nina creates…

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change it up!

Star Mollie tells us that despite Nina’s hardships, she’s relishing the challenge… “When I first read the scripts, I was really excited about playing out the aftermath,” reveals the actress. “When I play Nina, I feel like I am her, I feel attached to her and I think it’s sad when you see a character like Nina who has her own specific ways – she was so distinctive – and that’s gone. “Nina’s more introverted now, whereas before, she was a very open person, so I’ve tried to show that,” continues Mollie. “The costume has helped me get into her new mindset as well, because she’s wearing different shoes! Normally, she would wear Doc Martens, and I wear them as Mollie too – and now her shoes are a lot lighter so…