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23 - 2020

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“Some things are worth waiting for!” One of the interesting side effects to the cutting down of the number of soap episodes is that it means some plots have really had time to ferment. Yasmeen and Geoff’s story in Corrie, for example, has benefited from the slower pace and the plot not moving on too quickly. It already feels as though Yasmeen has been behind bars forever, making our hatred of Geoff all the more intense. It also means that the soaps aren’t quite so signposted in terms of what happens next. I’d forgotten about Whitney’s simpering look at Gray a few weeks back in EastEnders. So this week, it seems more realistic that her desires have been bubbling away for a while, leading to her making her move, rather than her…

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yasmeen pleads not guilty!

Broken Yasmeen turns a major corner this week, as she slowly begins to accept that she is a victim of abuse – and pleads ‘not guilty’ to attacking Geoff when she appears in court. Meanwhile, Sally remains convinced that Geoff’s story doesn’t add up, and orders him out of the home she shares with his son, Tim. Will the defiance displayed by both women prove crucial to unravelling Geoff’s wicked lies? “The more invested Sally becomes with this story, the more she wants to help Yasmeen,” explains actress Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally. “Lots of alarm bells have been ringing, but in particular there is a scene where Geoff loses his temper with Sally, and that’s when she sees another side to him for herself. In that moment, she decides that she…

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tv’s most hated man!

Soap sinners don’t come much worse than Geoff, with the whole country revolted by his actions. And for Ian Bartholomew, who plays him, he has had to come to terms with his screen persona’s evil deeds… “I am aware of how much Geoff is hated,” he says. “I console myself by remembering it’s not me they hate, it’s Geoff! Happily, I can say I’ve not been ‘hand-bagged’ yet, or shouted at in the street! It’s been tough, but what’s kept us going is the responsibility we have to shine a light on the crime of coercive control.”…

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emmerdale in lockdown!

This week sees the dawn of a new era at Emmerdale – as the cast and crew unveil their groundbreaking new lockdown episodes. Emmerdale is the first British soap to go back into production after filming came to an abrupt halt in March, and fans have been delighted at the announcement that six special new episodes are on their way. Recording took place at the show’s Leeds studios, where small teams of cast and behind-camera staff got to grips with a whole new way of working safely. “The response from everyone at Emmerdale to filming these episodes has been fantastic and we’re really grateful for their support,” says executive producer Jane Hudson. “Lockdown has created an opportunity for us to focus on what is important in our lives. When we first discussed…

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can aaron and cain face up to their past?

Lockdown stress pushes Aaron and Cain to the emotional brink this week, as a furious row over an important letter leads to revelations. Aaron completely loses it when drunk Cain confesses to hiding a letter sent by Robert in prison, unleashing a tirade on his uncle about his own relationship woes. Despite Aaron feeling totally betrayed by the discovery, as Cain tries to make a genuine apology, Aaron realises how hard he’s finding it to open up about Moira and their divorce. Can the two men help each other to talk through their problems and work out their feelings? “Cain is scared that Aaron is going to react badly to this letter so he decides, for better or for worse, to hide it from him,” explains Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain. “Cain…

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drama ata distance!

• Before the cast began any part of the production process, they had an online meeting with a medical advisor. The expert discussed the virus with them and how it spreads, and how people can protect themselves – as well as giving actors the chance to voice any concerns about returning to work. • While an on-set rehearsal was crucial to ensure the cast and crew could stay far enough apart during filming, time on set was kept to a strict minimum, with actors carrying out their acting rehearsals online. • The episodes were filmed with a skeleton crew, and one of the most important he truth about pieces of equipment Mandy’s was painful a past two-metre emerges bamboo this stick week, – used as to she quickly confi check des in…