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April-May 2021/ No. 138
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International Artist takes you inside the studios of the world’s best artists. The magazine displays practicing artists describing their approach and work process in all painting mediums.

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International Artist Publishing, Inc.
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artist focus

Welcome to International Artist’s April/May issue! We are happy to announce our new website will be launching in conjunction with this edition. The updated website will have many new features for you, including our Art Workshop Guide available in a new format with each entry having images, links and rotating information about upcoming classes. As a subscriber, you will be able to view articles on the website and they will be separated by genre. This allows you to search through the articles and find just what you’re looking for. It is the print magazine with search capabilities. Our Art Challenge competitions are continuing to be a big draw for artists, and on our new website we will be featuring the artwork from the three prize-winners as well as the finalists. Artists,…

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new beginnings

One of my favorite things about International Artist magazine is sharing artwork from talented artists worldwide. It shows that art has no boundaries, and people can connect because of beauty and shared passion. Those contributing are eager to provide knowledge, and those reading are open to learning new techniques or being inspired by how other artists approach their work. Moving to the position of executive editor, my goal is to continue to grow the magazine and expand on our long-established format. I am excited to introduce Alyssa M. Tidwell as the editor of International Artist. Alyssa has been with International Artist Publishing for three years and has shown tremendous talent in working with artists and bringing their stories alive in the pages of all our publications. In her role, Alyssa will…

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people & figures

Grand Prize Pascal Piro Grand Prize is a four-page editorial feature in American Art Collector magazine Infinite Complexity Born in 1963, French artist Pascal Piro’s artistic vocation began not soon afterward, winning a drawing award at the age of 6 and taking lessons until 1983. The self-described academic post surrealist says that his “style is a trait of my personality at a given moment. Each of its periods can be translated into an experience; my work has developed over time and through various encounters. The unique story of everyone. Your experience feeds the need to express yourself, painting being only a great vector.” The term “post,” he says, refers to the idea of distinguishing between what one wants to freeze in the past, and what is already happening in the future. He adds, “It is…

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tanya achilleos lock

Second Prize is a two-page editorial feature in American Art Collector magazine Second Prize My Inspiration My daughter took a gap year before University and then COVID hit us all. She got a job as a caregiver in a local elderly peoples’ home during the first wave and then contracted the virus and had high temperatures. Her little dog would not leave her side and every time we took her out, she managed to sneak back in. I was so happy when the fever broke, and I could see she was on the way to recovery—this inspired me to paint this piece, and the joy of her being well, the happiness as the fear was passing, has inspired me to paint similar works. I love to paint the shadows on the white sheets,…

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alexander levchenkov

Third Prize Third Prize is a one-page editorial feature in American Art Collector magazine My Inspiration As a portrait artist, I am inspired by the image of a person, by their character, personality and richness of their inner world. Drawing people is incredibly interesting and at the same time very difficult. It is especially challenging to portray children. Once this task is achieved though, I feel deeply pleased. The mission of the painter is to convey the model’s thoughts and emotional state to the viewers as precisely as possible. After all, if the viewers like the picture, then the energy and efforts, invested by the artist in its creation, return in the form of audience’s delight and empower him to create new paintings! My Design Strategy Surprise depicts a scene from the childhood. Let’s remember…

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maria c. jimenez

Finalist My Inspiration I was inspired by a high school student playing the role of Count Dracula from the fictional Gothic novel Dracula by Irish author Bram Stoker. I saw him perform the role in school rehearsals through a period of nine weeks. There is a moment in the play where he hesitates before he takes revenge and bites Mina Harker, the play’s protagonist. That moment signifies anger, tenderness, revenge, solace, adoration and reluctance before dooming her to become a vampire. These are the feelings he experiences before falling in love with her. My Design Strategy The gaze against the dark background was strategically designed so the viewer looks at the dramatic lighting on the face, then at the red vest symbolizing dominance, anger, passion, power and danger. The black cape represents authority, darkness…