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apple cuts app store rates in half for some but no, fortnite isn’t coming back

After months of litigation, hard feelings and angry tweets, Apple has announced a major change to its App Store developer programme. Instead of the standard 30 per cent fee that it has collected since the App Store launched in 2008, Apple will now collect just 15 per cent for most of the apps and games sold in the store. The terms of the new programme, which begins on 1 January 2021, are as follows: • Existing developers who made up to $1 million in 2020 for all of their apps, as well as developers new to the App Store, can qualify for the programme and the reduced commission. • If a participating developer surpasses the $1 million threshold, the standard commission rate will apply for the remainder of the year. • If a…

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apple to pay another $113m in batterygate scandal

Apple has been sentenced to pay an additional $113 million (around £85.1m) in damages following the high-profile Batterygate scandal, as per a report in the Washington Post. In short, Batterygate relates to Apple’s decision to deliberately slow down older mobile phones, without informing customers. According to Apple, the purpose of the change was to prevent the devices from shutting down prematurely due to worn out batteries, but that was not an explanation that was accepted by everyone. Last spring Apple chose to enter into a settlement in the case. At the time the company offered $25 each to affected Americans, which totalled $500 million (£421.1m). Apple apologized for the incident back in 2018 and offered replacement batteries at a discounted price. In addition, it has since made it possible for iOS users…

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apple announces it will exchange faulty airpods pro

Apple is exchanging AirPods Pro if they experience problems with the active noise cancellation not working or if you can hear a crackling sound. The tech giant has already published support documents addressing problems with the AirPods Pro making crackling or static sounds, or if the active noise cancellation does not work as expected. The company had advised in both cases that the user could clean the grille on the top of the AirPods Pro in case the active noise cancellation was being impaired by foreign objects or ear wax. However, if that fix doesn’t work, Apple has now launched a AirPods Pro Service Program for Sound Issues – see fave.co/3fo5ukm. Apple explains that it has found that a small percentage of AirPods Pro manufactured before October 2020 may experience sound problems. It highlights…

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second annual apple music awards in december

Apple has announced the winners of its second-annual Music Awards. Last year’s inaugural awards were led by Billie Eilish, with a live concert at the Steve Jobs Theater. Thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s awards are not to be honoured in person. Instead, a ‘celebration’ will take place across Apple’s streaming services in December. THIS YEAR’S WINNERS The winners of the second-annual Apple Music awards are as follows. The Top Song of the Year and Top Album of the Year are based on streaming data, but the other three awards are selected by Apple Music’s editorial team. Artist of the year: Lil Baby Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Megan Thee Stallion Songwriter of the Year: Taylor Swift Top Song of the Year: The Box by Roddy Ricch Top Album of the Year: Please Excuse Me…

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review: iphone 12

Price: £799 from fave.co/2URCCYp There used to be a theory that you should always order the second-cheapest wine on the menu, on the basis that it offers the best balance of value for money and not tasting awful. The second-cheapest wine on Apple’s menu this autumn is the iPhone 12, but is it vintage or has it corked? We evaluate the device’s camera performance, run speed, graphics and battery tests, discuss its new-look design and help you decide if this is right for you. DESIGN Since 2014, every iPhone except one (the original SE) has followed largely the same curvaceous design. But those days are over. The iPhone 12 is simultaneously groundbreaking and old-fashioned. Its square-edged design is strongly reminiscent of the iPhone 4, yet it combines this retro-feeling angular chassis with a…

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review: iphone 12 pro max

Price: £1,099 from fave.co/2UPKVUA The iPhone 12 Pro Max is big. Just slightly taller and wider than the iPhone 11 Pro Max (which was already more than a handful), it is most certainly not for those who insist on one-handed operation. If you’re a big phone kind of person, you’ll probably find the Max version of the iPhone 12 Pro to be worth its £1,099 starting price. While its new camera is only a tiny bit better, the expansive display and incredible battery life make it worth every penny of its price premium. DESIGN The iPhone 12 Pro Max is essentially just a larger iPhone 12 Pro. It’s exactly the same phone in the same colours with the same thickness and style, same display, same A14 chip, same LiDAR, same MagSafe support... just…