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The only magazine dedicated to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. Each regular issue is chocked full of reviews of apps, accessories and Apple handhelds. It’s also loaded with tips and how-to’s, user profiles, business solutions, and more. To read it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch download the free “Zinio Newsstand & Reader App” from iTunes App Store

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Quickly Check Hundreds of Emails Email can easily and quickly get out of hand. Before you know it, you’ve got hundreds (if not thousands!) of unread emails and more piling up as the day goes on. Spark made me love my inbox again, offering a way to quickly check hundreds of emails and never miss an important message with its Smart Inbox. Your Smart Inbox shows you all your unread emails organized by category when you open the app. To pin or delete an email, simply swipe left on the preview. Swipe right to either mark it as read or move it to archives. Better yet, if a category has lots of emails you need to go through quickly, look for the check mark in the upper right corner. Tap it,…

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spotify vs. apple music

Whether you use Apple Music or Spotify, you can stream millions of songs on demand to your iPhone. However, not all music streaming services are created equal. Here, iPhone Life CEO and publisher David Averbach and feature writer Conner Carey go to battle to determine which service offers the best set of features and user experience. “I’VE DISCOVERED SO MANY NEW BANDS AND NEW MUSIC IN GENRES THAT I LIKE BECAUSE OF SPOTIFY’S DISCOVERABILITY FEATURES.”-DAVID“SPOTIFY CAN’T COMPETE WITH THE FACT THAT APPLE MAKES APPLE MUSIC, SO IT HAS INTEGRATIONS THAT SPOTIFY JUST DOESN’T HAVE.”-CONNER CHOOSING A SERVICE Conner: I worked at iPhone Life when Apple Music debuted, so I originally got it to write tips, but— David: I see. So you had to get it. Interesting. Conner: But as it’s improved, I fell in love. David:…

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hit the trails

Whether you’re camping in a tent, an RV, or a van, there are certain things almost anyone will find helpful while spending time in the great outdoors. As a child, my family and I camped in Northern California for a whitewater rafting trip. Funnily enough, I can’t tell you much about my life during that period of time. But I vividly remember that week—hiking up huge boulders, roasting corn in foil over a flame, putting on a wetsuit for the first time, filling a notebook with nature poetry, appreciating an eight-minute hot shower immensely. Camping is a beautiful rollercoaster. Here’s my favorite tech-geek products to make your next camping adventure just as memorable. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Speaker ($79.99– $99.99) A good speaker is important for, well, any occasion. But for camping, I…

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take the guesswork out of gardening

Few things in life are as satisfying as enjoying a meal fresh from your own garden. (There’s nothing like the taste of a cherry tomato still warm from the sun!) Yet any seasoned gardener will tell you that it can be a frustrating process to actually get to that point. All too often, the work we put into it isn’t reflected at harvest time. I grew up on a farm, where I watched my grandparents (and my parents) grow gorgeous vegetable gardens that we enjoyed throughout the year. My own gardening has been limited to indoor or backyard endeavors that haven’t been quite as successful. But it doesn’t stop me from trying again every spring. Fortunately for people like me, it’s 2018, and we have more tools at our disposal…

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our favorite apps

Trello (Free) Millions of people use this project management app, and for good reason. Here’s how Trello works: You create boards for new projects, and within those boards you create lists, which you can then fill with cards that represent tasks or ideas. A popular way to use Trello is to create lists for each stage of a project, such as Incomplete, In Progress, and Done. That way, you can easily see where you are at a glance. In a nutshell, Trello gives you the freedom to structure your workflow in whatever way makes sense to you. Unlike the rigid structure of most to-do apps, Trello can hold huge amounts of formatted text, checklists, and comment chains within cards. This level of detail within a simple framework makes Trello an invaluable tool.…

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best of ces 2018

Every year, we make our pilgrimage to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to find the coolest new tech for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Braving the crowds of more than 180,000 attendees, we found for you the most forward-thinking, creative, and useful iOS-related gear coming to market this year. Please note that while a couple of the award winners are also iPhone Life sponsors, the editorial award selection process was independent of our advertising department. Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet ($199) In spite of the obvious dangers, many cyclists enjoy listening to music and taking or making calls while riding their bikes. With the Omni Smart Cycling Helmet, Coros has cleverly minimized the dangers. The helmet delivers audio via bone conduction, allowing cyclists to enjoy music while staying aware of…