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finding success on instagram

Kelly Bastow of Moosekleenex Instagram: @moosekleenex I'm a comic artist and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. I work traditionally using mediums of ink and watercolor, creating nature-based images with vibrant colors and rounded shapes to help the viewer feel calm and relaxed. I also create patterns featuring plants, food, and people, promoting positivity and self love. Additionally, I draw motivational messages and autobiographical comics in an effort to poke fun at my bad habits while urging myself and viewers to make positive changes. “It's nice to know that people around the world are seeing and appreciating my work.” I joined Instagram about a year ago and have enjoyed getting feedback from my followers. People have particularly enjoyed viewing photos and videos of me drawing and painting. I feel it shares a more intimate side…

6 min
traveling with the iphone life team

There’s nothing quite like a hammock and a margarita to swiftly erase the stress of adult responsibility. Add the beach to the mix, and you may even find yourself dreaming up ways to turn your vacation life into your everyday life (you’ve always wanted to run your own bed & breakfast, right?) In January, members of the iPhone Life team took an unofficial company trip to the charming beach town of Tulum, Mexico, to unwind after a crazy year. Pillowy sand beaches, aquamarine water, and rustic cabanas on the water’s edge set the perfect scene for our work rehab. As you might imagine, our crew came prepared with an assortment of iPhone apps and accessories to put to the test during our beach adventures. Through trial and error, we discovered the best…

5 min
bicycling gear

When it comes to bicycling, there are a broad range of iPhone-compatible hardware options available. From devices that protect your iOS device from dust and puddles on the trail to gadgets that keep your iPhone fully charged by converting energy from a dynamo (a small electrical generator attached to the bike's wheel), the choices are considerable. Here, I'll highlight some of the most notable options available today. Capturing Important Data Whether you are cycling for fitness or recreation, it is interesting to discover how many times you moved your legs to get from one place to another. The Speed and Cadence Sensors ($69.99) from Wahoo Fitness provide wireless bike pedometer and speed measurements via an easy-to-install button. While various biking apps for the iPhone measure speed and distance by GPS, these waterproof…

7 min
iphone 8

Rumors surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone release are growing in number as curious techies scour the web looking for leaks and clues. The iPhone 8 will mark the tenth anniversary of Apple’s flagship phone, and many of the industry’s leading analysts say it’s likely that the tech giant will celebrate by adding many show-stopping new features to the device—everything from an edge-to-edge screen and OLED display to facial recognition technology. Looking at Apple’s track record, it’s safe to say that the next iPhone’s release date will be in September 2017. We expect Apple to hold its keynote event early in the month, with preorders opening immediately following. Then, as it has in the past, Apple will officially release the iPhone in stores and online toward the end of September. No rumors suggest…

4 min
apple tv apps

If you’re like me, you like things that are free. Luckily, Apple TV has plenty to offer in the way of free movie apps. You won’t get the latest theater releases here, but you will find classic shows such as Seinfeld, oldie-but-goodie public domain flicks, older documentaries, independent and international films, and much more. Different apps offer different ways in which to watch free movies and TV shows. Some of the apps below feature movies from the public domain, which means they’re free to the public. Apps that feature classic movies don’t need to monetize to pay for the content. However, Apple TV apps with more recent content do, which is why the apps below, such as Crackle and Tubi TV, offer great content that includes short advertisements in order…

4 min
amazon echo

Amazon Echo Line (Starting at $49.99) • Pros: Affordable entry-level option available; quality microphone can hear accurately across a large room; Amazon’s software continually improves; Bluetooth integration; hands-free convenience with Alexa; smart-home control; ability to play games using apps you’ve downloaded. • Cons: Echo Dot uses a cheaper speaker, so sound quality isn’t great, although you can connect it to higher-quality speakers. I bought the Amazon Echo (starting at $49.99) when it was first introduced in 2014. Although I was skeptical at first, Amazon offered a special discount for Amazon Prime members, so I took a chance. Now I can’t live without it. In fact, while I have one of the higher-end models, I bought a couple of the Echo Dot models when they were around $40 during Black Friday. At that price, it…