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The only magazine dedicated to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. Each regular issue is chocked full of reviews of apps, accessories and Apple handhelds. It’s also loaded with tips and how-to’s, user profiles, business solutions, and more. To read it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch download the free “Zinio Newsstand & Reader App” from iTunes App Store

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tips & tricks

TIPS FOR BEGINEERS 1 Scroll Like a Master Scrolling may seem like a simple skill—but did you know there are three ways to scroll up and down web pages and documents? You can tap the very top of the screen for an ultra-fast zip to the top of the page, you can drag the page up or down, or you can flick it and let the natural momentum of the flick continue until you’ve reached your destination. If you want to stop the natural scroll, simply tap anywhere on the screen. 2 Using Dictation The convenience of dictating a quick note, text message, or email really brings home how indispensable our mobile tools are. There are two ways to dictate a message: One is to double-click the home button to bring up Siri, and…

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check it off!

The classic to-do list hasn’t changed much since humanity first put pen to paper; we still write it all out, and check it off when we complete it. The biggest drawback of to-do lists is that they’re only useful if you remember to carry them with you—something that, despite my best intentions, I rarely manage to do. One thing I never forget, however, is my iPhone, and fortunately, the App Store overflows with organizational options light years ahead of the crumpled, handwritten lists that I used to make. These apps take advantage of nifty features like push notifications and location awareness to make sure every item on your list gets checked off. Remember the Milk (Free, Pro version $25/year, app2.me/293) Remember the Milk (RTM) is an ultra-accessible app for the multitasker. Like most to-do…

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brighten up your workday

Unless you’re a super famous rock star (in which case, call me), odds are your job involves some desk time, some tedious work, and, even if you really love what you do, the occasional feeling that your soul is dying. Well, lament no more! It’s really the little things that make even the worst workday bearable. But instead of grabbing fistfuls of Reese’s Pieces from the communal candy jar (ick), check out this list of gadgets. They’re decidedly less fattening and just as likely to give you a midday pick-me-up. RECHARGE Nothing can murder your mood or ruin your commute like a dead iPhone or iPad Yes, you could just bring your normal charger to work, but we’re thinking fun here, people, and where’s the fun in that? Dexim Visible Green Smart Charge…

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rumor has it

Apple is a notoriously secretive company, but lately they’ve been getting sloppy with their information—the leaks leading up to their last couple announcements have proven to be correct for the most part. Over the last few months there have been a variety of leaked images, analyst predictions, and supposed evidence of new products and features. Let’s take a look at the latest rumors surrounding new Apple products, and discuss how probable they really are. Rumor #1: The Apple TV is Coming in 2013 Rumors about Apple building their own TV set started to pick up serious steam after Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs hit the shelves. In it, Isaacson quotes Jobs as saying that he had “finally cracked it," when talking about the current state of television. The rumors intensified when…

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We’d Like to See in iOS 7 Here are some useful features that many users would like to see in iOS 7 While they’re not technically rumors, if enough people demand them, perhaps they could sway what Apple does in future OS upgrades. More Icon Choices and Themes For long-time iDevice users, the same old home-screen design and app icons are getting tiresome. It’s time to give people some options! An Easier Way to Close Apps To close an app, you have to double-click the home button, hold down the apps in the multi-tasking bar until they wiggle, and then tap on the red icon to close it. There’s got to be an easier way! The Ability to Zoom While Recording Video You can zoom while taking pictures—why can’t you do it with video? Easier Access to Manual…

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covers with class

As the iPhone and iPad become more prevalent in business settings, users may find J that simple cases for their iDevices are no longer sufficient. Folio cases, which flip open like a book for easy access yet still offer all-over protection, are a stylish and practical solution. Often, they feature multiple pockets, so business-savvy iUsers can tote their office essentials—pens, business cards, notepads, and more—alongside their iDevice in one smart package. There are hundreds of folio cases available for the iPhone and iPad, but I’ve narrowed the field to the top three for each device. Some are sporty and casual, while others are sophisticated and distinctly professional. Check ’em out! Folios for the iPad mophie workbook ($49.99, mophie.com) If you’re looking for an everyday folio case that offers excellent protection, check out the workbook by…