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hands on:

Every year, the story at Apple follows the same arc: In the spring, rumors surface of big changes coming down the line. Then, inevitably, after the company’s summer software announcement and fall product launch, there comes an avalanche of complaints—in the most recent case, of iOS 8 crashing and of the iPhone 6 Plus bending. Customer expectations were at record highs leading up to Apple’s “biggest iOS release ever” and announcement of larger, faster iPhones. As the excitement dies down, the question remains—has Apple fully delivered on its promises? INSIDE IOS 8 Since Apple’s initial operating system upgrades are notorious for having bugs, I resisted the temptation to download iOS 8 until about a month after its release. By the time I installed it, reports of problems from early adopters—including Wi-Fi interruptions,…

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food & drink

BEHIND THE SCENES SideChef (Free) Kevin Yu, the creator of SideChef, wasn’t always a good cook. It was Yu’s own haphazard cooking adventures that led him to the idea for SideChef, an app aimed at making recipes easy to master with step-by-step instructions and how-to videos. By its release in August 2014, SideChef had already culled over 100 recipes from a variety of blogs. The app is not only helpful, but fun, allowing you to share and rate recipes of other users and keep a photo journal of successful creations. As it turns out, today’s tech-based food culture emulates the essence of cooking in the past—bringing people together, whether online or around the table. DINE IN, DINE OUT & DELIVERY Doughbot ($0.99) Got a hankering for a gooey glazed doughnut? This app locates the nearest doughnut shops…

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using chefs feed

Location: Pick your “Home” city. Dishes: Pick a city and search by dish or restaurant. Tap for more detailed info (address, phone, hours, map) and chef reviews. Feed: Check out what’s trending with chefs; choose chefs to follow. Home Screen: View Dishes Nearby, Featured Dishes, Featured Chefs, Recent Videos, Featured Stories. Chefs: Choose any city to browse a list of its member chefs and their favorite dishes. Profile: Find your personal food info—what you have eaten or plan to eat, who you are following.…

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FOR LISTENING Spotify (Free) Spotify’s friendly user interface, organized playlists, and catalog of over 20 million songs make it one of the top music-streaming apps in the industry. Beats Music (Free) Offering millions of tracks and handpicked playlists, Beats Music lets you create your own mixes based on your mood and activity. SoundCloud (Free) Discover new music among a community of rising artists, follow your favorite musicians, and upload your own recordings for others to enjoy. Slacker Radio (Free) Slacker Radio makes up for having a relatively small music library by providing diverse station offerings, including sports and comedy channels. Shazam (Free) Identify songs on the radio simply by opening Shazam and tapping a button to have it listen. Once the app recognizes the song, download it in iTunes or favorite it in Spotify or Rdio! Rdio (Free) This app pays attention to songs you like and dislike…

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best in show

Every year, iPhone Life travels to the craziness that is Las Vegas to try out thousands of the world’s best tech wares during Super Mobility Week powered by the Wireless Association (CTIA). As we circulated the conference hall at its latest event, it was compelling to meet the people behind the products and to hear their stories of how they turned an idea for a product into a reality. What follows is a roundup of the devices that lured us in the most, from handmade iPhone cases to brandnew fitness trackers to paper-light solar chargers. Check them out for yourself! BEST ALL-AROUND COLLECTION Otterbox/Lifeproof When scouring the show for the strongest all-around collection, Otterbox stood out with its polished and well-made line of adventure-ready iPhone cases. Otterbox has long dominated the rugged iPhone…

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bandolier iphone case

While there are plenty of belt clip cases for iPhone cowboys and armbands for athletic iOS users on the market, until now, a hands-free option for iPhone fashionistas has been hard to come by. Enter the Bandolier case, a purse-like enclosure that makes wearers look chic while keeping their iPhones close and their hands unfettered. With a stylish shoulder strap and two convenient slots for cash, ID, or credit cards, it’s perfect for nights out, when lugging a larger purse would be a hassle. Whether leather, snakeskin, or a touch of metallic is your thing, you’ll find ample material and color options to match your personal fashion sense. The newest styles offer adjustable straps, something missing from earlier designs. But beware—the convenience of constant iPhone access can lead to nonstop texting,…