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getting started with 3d touch

When using your new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, it’s not immediately obvious how and when to use the new 3D Touch feature, which reveals extra controls when you press harder on your phone’s screen. Here are 10 tips for making the most out of this cool new way to interact with your phone, from peeking at emails or websites to quickly accessing app menus. 1 Adjust 3D Touch Sensitivity or Disable It Altogether If you want to change the responsiveness of 3D Touch or turn it off completely, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch. Here you can disable 3D Touch or adjust the sensitivity levels to Light, Medium, or Firm. Light reduces the amount of pressure needed to make 3D Touch work. Firm increases it. Make sure…

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best in 3d touch

FEATURED Workflow ($3.99) Want to call a local pizza place and automatically receive a reminder to pick your order up? You can do that with this best-in-class productivity app. Workflow's 3D Touch integration lets iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users pin up to four of their favorite tasks to Workflow’s Quick Actions menu and then launch them directly from the Home screen by firmly pressing the Workflow app icon. You can create your own tasks or choose from popular options in the app’s Workflow Gallery. You can even use Peek and Pop to preview tasks and use specific editing tools. QUICK ACTIONS OpenTable (Free) Use 3D Touch to glance at your favorite locations and view upcoming reservations, or use Peek and Pop to book reservations and check out reviews. Day One ($4.99) This stellar journaling app now…

3 min
health & fitness

FEATURED CARROT Fit ($2.99) For some of us, gentle encouragement just doesn’t cut it. CARROT Fit’s hilariously sadistic digital fitness coach doesn’t mince words; its singular goal is to trim down your “flabby carcass.” Alternately inspiring and threatening, ridiculing and bribing, CARROT uses humor to get you to stick to your fitness goals. Use the diet and weight tracker to log your food and daily weigh-ins, but be prepared: if CARROT notices that you’ve gained weight, it won’t hesitate to call you out on it. The aptly named 7 Minutes in Hell workout will put you through your paces in exercises like Celebrity Face Punches and Dragon Mating Dances, leaving you sweaty and laughing. FITNESS Sworkit Lite (Free) Short on time and equipment? No problem. Sworkit builds custom workouts to fill your spare time and…

9 min
measuring your every move

It took Apple releasing the Apple Watch to pique my interest in fitness tracking. I had friends who counted steps religiously, but it wasn’t until I saw the gleaming surface of the Apple Watch during Tim Cook’s reveal of the wearable last April that I felt compelled to follow suit. I soon learned that the process of fitness tracking was a sport in its own right. I had never tracked calories before, I didn’t know what my resting or peak heart rate was, and I was blissfully unaware of the fact that I was living a sedentary lifestyle despite working out semi-regularly. As it turned out, all of those long hours I spent working at the computer couldn’t be washed away by an afternoon yoga class. While using my new Apple Watch…

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sponsored apps

PadKeys Keyboard ($1.99) Are you frustrated by the standard keyboard layout of your iPad? Pad-Keys offers a single layout with numbers and letters all in one place! Kidzfun–select ($3.99) This game teaches your children the basics of math operations and spelling using songs, stories, educational videos, and corresponding imagery. Zombie Food (Free) In this tap-to-fly game you play the role of a zombie fish with one mission: survive on select food while avoiding any mutated counterparts. World of Wizmatch ($3.99) Discover a land full of puzzles, wizards, spells, and magic in this fun match-three game featuring twenty different game modes. Construction Estimator ($6.99) This Mac app provides 14 construction functions designed to help contractors and homeowners estimate the cost of their next project. 24 Hours (Free) This app learns what you like based on what you read, letting you browse news…

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apps we love

With more than 1.5 million apps currently available in the App Store, deciding which ones to download can be a surprisingly overwhelming experience. Sure, there are the standard picks everyone knows about—Facebook, Evernote, VSCO—but the App Store harbors countless other little gems, if you only know where to find them. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the hard work for you! This guide features only the very best apps the App Store has to offer, along with a few surprises, too! You’ll find collections for gamers, foodies, and professionals, as well as roundups for your iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone 6s (complete with the coolest 3D Touch-enabled picks). So step outside your usual app routine—you’ll be glad you did.…