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Winter 2020/21
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Kiteworld is essential reading for all kiteboarders, since 2002. Read the best reviews of the latest kites, boards and gear and improve your riding with our technique articles - whatever level you're at. Kiteworld's editorial team includes World Champions Aaron Hadlow and Mark Shinn and top coaches like Brandon Scheid. Each issue is packed with the inspiration and know-how you'll need to fuel your next ride

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3 min.
human instinct...is to play

While foiling this week, it occurred to me just how many things my mind and body are managing at once. They say the human body is the most advanced piece of kit on Earth and it seems to work best when challenged. Kiting is like suddenly having all the switches on my fuse board flicked back on. My brain swells with the focus of absolute engagement as I manage pitch, roll, power and direction, from my head through to my toes. I do it all again as I adjust my foot pressures to drop down a small wind swell. Meanwhile my hands are finely programmed sensors, rapidly relaying my brain with information that my kite lines just dropped a newton of bar pressure, so when I twist my hips, bend my…

3 min.
most wanted

CABRINHA Cabrinha’s recent launch of their ‘00’ collection has seen a significant expansion in their range of surfboards that now cover a huge spectrum of use, (including prone surf and wingsurf boards, too). All boards have had a complete upgrade with new designs, constructions and features. The durable yet light weight bamboo construction models are at the heart of the collection, while the pro carbon designs feature a honeycomb construction that amplifies response and turning. For foiling the extensive modular range of surf / foil boards allow you to cross over into different activities with ease. Also recently launched was a limited edition Icon Series collection of Switchblade and Drifter kites. www.cabrinha.com ELEVEIGHT New to the Eleveight scene is their extreme big air kite, the XS. A sophisticated delta hybrid design, the kite features…

6 min.
mark my words

I would normally be reluctant to write about a year gone by until it’s actually over. The eternal optimist, I’d always advocate that, no matter how bad progress has been, while there is time there’s still a chance to turn things around. I’m penning this on October 23rd. Given the way things are still progressing, it’s fairly safe to say 2020 will be a year to be remembered. Personally, I refuse to look at it from an entirely negative perspective, however. Of course, Covid-19 has massively affected us all, but from a kiteboarding perspective it hasn’t been a bad year at all. It’s not a great secret that I travel a lot and have done for many years. This is the first year since the millennium that I’ve spent weeks on end…

9 min.
flames on the track

A complex period of build quality and ample customer availability of these products will now be monitored until the end of 2021 to ensure their final sign-off by the IKA and World Sailing, but more immediately all eyes focused in on the first real test results to come in from this season’s events in Poland and Austria that mirrored the Olympic relay format. All of this, of course, set against the trials and tribulations of training and travel in a summer plagued by Covid cancellations. The race to Paris 2024 has already opened a new and very exciting chapter for kite sports, themed by the fact that only a complete dedication will suffice on and off the track. Progress is always painful. But when the prize is Olympic gold at kiteboarding’s debut…

9 min.

POSITIONING GUY BRIDGE: (Rider closest to the camera) This is the last day of the event and the wind was probably the strongest it had been. It was also the most consistent and steady breeze we had ridden over the week, so there wasn’t any area of the course that was particularly paying off in terms of wind shift. I probably start around 80% of races mid to pin end of the line, aiming for max VMG, which can be a risky tactic, especially on a course as short as this one in Austria as you don’t spend much time riding up the beat before you have to tack. If I’m not able to tack on the layline and cross the other riders before they reach me I would be dictated to by…

20 min.
somebody call the wolf

As I wait for Dave to answer my call, I notice that his Skype bio says: ‘My name is Winston Wolf – I solve problems...’. I picture Harvey Keitel’s character’s ruthlessly efficient approach to cleaning up a gruesome murder scene in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and appreciate that it takes a certain amount of credence to be able to put yourself out there in that category, professionally. While The Wolf orchestrated savage body disposal and clinical cleansing operations without manually lifting a sticky finger himself, DK is entirely hands-on. Impulsivity, however, is likely something they share more commonly. After flicking through a wakeboarding magazine in a shop in Whistler Blackcomb ski resort, Canada in 1999, happening upon a double page image of Lou Wainman using a Wipika kite and a Liquid Force board…