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Throughout this issue, you’ll read many opinions about what tactical means, or doesn’t. Regardless of the exact meaning of the word tactical, there’s one thing everyone agrees on — a tactical knife has to be reliable. That being said, everything else about tactical is pretty much wide open. All About Tactical In this issue, we’re covering tactical from top to bottom. Our cover story is about the Gripknife, a really cool AR-15 foregrip that instantly transitions into a tactical knife. It’s there in close quarters combat situations when you need it most. It’s revolutionary, and it’s innovative, and it’s the beginning of a new chapter for this kind of tactical weapon. We also have some really great knife reviews — blades that cover the tactical gamut, but that are all quite different. Viking…

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hidden gem

“WITH THAT BACKGROUND, IT’S NO WONDER HE UNDERSTANDS THE TRAITS OF A TACTICAL KNIFE.” I’d spent hours walking past rows of monotony at the 2017 Shenandoah Valley Knife Collectors Show. But the tactical fixed-blade knives on the table labeled Kluczynski Knifeworks — with their unique blade grinds, multiple shades of blade coatings, perfectly tapered tangs, variety of handle colors, beautifully form-fitted Kydex sheaths, and incredible fit and finish — were anything but boring. Impressed and intrigued, I introduced myself to the maker, Joseph Kluczynski. As we discussed his personal history, his knives, and his knife-making philosophy, I realized I’d discovered a hidden gem. 1 Background Joe Kluczynski served in the U.S. Army’s 7th Ranger Training Battalion. He then worked as a deputy sheriff in Maryland, a state trooper in Colorado, and a Security…

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stay free

As a knife owner, you may well have heard horror stories about someone’s interaction with a law enforcement officer who may not know the knife laws in their jurisdiction. When we asked Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter, “How can knife owners keep themselves from becoming one of these horror stories?” he was quick to point out that too often the “horror” part of the story is often exacerbated because of the innocent knife owner’s actions. He noted, “We have had a number of cases in which a knife carrier had an interaction with law enforcement that resulted in either confiscation of their knife, or worse, their arrest for possessing a knife that was perfectly legal. In part, because they made the situation worse.” He explained that while ignorance of the law…

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every second counts

Magic seems to flow through Dan Caldwell’s veins. While with a Southern California-based law enforcement agency, he served the public. During Caldwell’s run as co-founder and president of TapouT, the insanely successful MMA clothing company recorded off-the-charts sales and crazy success for years. Every endeavor this 48-year-old delves into seems to turn to gold. In his most recent project, Caldwell is collaborating with Michael Rice. These two joined forces to create Gripknife, a company that just released a revolutionary AR-15 fore-grip that comes equipped with the Patriot, a tactical knife. In the following story, Rice reveals the details of this journey, including the intricacies of this innovative product and the input this Ohio-based company is getting from law enforcement, operators and others. You’re about to find out what happens when two superstars collide. Knives…

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“i liked the capability”

You have heard the expression, “Keep it real.” Well, when it comes to an evaluation of the Grip-knife, no one can do that better than the badasses from Full Spectrum Warrior USA, a company that provides a number of training programs, including a comprehensive platform that you, regardless of experience, can use to develop a variety of skills that are suitable for real world self-defense applications. The company features Rich Graham, who served six years in the United States Navy, including four years as a member of SEAL Team 10. He wrapped up his career as an SDV-2. Michael Billings served six years in the United States Army as a combat engineer. Both have extensive experience in the combat arts. Graham’s resume includes Thai boxing, krav maga, kali, NAUKA, Filipino arts, boxing and…

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earning your draw

The first rule of using a knife for self-defense is, “Have a knife.” That may sound simple and obvious. But, if you’re like many people who carry knives for personal protection, you may not have completely thought through what it really takes to get a knife into action in response to an attack. The Situation To thoroughly understand it all, let’s break down the facts: If you’re going to use a knife as a defensive weapon, it’ll be in response to a close-range lethal threat. Your attacker will probably be armed with some kind of contact-distance weapon. And, he’ll use it to try to strike, cut, or puncture you. In those circumstances, a knife makes sense as a defensive weapon. If your assailant wants to be successful, odds are he’s going to surprise…