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what do you do with your knives?

While putting together this issue, which is our folding knives issue, I realized that we don’t just “cut stuff” with our knives. In fact, sometimes we don’t use our knives to cut anything at all, especially if they’re valuable collectors’ knives. Richard Neyman, the subject of our story on page 50, collects Buck knives — close to 300 of them. He has one of the most valuable custom Buck knives in existence. I’m guessing he isn’t using them all to just cut stuff. If you use your folder for self-defense, hopefully you’re not actively cutting anything or anyone at the moment. But, if you want to learn the secrets to masterfully handling your folding knife for defense, check out our Personal Defense column on page 22. Our expert, Michael Janich, tells…

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as a matter of tact

If you work in the military, law enforcement, or as a private contractor, then tactical gear is a must-have for you. Even if you don’t, knowing that your equipment can stand up to those rigors is comforting, just in case things ever go south. In this month’s guide, we’ll take a look at some tactical-themed EDC gear. 1. 5.11 Apex Waterproof Boots Anyone who works in the elements, whether it’s walking or marching, knows the importance of good footgear. Being comfortable and having your feet warm and dry are huge factors that determine whether you’re miserable or not. Good traction is a plus too, if you’re operating in the snow, mud or on slick pavement. 5.11 has been servicing folks who operate in all of those circumstances for quite a while and when…

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pursued progress

Back when Doug Ritter founded Knife Rights, there were just a handful of automatic (switchblade) knife makers in the U.S., the major ones being ProTech, Microtech and Benchmade. Doug recalled, “Most folks I spoke to about my Knife Rights idea were skeptical. Many ridiculed the idea, saying we didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting rid of long-standing knife bans, and especially switchblade bans, and that nobody needed to waste time or money on the effort.” With Knife Rights’ repeal of switchblade bans in 16 states since 2010, there is now a flourishing market in automatics available to you with over a dozen major manufacturers, as well as many smaller ones. Major brands such as Buck, Böker, Gerber, Hogue, Kershaw and SOG have added autos to their line-up. Those who…

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has knife, does travel

“NOTHING BUT NATURE — THAT’S HOW WE’RE SUPPOSED TO EAT.”—ADAM GLICK, STOKED Adam Glick likes to move. He has traveled almost 100,000 nautical miles. On land, he’s taken five road trips back and forth across America. He’s an avid outdoorsman — a former Eagle Scout who loves to hike, fish, and surf. Adam Glick also likes to cook. He has been a chef at some of San Diego’s finest restaurants and onboard luxury yachts. But he also likes to cook outdoors. Over his campfire, he prepares meals his mom taught him to make when he was a boy — like chicken-fried steak. “Whenever I’m out in the wild and I know I can only bring a few things, I need to be selective so they don’t weigh me down on route to my…

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what to look for in a chef’s knife

Chef’s knives are the first culinary knives that experts recommend any cook have. “The knife you’re going to use 90% of the time is a chef’s knife with an 8 to 10-inch blade,” says chef Jamie Oliver on his website. “If you’re only going to have one knife in your kitchen, it should be a chef’s knife,” says chef Adam Glick in a video posted on the Messermeister site. Chef knife blades can range between 6 to 14 inches. When you choose your chef’s knife, you want to select a blade size that works with your hand size and feels comfortable. An 8 to 10-inch blade is the handiest and most versatile for most people. “If it’s too small, you’re more likely to cut or stab yourself,” chef Glick tells Knives…

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the adventure chef collection

3 PIECE BASECAMP SET • Folding 6-inch Chef’s Knife • Folding TPE faux wood cutting board • Waxed canvas Adventure Chef case 6 PIECE SUMMIT SET • Folding 6-inch Chef’s Knife • Folding 6-inch Flexible Fillet Knife • Folding fork, knife & spoon • Folding Peeler & Parer with fish scaler • Folding TPE cutting board • Waxed canvas Adventure Chef case SPECIFICATIONS TWO STYLES: • Classic stainless blade, carbonized maple handles, denim blue waxed canvas case • Stonewashed stainless blade, re-purposed burlap handle, utility green canvas case CHEF’S KNIFE & FLEXIBLE FILLET KNIFE • 6-inch blade • Liner lock system • 15° cutting edge • German 1.4116 stainless carbon alloy blade, RC 57-58 PEELER & PARER • 3.5-inch Parer • Double-action peeler with fish scaler • Linear lock on peeler • Surgical stainless steel CAMP UTENSIL • 4-in-1 tool • 3.25-inch Steak knife with a dual-action serration • Full-sized spoon • Fork with integrated bottle opener • Surgical stainless…