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the big handoff

I find it odd to be talking about big changes in the middle of summer—that’s usually a topic for spring or fall. Of course, this year has been anything but typical, as every single one of us knows. I’ll spare you from another “uncertain times” discussion or “new normal” essay because that’s not what I’m getting at. The More Things Change I’ve worked on Knives Illustrated for many years now, as managing editor and for the last year as print and digital editor. I’ve helped steer it through some difficult times and some wonderful changes as the economy has made running a magazine much more than putting words on a printed page. And now, I’m ready to say “Welcome!” to a new editor who will take the reins and embrace Knives Illustrated and…

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1. Black Rifle Coffee Company Complete Mission Fuel Kit The military’s vehicles may run on diesel, but its troops run on coffee. While chow hall coffee may do the job, let’s just say it isn’t always the most palatable substance out there. Enter Black Rifle Coffee Company, a company founded by veterans who make gourmet, small batch roasted blends. You’ll want to drink their coffee because it tastes great, not just because you need it to survive that oh-dark-30 wakeup. If you’re new to Black Rifle, then the Complete Mission Fuel Kit is a great place to start because it gives you four blends to sample (see right). Personally, I go straight to Beyond Black because that’s how I roll. You can get the Kit ground or as whole beans. When you buy Black…

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independence days

While some legislators and/or governors of some states continue to oppose repealing their irrational knife restrictions, even our most restrictive states are better (in most regards) than much of the rest of the Western world. Knife Rights Founder and Chairman Doug Ritter explained, “I keep an eye on what’s happening in other countries with their knife restrictions, if for no other reason than to use them as object lessons when we go talk to legislators. The fact is, while Knife Rights is moving us towards an ever sharper future here in the U.S., in many countries, the last decade has seen them moving backwards, and nowhere else are they getting rid of restrictions.” Ritter noted that he’s often approached by knife enthusiasts and manufacturers elsewhere in the world, hoping he’ll come do…

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special forces

They are American heroes. Combined, these two retired members of the Special Forces have more than four decades of military service and dedication to the United States of America. To be sure, their skills, military education and experience are among the elite. In the following story, you will find out how Curtis V. Iovito and Mark Carey combined forces and used the philosophies they mastered in the military to build one of the knife industry’s strongest brands—Spartan Blades. In the interview, Mark made it abundantly clear that they are patriotic and driven toward perfection. Whether serving our country or their customers, these two men are also humble, talented, focused, dedicated and committed. That’s why they are American heroes, and that’s why Spartan Blades has been in business for 12 years. Along with their…

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the first decade: a timeline

2008: Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey found Spartan Blades. They set up shop in a pre-Civil War mule barn. 2010: At the BLADE Show, Spartan won the “Knife Collaboration of the Year” award with William W. Harsey. 2014: Spartan scored two victories at the BLADE Show. First, Spartan won the “Most Innovative American Design” award. For the V-14 Dagger with Les George, Spartan also won the “Knife Collaboration of the Year.” 2016: For the Spartan Harsey folder, the BLADE Show recognized Spartan with the “American-Made Knife of the Year.” 2017: For the Kranos folder, Spartan won the “American-made Knife of the Year” at the BLADE Show.…

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the military careers of iovito and carey

Curtis Iovito Assignments • D/2/1st SWTG. Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC), Ft Bragg, NC • C/1/1 SFG (A), 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), Okinawa, Japan • B/3/1 SFG (A), 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), Ft. Lewis, WA Military Education • DOS-DSS High Threat Protective Security Operations Course (Kroll Crucible) • O’Gara SSI High Risk Drivers Training Course • Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance and Target Exploitation Training Course (SFARTETC) • Special Operations Target Interdiction Course Level I (SOTIC) • Special Operations Training Course (SOT) • Military Freefall Parachutist Course (HALO School) • U.S. Army Special Warfare Training Center Instructor Training Course (ITC) • Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Course • Ranger Indoctrination Course • Airborne School Mark Carey Assignments • D/2/1st SWTG. Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC), Ft Bragg, NC • C/1/1 SFG (A),1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), Okinawa, Japan • B/1/1 SFG(A), 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), Okinawa, Japan Military…