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holding firm

Knives are one of human’s earliest tools. The first flint knives and scrapers didn’t have handles, but people soon learned to lash wooden or bone ones in place to increase leverage, keep their hands away from the cutting edge, and to improve performance. We’ve come a long way since then, but the basic concept remains the same; a good handle improves the performance of your knife. But what makes the perfect handle? Is there even such a thing? Let’s take a look at the various handle materials used as well as their pros and cons under both normal and extreme use. METAL The most basic type of knife handle is no handle at all. Some knives are either forged or ground as one piece, so there’s really nothing like an added pommel,…

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get a grip!

With so many styles of knives on the market, there are endless varieties of handles available, but not all of them are created equally. For a light duty EDC knife that may just see jobs like cutting string, tape, or opening envelopes, having a hand-filling, comfortable handle might not be a big issue. For something that’s going to see heavier use as a work knife, hunting knife, bushcraft tool, or self-defense tool, your handle matters a lot more. You need a grip that’s solid and comfortable, something that you can use for long periods of time without causing hand fatigue or getting blisters and stays put under impact or harsh environmental conditions. Checkering, handle grooves, texture, and spine jimping can all enhance a grip, but if they’re too aggressive or have sharp…

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IT’S A DANGEROUS WORLD OUT THERE. EVEN THE ODDS AND INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF SURVIVING A COWARDLY, UNPROVOKED ATTACK BY CARRYING AN EDC KNIFE. These concealable blades offer a slim profile, a lightning-quick opening, and an extra sharp edge. From being clipped directly to your belt, to a horizontal attachment, to a discreet boot location, and even having your blade hanging by chain around your neck, there’s a carry method to suit everyone’s self-defense needs. Avoid trouble, but if trouble finds you, an EDC knife is a welcomed partner to have. 01 AMERICAN BLADE WORKS AMERICAN BLADE WORKS MODEL 1V4 Overall Length: 7.90 inches Blade Length: 3.25 inches Blade Material: S35VN Blade Thickness: 0.125 inch Handle Material: Carbon Fiber Weight: 5.4 ounces MSRP: $250.00 AmericanBladeWorks.com 02 AMERICAN BLADE WORKS AMERICAN BLADE WORKS MODEL 1V4 Overall Length: 7.90 inches Blade Length: 3.25 inches Blade Material: S35VN Blade…

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WHEN LIVES ARE ON THE LINE AND IT’S TIME TO ACT, A TACTICAL KNIFE SHOULD ALWAYS BE BY YOUR SIDE. These partners during a crisis allow belts or other restraints to be cut quickly and efficiently, releasing an innocent victim from a vehicle’s grasp. They can shatter glass with unrelentless force and are designed to withstand the rigors of both urban and rural emergencies without faltering. When seconds matter, their razor-sharp edge and unstoppable durability make a truly lifesaving difference. 01 CRKT CRKT PROVOKE DESERT SAND Overall Length: 7.25 inches Blade Length: 2.41 inches Blade Material: D2 with Cerakote Desert-Sand Coating Blade Thickness: 0.210 inch Handle Material: 6061 Aluminum Weight: 6.10 ounces MSRP: $200.00 CRKT.com 02 BENCHMADE BENCHMADE MINI PRESIDIO II Overall Length: 7.48 inches Blade Length: 3.20 inches Blade Material: CPM-S30V Stainless Steel (58-60HRC) Blade Thickness: 0.114 inch Handle Material: Black Molded CF-Elite Weight: 3.19 ounces MSRP: $145.00 Benchmade.com 03…

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DURABLE, RELIABLE, AND READY TO TACKLE YOUR RECENT KILL: THESE ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS YOU NEED IN A HUNTING KNIFE. This oversized knife’s main function is to make short work of skin, muscle, tendons, and even bone. A sturdy handle, durable steel, and a razor-sharp edge can decrease fatigue while increasing efficiency when out in the field. Remember, it’s not wise to stay out in the woods too long with a fresh kill. Let your fixed-bladed partner speed up the process and allow you to move quickly to your next viable target. 01 BENCHMADE BENCHMADE HIDDEN CANYON HUNTER Overall Length: 6.42 inches Blade Length: 2.79 inches Blade Material: CPM-S90V (59-61 HRC) Premium Stainless Steel Blade Thickness: 0.120 inch Handle Material: Richlite/Orange G10 Weight: 3.11 ounces MSRP: $230.00 Benchmade.com 02 BENCHMADE BENCHMADE HIDDEN CANYON HUNTER Overall Length: 6.42 inches Blade Length: 2.79 inches Blade Material: CPM-S30V (58-60…

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edge up

As nice as it would be to have an electric sharpener, a stone, or any other sharpener at the ready when knives need to be touched up, life doesn’t always work in your favor. The fact is that situations occur that may be out of our control, leaving us stranded without a conventional way to put an edge on our knives. It might be as simple as going camping and leaving it at home, or it could be something as drastic as a survival situation occurring deep in the wilderness. Hopefully, you never find yourself in a survival situation where your life depends upon having a sharp knife nearby, but if it does, will you know how to maintain the sharp edge on your trusted tool? No matter your experience level, there…