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kitchen knives don't have to be dull

I have a confession to make. See if this sounds familiar. I take meticulous care of the knives I use for everyday carry, hunting, and general woods wandering. I wipe them down with an oily cloth after use and I never let them get too dull. Seldom do I have to restore a damaged edge. Most of the time I simply touch up the edges of my pocketknives with a few careful strokes across the rough bottom of a ceramic coffee cup. That’s usually all that’s needed. I don’t use my knives as screwdrivers or pry bars. As a matter of fact, I still have the very first knife I ever owned, an old Boy Scout knife that was handed down from my older brother. The blades have a deep…

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when it comes to self-defense, join the club

1. American Tomahawk Company Trench Club In these days of turmoil and civil unrest, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to kick it old school. Nothing says I’d prefer not to be dragged out of my car like a 25-ounce steel mace head. American Tomahawk Company takes a modern spin on the World War I Trench Mace with its new Trench Club. The trenches of World War I were brutal places with up close and personal combat, and troops in the field improvised with materials at hand. American Tomahawk’s version of the trench mace uses a 14-inch nylon handle like the company uses on its tomahawks, mated to a Martin 60B11 roller chain sprocket modified to fit the handle. The sprockets use hardened steel teeth and have a black powdercoat for durability. This mating…

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crafty blade

Gerber is no stranger to tougher-than-nails knives that can withstand the punishments dealt out by Mother Nature. Now, the company steps it up quite a few notches with the Terracraft knife, one of the premier knives of its new Reserve Program (more on that later). “THE TERRACRAFT IS NOT ONLY A KNIFE TO USE DAILY, BUT ONE THAT WILL LAST FOR YEARS AND PERHAPS DECADES DOWN THE LINE.” This top-quality knife pulls double duty as both a rural aid for all types of bushcraft and survival applications, as well as urban uses for both tactical needs and general-purpose, everyday use. What sets these knives apart from others is that they are created in small batches. That ensures each knife receives individualized attention to overall quality, proper functionality, and small details that may…

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gerber reserve program offers greatness in small batches

American-made products, premium quality, and small-batch craftsmanship: that’s the backbone of Gerber Gear’s new Reserve Program. Proudly produced in Portland, Oregon, consumers can enjoy knives directly shipped from Gerber featuring only the best, premium-grade materials. Their first selection in the Reserve Program is the Terracraft knife itself, followed by the Sedulo, with more incredible selections down the road. In addition to buying each Reserve knife as-is, the recipient can also customize it in Gerber’s custom shop. This gives everyone the opportunity to take an already top-tier knife and personalize to their own wants and needs. From vibrant colored handles to etched metal blades, there’s a style just waiting for your individualized touch. Check out the Reserve Program Terracraft Knife at GerberGear.com and explore the custom shop to add your own unique flair…

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traveling light

If you are used to carrying an everyday carry (EDC) blade, whenever you are without one you feel half dressed. Oftentimes, I will choose my EDC according to what I think my day will be like. If I am doing a lot of maintenance work or construction, I pick a multitool-style carry. Going outdoors, I’ll choose something suited to those tasks perhaps. If all I am looking for is a blade, the world is my oyster. I am a firm believer that there is a tool out there for every job. Therefore, what do you carry, say, if you are going to a tradeshow and opening a lot of boxes? Now add the fact you are flying to these tradeshows and you need something that TSA won't confiscate. My company started…

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one for the road

I am often asked the question, particularly by folks who travel by car crossing many states, cities, and towns, “What knife can I carry that is 100% legal everywhere I go?” The unfortunate answer is that there is no such thing. However, we can come close. PITFALLS ON THE ROAD First off, the answer to why there is no such thing is that, in some places, no knife is legal for most people to carry. The most notorious example of this is Philadelphia. Its draconian ordinance §10-820 Cutting Weapons in Public Places prohibits any person except first responders from the “use or possess[ion of] any cutting weapon upon the public streets or upon any public property at any time” unless it is being used in a “trade, profession, or calling.” Their definition…