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Knives Illustrated May - June 2021

Your guide to the best knives -- hunting, chef's, tactical, outdoor, collectibles, and more.

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knives illustrated us

MAY/JUNE 2021 Volume 35 • Number 3 EDITORIAL Steven Paul Barlow Editor Wendy Wilson Managing Editor DESIGN Jacqui Dawson Art Director CONTRIBUTORS Reuben Bolieu, Jim Cooper (SharpByCoop), Michael D’Angona, Kevin Estela, Tim Stetzer, Patrick Vuong ADVERTISING Keith Neville Brand Manager (910) 880-0641 keithn@engaged.media Gabe Frimmel Ad Sales Director (714) 200-1930 gfrimmel@engaged.media Sebastian Tirkey Advertising Traffic Coordinator OPERATIONS Manish Kumar Mishra Operations Manager Surajpal Singh Bisht Prepress Manager Chandan Pandey Production & Newsstand Circulation Analyst Alex Mendoza Administrative Assistant ENGAGED MEDIA, LLC Prashant Upadhyaya Chief Executive Officer Sonal Mehta Chief Operating Officer John Goodpasture Vice President, Sales Terry Rollman Audience Development Director Erin Masercola Content Director Carrie Rubalcaba Human Resources…

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so, how do you choose?

It’s a good news, bad news situation. The good news is that there are probably more great knives available than ever before. The actual number ranges in the vague territory between how many I personally own and how many my wife thinks I own. The bad news is that, no matter how hard any of us try, we’ll probably never own all of them. So how do you, pun intended, whittle down the number of great knives to a manageable few so that your purchasing choices can stay in the realm of the realistic? I’ve tried to determine the major influences in the knife-buying process. Aside from what models are available, I concluded there are a number of factors, including: the expected uses; what’s legal; what’s affordable; what’s practical; brand loyalty;…

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hurt it and heal it with these products

1. Bawidamann Doughboy Continuing last issue’s inadvertent theme of pugilistic persuasion, this month we start off looking at the Bawidamann Doughboy, which has its roots in the trenches of World War I. In addition to trench clubs, trench knives were also an essential part of EDC wear on the front lines. While many types were in use, the brass knuckle hilted MK I models were iconic, even though they arrived too late to really play much of a role in the Great War. Still, when one thinks of a trench knife, the MK I is probably the one that springs to mind for most people. Andrew Bawidamann’s Doughboy is the first in a series of brass knucks that channels the MK I. MK Is were made by both US and French manufacturers with…

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“JAKE HOBACK’S KNIVES ... ARE UNCOMPROMISING TOOLS BUILT FOR PERFORMANCE, AND THEY WILL PERFORM FLAWLESSLY DAY IN AND DAY OUT.” Jake Hoback’s knives have intrigued me for a few years now. After meeting him at the Blade Show and handling his Kwaiken folding knife, I knew I was speaking to a master in his craft. His folding knives locked up like a bank vault, his tomahawk designs were innovative, and his machining background was apparent in his execution of his designs. The term “precision” best applies to his work. Fast forward to the present day and I had an opportunity to review a couple of his blades, namely the Shepherd and the Radford. I capitalized on the chance to take supremely refined blades into the muck and mire of my outdoor…

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getting to know hoback knives

I had a chance to interview Jack Hoback during the course of this review. He had to step away from the droning of the machines running in his shop, where he produces knife parts and other OEM projects. We talked for the better part of an hour about winter trekking and marksmanship, the knife industry, and the direction his company is headed. During the discussion, Hoback let me know how he enjoys having a smaller company. “Being a smaller company, we have the ability to turn around designs quickly,” he said.“We look at what is hot and what is not, and we can address our customer’s demands.” Typically, his knife runs are only 100-200 pieces. Even though he has a smaller operation, his social media fanbase is impressive with 42,000 plus following…

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a bona fide winner

Created by world-renowned designer Ken Onion, the Bona Fide folder from Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) exhibits power and dependability, all the while having a distinct connection to Onion’s home, Hawaii. With a lightning-fast opening, an easy-to-sharpen blade, and a no-nonsense, takedown design for easy cleaning, you’ll have a go-to blade for dozens upon dozens of daily applications. Aesthetically speaking, the blade and handle are top-notch. But, while seeing is believing is apropos in some areas, it’s not normal operating procedure when testing a knife’s durability, cutting ability, and overall reliability for everyday use. That lies with brutal, down-and-dirty testing that culminates in a verdict whether it should or should not become a part of your go-to gear collection or earn a place firmly on your belt. Thanks to the good people…