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Land Rover Owner

December 2020

LRO is the world's biggest magazine dedicated entirely towards the Land and Range Rover enthusiast. Every issue you'll find our team of experts writing inspirational features on: - Adventure! Off-road adventures in some of the world's most spectacular countryside - Restoration! Inspiring tales of old Land and Range Rovers lovingly rescued and restored... - Maps! Tough tracks with OS maps for you to try - Rare models... find something unusual in every issue - Land Rovers and spare parts for sale... a fantastic range of parts & vehicles for sale, every month Plus the latest club news and events from around the world. Love Land Rovers? Love LRO!

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meet the team

NEIL WATTERSON EDITOR’S WELCOME Given that the Land Rover has been around for over 70 years, there’s an awful lot of history about. Much of it is well-known, but there’s still chunks that are coming to light. Stuff that would have just been another day at the office for those involved, but is fascinating now we’re looking back at it. Like the floating 80-inch. The thinking behind it isn’t clear - we can only guess why it came into being - but it’s great that it has survived to this day. And it’s even better that Adam Bennett decided that it was worth bringing it back to life - and then was happy to give it the ultimate test of seeing if it would float. Turn to p86 to read about this…

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world of land rovers

1st prize WINS A SEALEY RECHARGEABLE LANTERN ‘Jack has used the limited light to great effect to capture what is a magnificently moody shot. A worthy winner.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR 2nd prize WINS A SEALEY GRIPMAX RED SCREWDRIVER SET ‘Excellent timing and good composition come together to create a photo to be proud of.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR…

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Sealey gear in the next issue of LRO For stockists, to order a free catalogue or to buy online, go to sealey.co.uk 1st PRIZE Sealey Locking Pliers Set 3pc Quick Release (AK6863) LIST PRICE £70.74 SEALEY 2nd PRIZE Sealey Auto Probe 6-24V (PP1) LIST PRICE £43.14 For a chance to see one of your pics in print, send it to wolr@LRO.com. Include a description of the vehicle and where the photo was taken, along with the names of anyone in it. Please send the biggest image file sizes you have. This issue, it’s well done to first-placed Jack Watson, who wins a Sealey Rechargeable Lantern 10 SMD LED with Wireless Speaker (LED183) List price: £59.94. Second prize, a Sealey Screwdriver Set 8pc GripMAX Red (AK4322) List price: £38.34, goes to Jamie Hoadley.…

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the quick lro quiz

1 When were zinc-coated steel doors introduced on Td5 Defenders? (A) 2000 (B) 2001 (C) 2002 2 What type of axles were fitted to the FCIIB? (A) Heavy-duty ENV (B) Heavy-duty Rover (C) Heavy-duty Foden 3 What is the exact wheelbase length of a Land Rover 90? (A) 90 inches (B) 92.6 inches (C) 92.9 inches 4 When was the LRX concept, which became the Range Rover Evoque, shown at the Detroit Motor Show? (A) January 2008 (B) March 2009 (C) February 2010 5 What was the capacity of the US-market Discovery 3’s Cologne V6 engine? (A) 4394cc (B) 2720cc (C) 4015cc 6 In which month in 1971 was the Series III launched? (A) July (B) August (C) September 7 What’s the maximum power output of the 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged 2020 Range Rover Sport? (A) 503hp…

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VENTILATOR FAN £358.80 • machinemart.co.uk Keeping your work area well ventilated is important when working with solvents, on body panels or on other dust-creating jobs, and that’s exactly what this Clarke fan is designed to do. The 16" trolley-mounted fan can shift 7200 cubic metres of air per hour. DUAL-ZONE FRIDGE FREEZER £1295 (RRP) • Britpart stockists This ARB Zero fridge-freezer boasts a huge 69-litre capacity, making it perfect for longer overland trips or simply camping in comfort. The cooling range spans from -22 to +10 degrees for excellent flexibility, and each zone is easily controlled via the built-in touchpad or from the dedicated phone app. The durable steel outer casing and quick-release lid feature anti-condensation technology, and there’s also a 5v USB outlet. It has integrated tiedown points, and can run off AC or…

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used & abused

USED BY PETER SKILTON EDITOR TESTED FOR THREE YEARS STIHL HANDYCUT FOLDING SAW £12 • stihl.co.uk Rating: A trip to our local tool store always results in walking away with more than I need. This Stihl saw came from one such trip. If I’m honest, I was taken-in by the brand name, and the price. But it turns out Stihl’s expertise in powered saws does translate to handheld cutters too, and this folding saw is a permanent fixture in the 110’s cubby box. I’m less precious about taking my 2015 Defender 110 off-tarmac now but not to the extent where I’ll push through overgrown foliage, so out I jump with the saw to clear away the paint-threatening foliage, just like the intrepid explorers who forged their way through the Darien Gap. Or so I…