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LandScape magazine is a breath of fresh air, capturing the very best of every season. Every two months, join us to: - Celebrate the joy of the garden - Learn simple seasonal recipes - Enjoy traditional British crafts - Wonder at the beauty of nature and the countryside The magazine is a haven from the pressures of modern living; a chance to slow down... and most importantly, a reminder of the good things in life. Take time to appreciate everything that nature creates and inspires.

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jolly doormen

Materials • 3 different diameter logs • Piece of 12mm diameter dowel • Handsaw • Drill and 12mm spade bit • Hammer • Three buttons • Six small nails TO MAKE ONE snowman out of three pieces of wood, the diameter of each log is measured. Each is then sawed to that diameter length. Using a spade bit, one 12mm hole is drilled centrally in the side of the largest and smallest logs. Two holes are drilled opposite each other in the middle-sized log. A 2in (5cm) length of dowel is tapped into the hole in the largest log, and into one hole of the middle log. A second hole is added on the largest log for a further dowel, again centrally, but at approximately 70° from the first. This acts as a foot to ensure the snowman stands…

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green stardust

“I was at peace, and drank your beams As they were life to me; And revelled in my changeful dreams, Like petrel on the sea.”Emily Brontë, ‘Stars’ Materials • Sprigs of pine • String • Hooks SPRIGS TRIMMED TO give the Christmas tree a perfect shape can be reused to make natural, fresh-scented decorations. These falling snowflakes are each made from six similarly-sized sprigs. For fuller stars, trimmings are used that have more than one branch on them, but all are approximately the same shape and length. Individual sprigs will make the simpler stars. To make the stars, the sprigs are bound together at the centre with fine string, which is wrapped round the individual stems. A long strand of string is then attached and hung from hooks over the window. Crushing the ends of the stems…

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a circle of colour

“The wreath’s on the door And the carols are sung, The presents are wrapped And the holly is hung.”Marchette Chute, ‘Christmas’ Materials • Thick, bendable wire • Fabric cut into strips or ribbon • Scissors • Coloured string TO MAKE THE wreath, a ring with a diameter of 6in (15cm) is made, using a 26in (66cm) length of thick wire. The ends are bent around to secure it. Strips of different coloured fabric ¾in (2cm) wide and 8in (20cm) long are cut. Cotton fabric works best because it frays nicely and only needs a single knot to hold. If silky, satin-type fabric or ribbon is used, it is tied in a double knot. Two strips of fabric are placed on top of each other with ‘wrong’ sides together. The two strips are picked up together, then tied around…

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musical designs

“The merry family gatherings – the old, the very young, The strangely lovely way they Harmonise in carols sung.”Helen Lowrie Marshall Materials • Sheets of carol music • Buttons • Drawer knobs • Thread • Twine TO MAKE THE cone decoration, sheets of carols are rolled into cones and fixed to a circle of card. A button is fastened with thread at the front. The thread is then used to tie the decoration to the tree. For the cotton reel decoration, music paper is wrapped around the reel. Buttons and drawer knobs are used to weight the reels, which are tied up with twine. The rosettes are created by folding two idential long pieces of music paper into concertina pleats. One end is fastened together and the top fanned out. The two pieces are joined together and a button…

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window magic

Materials • Bar of soap • Vegetable knife • Bowl of warm water • Sheet of paper (optional) • Pencil (optional) ANY ORDINARY HOUSEHOLD soap can be used to make the artwork, although those containing moisturising cream tend to work better. To cut the soap to a point, it is gently shaved and shaped using a vegetable knife. The tip of the soap is dipped in a bowl of warm water for approximately 10 seconds to soften. The bowl of water is kept handy as the tip will need softening regularly. The pattern can be drawn directly onto the window or first sketched onto a piece of paper. This is then taped to the outside of the window and the outline of the image traced onto the glass. When Christmas is over, the soap drawings are simply…

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a simple nativity

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.”Laura Ingalis Wilde Materials To make 8 decorations • 24 wooden dolly pegs • 12in (30cm) lengths of wire • Long nose pliers • Star-shaped biscuit cutter • Pencil, scissors, hacksaw • Old cardboard box • Small ball modelling clay • 8in (20cm) lengths of string • Fine sandpaper • 12in (30cm) lengths raffia TO MAKE ONE set of figures, a u-shaped bend is made in a length of wire approximately 2in (6cm) from one end. The two ends of the wire are threaded through the central splits of two pegs held side by side, and twisted together at the back. With one peg held slightly above the other, pliers are used to twist the wire…