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3 min.
jumpin’ jack flash

- TRAILERS - The Reality Inspectors, Murder by Suicide, Canteloupe Island, The Pensky File, Der Mannschlänger - CHERRYPICK - “Dogs barking can’t fly without umbrella!” - TAGLINE - ‘A man named Jack has got her Jumpin’ and the world may never be the same!’ - RELEASED - 1986 Some guy calling himself Jumping Jack Flash taps into my computer console and tells me I gotta go to his apartment, steal a frying pan and call Van Morrison.” Don’t worry, Whoopi – we’ve all had days like that. You accidentally get stuck chatting with the nutter on the bus. You leave your card in the machine. Your boss chews you out for coming to work smelling like “a brewery in a zoo.” Weekends sat on park benches waiting for the dim, cyan buzz of Monday morning to roll around.…

2 min.

Released31 JULY Deploying a pair of hackneyed genre tropes for the opening shots of your movie is a bold move for a debut filmmaker. A bloodied girl running through a forest and a kid cycling through sun-kissed suburbia may serve as an economic statement of intent – Boy’s Own adventure meets summer camp slasher - but we’ve heard these records too many times not to notice if Jonas Govaerts’ remix fails to match the beats. Closer in acknowledgement to the child’s-eye horrors of Guillermo del Toro (not least in its ‘creature’ design) than the nostalgia-trip of Super 8 or the full-bloodied ordeals of fellow Belgian Fabrice du Welz, Govaerts hides his influences in plain sight. With its Carpenter synths, a cop called Franju and snarky put-down of Scream, Cub sets its own…

2 min.
52 tuesdays

Released7 AUGUST There’s nifty bait-and-switch storytelling at play in debut director Sophie Hyde’s Boyhood-style, time-lapse drama. What seems to be a queer issue film morphs into a rich thematic brew depicting how family, sexuality and time are all bound up in defining one another. 52 Tuesdays was filmed for one day a week over the course of a year and then condensed into a 110 minute film. The narrative progresses only on Tuesdays as this is the designated evening that peppy 16-year-old Billie (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) spends with her mother, Jane (Del Herbert-Jane). The two have stopped living together to give Jane the space to adjust to the process of gender reassignment. Now living with her less strict father, Billie takes the opportunity to run wild. A stand-out scene shows her spying on…

3 min.
the diary of a teenage girl

Released7 AUGUST 2 ANTICIPATION. A 2015 Sundance sensation, written and directed by an actor. Uh-oh, Spaghetti-Os! 4 ENJOYMENT. Quite delightful, a film which hums with a rare honesty and empathy. 4 IN RETROSPECT. You watch it thinking, this is probably going to be a lot of people’s favourite movie. This boisterous teen sex movie by Marielle Heller is a paragon of enlightenment and poise. It talks about copulation – or, to adopt the parlance of the film, “fucking,” or actually even more apt, “fuckin’” – and human desire in frank but never alarmist terms, accepting young people as sexually liberated and thoughtful beings who are able to make sage decisions regarding those with whom they decide to share a bed (or a back-seat). It doesn’t, however, fall into the trap of making its teenagers come across as…

2 min.
the fisher king

1991 OUT NOW Blu-ray & DVD Terry Gilliam has always excelled at conveying two things: madness and compassion. Therefore, it’s hardly a surprise that his muse led him towards a story about grief, any sincere depiction of which invites the former and requires the latter. The trouble with The Fisher King, which is both invaluable and interminable in equal measure, is that it ultimately uses grief as little more than a conduit for Gilliam to play with yet another protagonist who is so consumed by tragic visions that they disengage from the real world and chase at the windmills of their own demons. So much attention is paid to the Don Quixote movie that Gilliam is perpetually struggling to make, people take for granted the half-dozen that he already has. Jeff Bridges plays Jack…

2 min.
love & mercy

Released10 JULY 3 ANTICIPATION. Dano and Cusack and Banks and Giamatti, Oh my, this could be very interesting. 4 ENJOYMENT. Genuinely arresting, and a refreshingly original approach to pop biography. 4 IN RETROSPECT. It has a lasting effect, largely down to committed performances from all concerned. Oren Moverman, the writer behind Todd Haynes’ cubist Bob Dylan biopic from 2007, I’m Not There, scripts this screen biography of troubled Beach Boys leader/co-founder, Brian Wilson, with Bill Pohlad stepping out of his usual producer’s seat and moving over to directing. This is a more straightforward tale than Haynes’ film; it isn’t a surreal extrapolation of Wilson’s image, presented in the same teasing mythological manner. But Love & Mercy still employs techniques subtly to build an astounding sense of gravitas around the mysterious singer-songwriter. As the younger Wilson, Paul Dano strides…