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Liz Earle Wellbeing

July/August 2019

Feeling fabulous has never been so easy with this bi-monthly lifestyle magazine, packed with fresh ideas to look good and feel even better from Liz Earle, a leading British beauty and wellbeing expert. Liz Earle Wellbeing brings you the very best in feel-good food and natural vitality featuring good-for-you ingredients and favourite family recipes including organic, gluten- and dairy-free options. You’ll also find a wealth of Liz’s trusted beauty and natural health advice to revive and restore inner wellbeing and outer radiance, plus great craft and lifestyle ideas to make every house a welcoming home.

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hello and a warm, sunny welcome to summer!

Whether you’re home or away, we’ve packed this feelgood edition with so many treats to help us all have the very best summer. There truly is something for everyone to enjoy. As always, our focus is on the most nutritious, tastiest, seasonable and sustainable foods, with sensational recipe ideas ranging from Peru to picnics, with some simple suppers and fabulous feasts for all ages to share too. I especially love our focus on the gorgeous Greek recipes my team and I brought back from our recent travels. Very authentic and all totally delicious. While in Greece, we tested several spectacular spa destinations you may like to put on to your radar for future travel plans. I also found a special spot closer to home, and loved visiting the new Floating Spa on…

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liz earle wellbeing

Editor-in-ChiefLiz Earle MBE, Managing Editor Polly Beard, Design Director Nicky Acketts, Food & Travel Editor Emma Winterschladen, Copy Editor Camilla Cary-Elwes, Senior Health & Beauty Writer Ellie Smith, Image Editor Betty Beard, Head of Marketing Lou Howells, Digital Assistant Millie West, Press & PR Harriet Dyball, Reader’s Desk Annie Darling Regular Contributors Hannah Martin, Dale Pinnock, Sarah Raven, Recipe Writers Lottie Covell, Nico Ghirlando, Eleanor Maidment, Emma Winterschladen Photographers Georgia Glynn Smith, Kathrin McCrea, Food Stylist Lottie Covell, Assistant Food Stylist Troy Willis, Prop Stylist Tamzin Ferdinando, Hair & Makeup Kerry September On behalf of Hearst Content Agency: Circulation James Hill, Production Alicia Gray, Managing Director Dan Levitt, Print Wyndeham Roche, Distribution Frontline For subscription enquiries, please call 01858438415 or email lizearlewellbeing@subscription.co.uk Cover photograph Georgia Glynn Smith, Hair & makeup Kerry September Liz…

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wellbeing news

Going nuts Coconut water may be a better way to rehydrate the body during the summer months than rehydration sports drinks. American studies have found that blood sugar levels are restored faster with coconut water and that its high potassium content can also help with leg cramps and restless legs. However, too much potassium can actually cause cramps, so (like anything), coconut water is best drunk in moderation. See the light We’ve heard about ‘eating the rainbow’ for better gut health, but a prettier, more colourful plateful of veggies can also improve eyesight. Australian studies show that the more antioxidants in our foods (such as those in brightly coloured fruits and veg), the less risk we have of developing cataracts as we age. The most potent produce are citrus fruits, peppers, carrots, tomatoes…

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hand-luggage heroes

Miracle minis If powders aren’t for you, the stackable cream formulas from Trinny London are a one-stop shop for all your space-saving beauty needs, whether it’s base, eye, cheek or lip (from £18,trinny-london.com). Be sure to complete the Match2Me quiz on the website to find tones that suit your complexion. Finally, proving that sacrificing luggage space needn’t mean sacrificing ‘me’ time, we’ll be squeezing in this mini Therapie Protect Bath & Body Oil (£12, cultbeauty.co.uk) for a post-flight soak. Powder power Plumping for powder formulas can help minimise the strain on a limited liquid quota. If you’re heading for warmer climes, they have the added benefit of ensuring that a gorgeous glow doesn’t tip over into a sweaty shine. We’ll be swapping liquid foundation for the foolproof bareMinerals Original Foundation SPF15 (£28, bareminerals.co.uk).…

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monkey island estate’s floating spa

Tucked away in the heart of Bray, better known as the home of culinary superstar Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck and The Hind’s Head, and the Roux family’s Waterside Inn (it’s the only village in the world with three Michelin-starred restaurants) is another, more hidden, gem. Monkey Island Estate has an 800-year history as a home to monarchs, music makers (from Elgar to Dusty Springfield) and monks (who first settled here in the late 12th century). Monkey Island has been an aristocratic playground ever since the 18th century, being within easy reach of London’s palaces, yet enjoying the feeling of a remote – and private – wilderness. Its more recent history has certainly been the most colourful: Princess Margaret and the nearby Cliveden Set partied here, away from public scrutiny, alongside…