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LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo WayLOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way

LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way

Volume 30 -Apr-19

It has all the scrumptious, health features for you need! Autumn is already creeping in; here is 32 AMAZING recipes for comfort food. ‘34KG down’, read Santasha Marias success story and she’s ready to walk down the aisle. Best Ideas This Month: FIVE healthy oils for your pantry. Should women be fasting? How to balance your hormones when fasting, all you need to know. Switch Things Up with Steve Uria’s new exercise regime guaranteed to be fun and sweats. YOU GLOW GIRL: RushTush fitness influencer shares her journey to health. Good Gracious! Local bakery brings all sugar and gluten free treats. Going LCHF might be the answer to liver disease, more on page 18. Ever think about what you are eating? MINDFUL Eating, think before you chew. Dr Marcus answers your questions. Competitions, News, Views and Reviews in latest in Low-Carb Living!

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lose it! the lchf way

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We hope you enjoy our new-look LOSE IT as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together … and we want to thank you. It’s because of you that we’re having a re-design. When we first started LOSE IT in 2014, people said eating low-carb was just another fad diet that wouldn’t last. But we believed in it: we saw the results first-hand, not only in terms of remarkable weight loss, but also in terms of overall health – sleeping better, having more energy and feeling more positive about life in general. And in the five years we’ve been producing the magazine, we’ve just continued to feel better and better. Low-carb is not a fad: it’s the answer to a host of 20th and 21st century health problems and maladies, and…

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double dopammine

Marty Kendall is an Australian civil engineer – not really someone you would peg to become an expert in nutrition, but that’s what happened. His interest in food started because his wife is a type 1 diabetic, and he wanted to reverse engineer her diet. What makes his approach so compelling is his focus on science and numbers.Marty considers various degrees of low-carb living – including LCHF, Paleo and keto – and his real passion is nutrient density, which basically means getting the most bang for your buck from your food: does it give you the goods your body needs to function optimally and satisfy your appetite, at the lowest possible cost to your system?According to Marty, the biggest contributor to our increasing worldwide obesity is combining high carbs and…

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‘Eat five small meals a day and run. Also, eat only breakfast and dinner, and walk. Also, eat lots of protein and lift, and don’t even do any cardio, it’s bad for your joints. Also, don’t eat too much protein and make sure you’re sleeping a lot. But don’t be sedentary. But don’t be too active, it’s bad for your blood pressure. Make sure you replace all your lost salt, but never eat too much sodium. It’s easy, just eat vegetables. Don’t eat potatoes though, or corn. Fruit is obviously good for you, and also all sugar and bad for you. Sugar, I forgot to mention, is a vital source of quick burning carbs your brain needs to survive, and you should avoid it at all costs. Protein is hurting…

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healing foods

Chicken soup has long been used to help ward off colds and it turns out there’s scientific evidence to back up this cure! Dr Stephen Rennard, a US-based pulmonologist, found that chicken and vegetable soup inhibited the movement of white blood cells that trigger cold symptoms such as a stuffy nose. Additionally, the steam helps combat congestion, while salt can soothe a sore throat and prevent dehydration. Chicken soup is low in carbs and rich in several micronutrients – a perfect meal for when you get the sniffles!HEARTY CHICKEN SOUPSERVES 4KEEP ON TRACK per servingFAT 18G CARBS 9G PROTEIN 25G2 tbsp coconut oil1 onion, finely chopped2 cloves garlic, minced2 stalks celery, finely chopped1 small carrot, peeled and chopped Himalayan salt and black pepper1.2L home-made chicken stock2 chicken breast fillets, cooked…

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‘34kg down and ready for my big day’

Santasha Marais was never bothered by her weight. ‘I used to live off takeaways,’ she says. ‘I’d get whatever was easiest: usually McDonald’s or KFC. But beyond all of that, I also just didn’t worry about it. Everyone used to say, “You’ve got such a wonderful personality, your weight doesn’t even matter!”’After meeting her fiancé Julian in 2016, Santasha’s weight took even more of a backseat. ‘I fell pregnant very soon after we met and threw caution to the winds! I used the pregnancy as an excuse.’ But after her daughter Lousindie was born, Santasha noticed the emotional and physical toll her weight was taking. ‘I tried crash diets, I tried 28-day challenges, I tried weight loss pills, I tried everything! Nothing stuck. I’d lose four or five kilograms and…