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Love Knitting for BabyLove Knitting for Baby

Love Knitting for Baby

April 2019

Every issue is packed full with beautiful seasonal patterns to create cosy knits, gorgeous gifts and adorable toys little ones will treasure. We feature all your favourite designers such as Bergere De France, Debbie Bliss, Peter Pan and Sirdar. Plus, expert advice and top tips for all levels of knitter, new season yarn guides and much more

United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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Welcome to your new issue. Spring is MR›XLI›EMV›ERH›[IŭZI›ƤPPIH›XLMW›MWWYI›[MXL› fresh ideas for the new season.You won’t be able to resist the WYTIV›GYXI›FYRR]›SRIWMI›SR›TEKI›››››8LI›ƥSTT]›IEVW›› SZIVWM^IH›LSSH›ERH›PMXXPI›FSFXEMP››MR›KSVKISYW›4IXIV›4ER› 4VIGMSYW›GLYRO]›]EVR›QEOI›XLMW›E›QYWX›ORMX›JSV›WTVMRK››;IŭZI›KSX›TPIRX]›SJ›MHIEW›JSV›)EWXIV›KMJXW››XSS›ũ›JVSQ› E›GYHHP]›GLMGO››XS›WIRWSV]›ORMXXIH›IKKW›ERH›E›TMK›VEXXPI›› 4PYW››]SY›PP›PSZI›SYV›EHSVEFPI›TEXXIVR›JSV›&IVXMI›&IEV›ũ›XLI› perfect new pal for playtime cuddles. %PWS›XLMW›MWWYI››ƤRH›SYX› LS[›]SY›GER›QEOI›E› difference to lives of disadvantaged children in South Africa (page 75) and see all the gorgeous new season yarn releases on page 28. …

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bertie bear

W›e are thrilled to introduce you to Bertie – the cutest, friendliest, stripiest bear you’re likely to meet!He’s such a cutie and will brighten up any nursery or playroom. Luckily, he doesn’t take too long to complete, as the legs, body and head are worked as one piece, with the arms and features added separately. We love his little Peter Pan collar and blue jeans! Welcome Bertie bear into your family today! Bertie bear You will need,E]ƤIPH›&SRYW›(/›››››K››››FEPP›MR›4IGER››WLEHI›››››;LMXI››WLEHI›››››1MRX››WLEHI›››››0MPEG››WLEHI›››››%^YVI›&PYI››WLEHI›››››&PEGO››WLEHI››››››QQ››9/›››››97››››››ORMXXMRK›RIIHPIW›'SXXSR›XLVIEH›JSV›JIEXYVIW7XMXGL›LSPHIV8ETIWXV]›RIIHPI4SP]IWXIV›XS]›JMPPMRKMeasurements%TTVS\››››GQ››››MR››XEPP›Tension›››WXW›ERH››››VS[W›XS›››GQ›››MR››SZIV›WX›WX››YWMRK››QQ››9/›››››97››››››ORMXXMRK›RIIHPIWAbbreviations*SV›WXERHEVH›EFFVIZMEXMSRW›WII›TEKI›››About this yarn 7MVHEV›,E]ƤIPH›&SRYW›(/ 100% acrylic280m per 100g 1EGLMRI›[EWL›EX›››¢' e››››››XS›SVHIV›ZMWMX› [[[›[SSP[EVILSYWI›GS›YO &IVXMI›FIEV Legs (make 2)*Using Pecan, cast on 10 sts. 6S[›› Purl. 2I\X›VS[ Inc in every st. 20 sts.Starting with a purl row, work 7 rows st-st. 'LERKI›XS›&PYI›ERH›[SVO›››VS[W›K›WX› St-st 18 rows. 'YX›]EVR›ERH›TPEGI›WXW›SR›E›WXMXGL›LSPHIV› Rep from * with second leg but do…

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cuddly cables

Cables are so addictive once you learn how, so get your needles › stuck into this utterly gorgeous hooded jacket and enjoy creating the wonderful texture.The cables feature on the back, fronts, sleeves and hood, with edgings worked in garter stitch and three buttons for XLI›ƤRMWLMRK›XSYGL››/RMXXIH›MR› a luxurious blend of cashmere, silk and wool, you can be sure that the feel of this hoodie is equal to the look – little ones will just love to wear it! Cable hoodieYou will needSublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK, 50g in Shelley (shade 560) x 4 (5: 6: 7) balls4mm (UK 8, US 6) knitting needles 3.25mm (UK 10, US 3) knitting needles2 cable needles3 buttons MeasurementsSee sizing guide Tension22 sts and 28 rows to 10cm (4in) over st-st,…

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it’s in the detail

The buttons are fastened with loops rather than buttonholes. This means it’s really easy to add more buttons down the front for E›GPSWIV›ƤXXMRK››GSWMIV›JEWXIRMRK›› Simply sew on buttons at equal intervals and make as many GSVVIWTSRHMRK›PSSTW›EW›]SY›RIIH› JSV›XLI›STTSWMXI›JVSRX›IHKMRK› …

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your knits!

8LMW›ƥS[IV] FPEROIX›MW›E KMJX›JSV›'MRH]ŭW KVIEX›RMIGI Flower power I knitted this blanket for my niece and nephew’s second daughter, due in May. We can’t wait for her arrival! It’s a Sirdar pattern (4787) knitted in Caron Simply Soft in Lavender Blue. I have a tip for anyone thinking of making it: if I knitted it again, I wouldn’t slip the ribbed border stitches onto stitch holders, I would just add the border to the pattern and knit it altogether. Cindy Wells, Massachusetts, USA Lucy says It’s beautiful, Cindy. Thanks for the handy tip, which I’m sure readers will appreciate. 6YXLŭW›FIIR Winter warmers FYW]››ORMXXMRK JSV›X[MRW› I made the Twinkle Toes booties from the Baby Gifts booklet that came with the Winter 2018…

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star letter

Since I retired, I have the time to try different knitting ideas, and when I saw a picture of a knitted bear cushion it gave me the idea to design some animal cushions of my own. I used aran yarn that I had in my stash and just made it up as I went along. I’m lucky to be able to visualise how it will look and love the challenge! I’m a member of a local community craft group and made these for our annual craft fair, where we raise funds for the group and local charities. Jean Lea, via email Lucy says How clever of you, Jean, and how lucky your chosen charities are.…