Love Knitting for Baby

Love Knitting for Baby June 2019

Every issue is packed full with beautiful seasonal patterns to create cosy knits, gorgeous gifts and adorable toys little ones will treasure. We feature all your favourite designers such as Bergere De France, Debbie Bliss, Peter Pan and Sirdar. Plus, expert advice and top tips for all levels of knitter, new season yarn guides and much more

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tilly & tom

Tilly & Tom You will need ,E]›IPH›&SRYW›(/›››››K››››FEPP›MR› &VMKLX›0IQSR››WLEHI››››› -GI›&PYI››WLEHI››››› ;LMXI››WLEHI››››› 7MPZIV›+VI]››WLEHI››››› ;EPRYX››WLEHI››››› &PEGO››WLEHI››››› 4MRO››WLEHI››››› *PIWL›8SRI››WLEHI››››› ›QQ››9/›››››97››››››ORMXXMRK›RIIHPIW ;LMXI›WI[MRK›XLVIEH 7XMXGL›LSPHIV 8ETIWXV]›RIIHPI 4SP]IWXIV›XS]›JMPPMRK Measurements 8MPP]›MW›ETTVS\››››GQ››››MR››XEPP 8SQ›MW›ETTVS\››››››GQ›››~MR››XEPP Tension ›››WXW›ERH››››VS[W›XS›››GQ›››MR›› SZIV›WX›WX››YWMRK››QQ››9/›››››97› ›››››ORMXXMRK›RIIHPIW Abbreviations *SV›WXERHEVH›EFFVIZMEXMSRW› WII›TEKI››› About this yarn 7MVHEV›,E]›IPH›&SRYW›(/ 100% acrylic 280m per 100g 1EGLMRI›[EWL›EX›››¢' £1.85, to order visit [[[›[SSP[EVILSYWI›GS›YO Choose your favourite pal from this adorable pair, and start knitting today! These delightful dolls will brighten up any little one’s room, and are sure to make you smile [MXL›XLIMV›WYQQIV]›SYX›XW›u›[I›EHSVI›8MPP]uW›TVIXX]›HVIWW›ERH› Tom’s cute T-shirt and trainers. They’d make a great colourful set for a summer baby’s birthday treat! Take your time with the ›RMWLMRK›XSYGLIW››WYGL›EW›XLI›JEGMEP›JIEXYVIW›ERH›VSW]›GLIIOW›› which will add extra personality and charm to your chosen doll. Tilly Shoes and legs (make 2) Using Ice Blue, cast on 7 sts. Row 1 Purl. Next row Inc in every st. 14 sts Next row Purl. Next row K4, inc in each of next 6 sts, k4. 20 sts Starting with a purl row, st-st 2…

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your knits!

Cuddly pup This cute dog jumper was in the July 2017 issue. I made it for my granddaughter using yellow and grey yarn from Aldi, with Patons Fairytale Cloud DK for the motif. Now I’m going to make her one in pink and white using Stylecraft Sparkle DK (and the same Fairytale Cloud). Julie Roberts, via Facebook Lucy says How bright and colourful – your granddaughter will look a treat in it! I love the idea of a sparkly version, too. Rainbow charm My mum has just knitted this YRMGSVR›NYQTIV›JSV›LIV››VWX› grandchild – who is my daughter 7STLMI››7LIuW›RIEVP]››RMWLIH›XLI› garter stitch jacket, too! Katy Taylor, via email Lucy says Your daughter is lucky she’s got your mum to knit for LIV››/EX]››;LEX›E›GYXI››RMWL› If it’s a boy... I saw this textured jumper pattern in the November 2018 issue and immediately knew I had…

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star letter

I made this unicorn jumper from the February 2019 issue, but changed it slightly. The grey yarn was Stylecraft Special DK in Silver, and the other colours were Paintbox DK. I’ve been knitting since I was about eight years old and I have an online Etsy shop (sweetygreetings), and I mostly knit for that. I recently learned to crochet, which I EQ››RHMRK› a challenge. When knitting jumpers, booties etc, I like to knit both pieces at once, and you can’t do that with crochet! Debs Sherry-Brennan, via Facebook Lucy says Your unicorn certainly has a look all his own, Debs. We love him!…

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best buys

Colour me happy Made from sycamore wood and dipped in rainbow paint, these unique knitting needles from Sproglets Kits will add a splash of colour to your knitting corner. The eight pairs range from 3.5mm to 8mm, ideal for all projects! *VSQ›e››››JVSQ›[[[›RSXSRXLILMKLWXVIIX› GSQ›WTVSKPIXWOMXW 1SGLM›QEKMG› We’re smitten with Frogginette’s darling details and timeless designs, so naturally Lisa Chemery’s pretty dress is next on our knit list. Named after the Japanese rice cakes, Sweet Mochi is a lightweight dress for balmy summer days. Knitted in 4ply yarn, with a contrasting bobble XVMQ›SR›XLI›WPIIZIW› and hem, it’s worked seamlessly from the top HS[R››=SY›GER›IZIR›WPMT› MX›SZIV›E›PSRK›WPIIZIH›XII› when it’s breezy. 7[IIX›1SGLM›TEXXIVR›› e›››››JVSQ›[[[› PSZIORMXXMRK›GSQ Baby blossom Knitted in Cherish DK, these lacy combos from King Cole are perfect early summer ORMXW››;I›PSZI›XLI›*EMV› Isle effect of the yarn’s colour changes, and the matching hats add E›GYXI››RMWLMRK›XSYGL› 4EXXIVR›››››››e›››››› 8S››RH›E›WXSGOMWX›KS› XS›[[[›OMRKGSPI›GSQ Hello sweetie On the lookout for something bright…

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dates for your diary

1 June Leeds Wool Festival Leeds A celebration of all things yarny held within a beautiful historic woollen mill, with workshops, talks and performances. www.leeds.gov.uk/ museumsandgalleries/armleymills/ leeds-woolfestival 9 June Aberdeen Yarn Fest Aberdeen %›JIWXMZEP›SJ››IIG]› fabulousness, with a packed workshop programme and plenty SJ›KSSHMIW›XS›KIX›]SYV› hands on. www.etiom.co.uk/events/ aberdeen-yarnfest 15-16 June The Wool Monty 7LIJ›IPH An amazing two-day yarny bonanza, with knitting, crochet, [IEZMRK››WTMRRMRK››H]IMRK› and felting all covered. www.thewoolmonty.co.uk 28 June-29 June Woolfest Cumbria A spectacular showcase of the best of wool and wool crafts, with exhibitions, workshops and even a talk from a shepherdess! www.woolfest.co.uk…