Love Knitting for Baby

Love Knitting for Baby August 2019

Every issue is packed full with beautiful seasonal patterns to create cosy knits, gorgeous gifts and adorable toys little ones will treasure. We feature all your favourite designers such as Bergere De France, Debbie Bliss, Peter Pan and Sirdar. Plus, expert advice and top tips for all levels of knitter, new season yarn guides and much more

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We're well and truly into summer now – long lazy days at the beach, family walks in the sunshine and of course the odd rain shower to shelter from – bliss! And we've got everything you need to kit your little one out for hot summer days, from a striped onesie (page 72) to a perfect t-shirt and shorts set (page 53) as well as a fun hooded towel for the seaside (page 46). Of course, we know not every day is going to be sunny. And for those cooler days, we've got a cosy shawl collar GEVHMKER››TEKI›››››ERH›XLVII›HMQIRWMSREP›WYR›S[IV› jumper (page 18). This uses the intarsia technique, so if you need a brush-up, just head to our expert feature SR›TEKI›››› Enjoy the sunshine – and don't forget to share your ›RMWLIH›TMGW›SR›SYV› Facebook page.…

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rory the lion

Children are certain to love Rory the Lion, with his sweet expression and his mane of many colours. Not only that, but he’s the perfect guest at tea parties – just look how beautifully he sits! Angela’s pattern is fun to make, with a little more detail than your average doll, making him a perfect gift for someone special. Take your time with features such as the positioning of the mane and stitching of his mouth and nose, and your friendly lion will be ready to roar his way into your heart! Rory the Lion You will need ,E]›IPH›&SRYW›(/›››››K››››FEPP›MR› &VMKLX›0IQSR››WLEHI››››› 7MKREP›6IH››WLEHI››››› 'LSGSPEXI››WLEHI››››› 0IQSRKVEWW››WLEHI››››› %^YVI››WLEHI››››› ›QQ››9/›››››97››››››ORMXXMRK› RIIHPIW ;LMXI›WI[MRK›XLVIEH 7XMXGL›LSPHIV 8ETIWXV]›RIIHPI 4SP]IWXIV›JMPPMRK Measurements ››GQ››››MR››XEPP›[LIR›WMXXMRK Tension ›››WXW›ERH››››VS[W›XS›››GQ› ››MR››SZIV›WX›WX››YWMRK››QQ› ›9/›››››97››››››RIIHPIW Abbreviations *SV›WXERHEVH›EFFVIZMEXMSRW› WII›TEKI››› About this yarn 7MVHEV›,E]›IPH›&SRYW›(/ 100% acrylic 280m per 100g 1EGLMRI›[EWL›EX›››¢' £1.85, to order visit www.woolwarehouse.co.uk Rory the Lion Head Using Bright Lemon, cast on 12 sts. Row 1 Inc in every st. 24…

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classic charm

Use pale grey as a contrast colour to highlight the edgings Denim is a wardrobe staple, but it can be a little uncomfy for little ones – luckily, denim-coloured yarn looks just as good as the real thing, adding a timeless look to jumpers and cardigans like this one! We love the vertical ridges on the front, back and sleeves, which are worked very simply using slip stitches, with the yarn in front or at the back. And look out for the wrap stitches on the smart WLE[P›GSPPEV››XSS›u›]SYuPP››RH› instructions on page 12. Cardigan You will need Sirdar Snuggly DK, 50g in: Denim (shade 326) x 3 (3: 3: 4: 5) balls – M Cloud (shade 487) x 1 (1: 1: 1: 1) ball – C 4mm (UK 8, US 6) knitting needles 3.25mm (UK 10, US…

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your knits!

7IGVIX›WXEWL I made this cardigan and hat set for my granddaughter, Ariella. It’s called Babbity by Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days, the yarn is Stylecraft (/›MR›0MRGSPR››ERH›-››RMWLIH›MX› with wooden buttons. I’ve been knitting for a few years now – it’s my favourite hobby, and I’ve become an expert at hiding my yarn stash from my husband! %RHVIE›6IIZIW››ZME›*EGIFSSO 0YG]›WE]W What a gorgeous WIX›%RHVIE›u›XLSWI›[SSHIR› buttons set it off beautifully! 6SQTMRK›EVSYRH I made this romper for my friend’s new baby boy – it was a joy to knit. The pattern is ‘Little Brother’s Romper’ by PetiteKnit, in Patons Australia Dreamtime Merino 4ply, LIPH›HSYFPI››-››RH›ORMXXMRK›ERH› crocheting so therapeutic. ,E]PI]›1MWWMRKLEQ››ZME›*EGIFSSO 0YG]›WE]W ›,S[›GYXI›u›[I›PSZI›MX› .YRKPI›WXVMTIW Most of what I knit to I donate to charity, but I made this elephant as a gift for my daughter. It was from a pattern book called Knitted Toys and I…

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knitting for charity

Here’s my Bertie the Bear, made with the kit that came with Love Knitting for Baby issue 73. He was so good to knit as the pattern was easy to follow, and because everything needed came in the kit, I was able to start him straight away as we were in our caravan. I make toys to sell for our local greyhound rescue centre, which my daughter and I volunteer for – at the moment I’m knitting keyrings for them. I love making toys – it’s lovely to see their little characters emerge when the eyes and face are sewn on. Melaniie Tolson, ZME›*EGIFSSO 0YG]›WE]W He’s a delight, Melaniie, and such a worthy cause to knit for, too.…

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best buys

Lovely Luna Worked in tactile moss stitch with a pretty lace edging, the Seraphina blanket is one of Debbie Bliss's new patterns for her pure cashmere yarn, Luna. This beautifully understated knit works perfectly with any nursery colour scheme, and is certain to be cherished forever. Pattern, £3.50 from www.lovecrafts.com Peppermint cream When you can’t count on the weather, having an extra layer on standby can make all the difference to your day. Designed in Stylecraft Special for Babies, a soft, durable acrylic that's ideal for baby clothes, this cosy hooded jacket is the perfect solution. With MXW›WUYMWL]›GEFPIW››VSSQ]››X›ERH›TITTIVQMRX› shade, it's a quick-knit way to keep those shivers and goosebumps at bay. 4EXXIVR››e››››››8S››RH›E›WXSGOMWX›KS›XS› www.stylecraft-yarns.co.uk Tutti frutti Time to head to the park, beach or a favourite corner of the garden for a spot of al fresco knitting. As…