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MacFormat June 2021

MacFormat is the UK’s best selling magazine for the home Mac user. Each issue brings you all the exciting developments from the world of Apple, including reviews of new Macs, iPads and Apple’s own apps like iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand. We’ll show you how to make the most of your Mac, OS X and all the creative things you can do with it. We also review all the latest 3rd party software and kit – so if you’re looking for a new hard drive, monitor or printer that works with a Mac, you’ll be well served. iOS users are also welcome and we review the latest iPad and iPhone apps. ***Note: This digital edition is not printable and does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies***

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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finder and system preferences

The Finder has had a serious overhaul in Big Sur. From the new look windows, with full-height sidebars, to the new rounded Dock and the return of shaded icons, there’s plenty to take in visually. However, it’s the addition of Control Centre and the changes to Notification Centre that are the most significant. Here’s how to adjust them. 1 Manage Control Centre items Some items can be either in the menu bar or in Control Centre, or both. Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu and choose Dock & Menu Bar. Scroll through the list under Control Centre, and click each one in turn. For those you want to add to the menu bar, check the ‘Show in Menu Bar’ box. Select ‘when active’ or ‘always.’ There’s an item here that’s new in…

5 min
5g network standard

In January 2020, a Belgian newspaper started a conspiracy theory that would end up with people in England setting fire to phone towers. The Het Laatste Nieuws published an article pointing out that since 2019, several 5G mobile phone towers had been erected in Wuhan in China… coronavirus came from Wuhan, therefore the conclusion for some was that ‘5G causes coronavirus’. You can now make a good living on YouTube telling people that Bill Gates invented 5G to spread coronavirus so that we’d all get microchipped and forced to run Windows XP as the operating system for our brains. It’s a shame that 5G has become something some people fear. It’s a wonderful, potentially world-changing communications technology that’s designed specifically for the demands of a society where everything is connected to everything…

5 min

Quick-fire questions How can I fix the sudo bug in High Sierra? Apple has released security updates for Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur which fix this bug. Macs running an older version of macOS will still be vulnerable and there’s no official update on offer. Installer packages for older versions of macOS are available from Todd Miller’s site at bit.ly/mac365sudo. Why do some image thumbnails look rubbish? QuickLook builds an initial thumbnail very quickly, but that may contain Moiré noise which can deface images. A few seconds later, that first attempt should be replaced with a higher-quality version, so the noise should then vanish. There’s nothing you control which can change that. How can I change my long and short usernames? Don’t try this unless it’s essential. Although there are commands intended to make this work,…

7 min
mac to the future

Apple silicon has changed the game. It is not Apple’s first big platform change – while it seems silly to include the 6502, the Mac has seen 68000, PowerPC and X86 chips before the M1 – but it is the most significant in, if not the Mac’s lifespan, at least a generation. The ARM64-based Apple silicon is a more flexible, versatile system-on-a-chip (SoC) processor, and crucially it is Apple designed… If there is anything Apple treasures more than anything, it is control over its own platforms. Apple silicon, starting with the M1 chip, gives the company precisely that. An almost entirely closed shop. The MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and the Mac mini have gone M1. At the time of writing, a number of iMac models had also been killed off, suggesting the…

6 min
the global chip shortage crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives, not to mention the industries we depend on both professionally and personally. One that might not immediately spring to mind for many people is the production of electronic devices, and, in particular, the chips that sit at the heart (or maybe the brain…) of such products. It should though. Semiconductors – including memory chips, microprocessors, and integrated chips – have been in short supply in the tech industry, and all those that rely on them are in the midst of a genuine crisis. While Apple is better placed than many to ride out the storm, nobody is quite sure at this point when it will end. What’s the problem? Like so many workplaces around the world, the factories that produce these…

7 min
to-do apps for mac

ON TEST… > Any.do > GoodTask > OmniFocus > Things 3 > TickTick Todoist Apple’s Calendar and Reminders apps provide basic tools for nudging you to do things at specific times. But they don’t really extend to task management or tracking, or indeed anything but the most basic types of collaboration. To-do apps, on the other hand, elevate many of these processes to an art form, providing comprehensive tools that enable you to record and track tasks and reminders in granular detail and across all your devices. It’s likely that if you’re in the market for a dedicated to-do app, your needs go beyond simple birthday reminders. The apps on test range from having a more personalised focus through to more heavyweight project management and the ability to visualise entire processes and collaborate with other team members.…