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MacFormat October 2018

MacFormat is the UK’s best selling magazine for the home Mac user. Each issue brings you all the exciting developments from the world of Apple, including reviews of new Macs, iPads and Apple’s own apps like iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand. We’ll show you how to make the most of your Mac, OS X and all the creative things you can do with it. We also review all the latest 3rd party software and kit – so if you’re looking for a new hard drive, monitor or printer that works with a Mac, you’ll be well served. iOS users are also welcome and we review the latest iPad and iPhone apps. ***Note: This digital edition is not printable and does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies***

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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hello (again)

Macs just work, eh? Except when they don’t. Like anything, they’re susceptible to faults, ranging from an app hogging resources, to suddenly being unable to get into macOS at all. Before you head to a Genius Bar, Mac in tow – an uncomfortable journey with a 27in iMac if you’re limited to public transport, believe me! – try getting to the root of the problem using our Genius Handbook, which teaches you how to use your Mac’s built-in tools along with easy troubleshooting techniques to fix issues yourself. Want to save money across your family? Also check out our Family Sharing guide and discover how to divvy up iCloud storage with your loved ones, and share apps and media. We’ve reviewed both sizes of the new MacBook Pro too, and an enclosure for…

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meet the team

Jo Membery Operations Editor Jo has been biding her time to nab a discount on last year’s iPhones when new ones are introduced. She desperately needs more space for photos! Alex Blake Commissioning Editor With Apple hardware announcements just around the corner, Alex is excited about a new round of futuristic iPhones – the new screens especially. Paul Blachford Art Editor Paul is hoping that the yet-to-be-revealed Mac Pro doesn’t cost £4,000, is upgradeable and uses off-the-shelf parts, to give us all more choice.…

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multi-device wireless charging

Apple made wireless charging a key feature when it launched iPhone 8 and X last year. And according to a recently published patent application from Apple, the next step in its wireless technology could let you charge one device using another. The patent for ‘inductive charging between electronic devices’ explains that one device could recharge another using its remaining battery power. For instance, an iPad with plenty of remaining power could charge up a depleted iPhone. This would be done over the air and would just require you to place one device on top of another. The images included with the patent show an iPhone being placed at the centre of an iPad. An alignment magnet may be used to help ensure your devices are oriented properly. And unlike current wireless charging…

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latest ios security feature

Much has been made of recent attempts to bypass iOS security. Apple has attempted to thwart these efforts with a new feature in iOS 11.4.1. The feature is called USB Restricted Mode and it disables USB accessories’ access to the Lightning port if your device hasn’t been unlocked for several days. In the imminent iOS 12 update, that’ll be reduced to an hour. That should block access for devices like the GrayKey, which has made the news for its apparent ability to hack iOS security measures and unlock an iPhone or iPad that’s been plugged into the device. In iOS 12, GrayKey users will need to enter the correct passcode first – which defeats the whole point of using the tool.…

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the poll

Log on and see next issue’s big question! twitter.com/macformat facebook.com/macformat Apple merges AI and Machine Learning teams Apple made a real statement when it hired Google’s head of artificial intelligence (AI) John Giannandrea. It’s now followed that up by deciding to merge his AI division with its machine learning (ML) team. Giannandrea worked at Google for eight years and led its machine learning efforts. Placing him at the head of Apple’s machine learning efforts suggests that the company wants to drive its work forward in this developing area. Apple’s machine learning division houses its Siri team, and this structure will remain the same despite the merger. Combining machine learning with AI may help bring improvements from one to the other more quickly, thus helping Siri to better compete with its rivals from Amazon and Google…

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apple news roundup

PLACE CALLS ON HOMEPOD NEW FEATURE SAID TO DEBUT WITH iOS 12 In a move that will put it more on par with rival products from Google and Amazon, HomePod will soon let you make calls. The change is coming in iOS 12, reports iGeneration, and means you’ll be able to link your iPhone to the speaker and place calls to mobiles and landlines. Both Google and Amazon’s smart speakers can already place calls. ALL OUT OF IDEAS? SEGALL: PHONE INNOVATION NEARING END Author Ken Segall, who helped to make Apple’s Think Different campaign, believes that smartphone innovation is nearing its end. “I think phones are very mature products right now,” he explained in an interview, adding that consumers should “not necessarily expect huge leaps”. Instead, he feels that wearable tech and voice activation will…