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MacLife December 2015

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The march of technology never stops, so neither do we. Mac|Life’s website is now part of the new and improved TechRadar, so you can grab your fix of Mac and iOS news over at www.techradar.com. You’ll get all the latest news and tutorials for Mac, iPhone and iPad, as well as other trusted reviews, news, and how-tos that have made TechRadar one of the world’s top tech sites. We’ll see you there! Read more news, reviews, and tutorials at techradar.com GET SOCIAL FACE BOOK:facebook.com/maclife TWITTER:twitter.com/maclife OUR APPS MAC|LIFE DIGITAL EDITION FOR IPAD Apple Newsstand MAC|LIFE FOR IPHONEbit.ly/ML_iphone_app…

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ringing in the new year

I’m feeling a little sentimental this month. The gang here at Future US is moving into a snazzy new office in San Francisco, so I’ve spent the past week rummaging through old Mac|Life storage cabinets, deciding what to take and what to trash. Storage space at our new spot will be at a premium, but while I know we’ll never need most of our old, obsolete Apple products, I’ve found that letting go of them is damn near impossible. How do you chuck an original Bondi Blue iMac G3? We’ll never turn it on again, but c’mon – it’s in a translucent case! It’s shaped like an egg! It was the original iMac, the first modern all-in-one computer! Then there’s the box filled with iPods of various shapes and sizes, from…

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letter of the month

“Boost notebook battery life” (issue 107, p96) was a good article, but it’s missing a big tip: adjusting the backlights. Dimming the light behind the keys and, especially, dimming the screen, has a huge effect on battery life. I keep the screen just bright enough to where it’s still comfortable to use, and set the keyboard backlight at one (or no) bars depending on the light where I am. FLO YD F. Thanks for the extra tips, Floyd! I recently realized that I don’t miss anything if my screen isn’t at full blast, and now that I’ve gotten used to a lower setting, the maximum brightness makes my eyes hurt. Dimming the light is a pain-free trade-off for better battery life. Not that complicated The word “complications” is used in the Apple Watch…

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steve jobs: full of fact and fiction

THIS IS THE first film about Steve Jobs we took seriously: after all, it was written by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, The West Wing), directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours), and starring Oscar winner Kate Winslet and Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender. Its concept is intriguing, too – it’s based around three scenes, each running in real time depicting the half hour or so before one of Jobs’ big keynotes. The first is in 1984, before the unveiling of the Macintosh; the second in 1988, with the introduction of the NeXT “cube”; and the last in 1998, with the reveal of the iMac. The result is more like a play than a traditional movie (compounded by the fact that everything is set in theaters and opera houses), and…

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early access

THE FLAME IN THE FLOOD $19.99 This survival game has some cool ideas. You’re a girl with a dog, keeping alive by crafting items and food. The world is made up of small islands, with a raging river pushing you on to new areas, and ensuring you can’t go back. It’s not too hard to get into and looks gorgeous, but its Endless mode lack variety (a story is coming). VERSION TESTED: 0.3.007 GOLDEN RUSH FREE This is a MOBA, just like big hits League of Legends, DotA 2, and Heroes of the Storm, but there’s little to make it stand out, other than putting embarrassing scantily clad women front and center like it’s advertising on a torrent site or something. Try one of the games we listed above, and give…

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with the 4k imac, apple is fully retina

VERY KINDLY, APPLE made our prediction in issue 106 about the 4K iMac being released this year come true, launching a 21.5-inch Retina iMac with a 4096x2304 display. It comes with a 3.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor, Intel Iris Pro graphics and 8GB of RAM as standard, starting at $1,499. Disappointingly, it’s only available with a 5,400 rpm hard drive – the kind of part Apple moved its notebooks away from years ago. It’s 1TB, so offers lots of storage, but is just far too slow for a serious machine like this. You can upgrade it to a Fusion Drive for $100, adding flash storage for faster file transfers and quick access to common files and apps – but even that is a new Fusion Drive configuration with less flash…